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  1. the_lady_j

    reCAPTCHA's unable to load?

    Hmmm.... I tried my IE browser, and clearing the cache in my FF and loading it in safe mode, and nothing worked. Though I haven't updated either browser in a while, so I may try that next, but I really appreciate all of your help! None of this has affected my ability to play on the site - at least, not yet - but it sure is super annoying.
  2. the_lady_j

    reCAPTCHA's unable to load?

    I'm using Firefox, but I've never had any issues with it before and I haven't added any new add-on's lately. I'll try another browser and see what happens. Thanks!
  3. the_lady_j

    reCAPTCHA's unable to load?

    Is anyone else having a problem viewing User Lookups other than your own? I've been unable to do so for a little over a week and I didn't know if maybe there was an announcement that it was being worked on or not. Thanks in advance!
  4. the_lady_j

    It's a bye-day, so go on out and play!

    I totally agree. This was going to be the first time I reached all-star. I was disappointed that it would be interrupted by a practice day, but it was still something I could do within my time limit. I was quite shocked to find out today was another practice day. There's no way I can make it to all-star now. Ugh!
  5. the_lady_j

    The Kadoatery / Kad Feeding

    Wow... where was this thread when I was feeding? I got to 75 and quit. I personally didn't like feeding but I got used to seeing the familiar names of the over-feeders on the board. I also used the Neoboard to keep tabs on the times... those people are ALWAYS there. I figure, it's a game, one they obviously like to play, so? Some people are addicted to solitaire. It really doesn't affect your ability to feed. What I found out though is the time of day DOES matter. For instance, for my location, if I played early in the day, I had a better chance of feeding. Sundays? Forget it, I never had a chance. Other things I discovered: You CAN successfully SW feed. (I tried keeping kad foods in my inventory and they sat there forever.) If I opened another window with the SW, I could keep an eye on the time more easily while I played Solitaire or something. Triple-click on the kad food name to automatically select the whole name quickly. Copy and paste. Always accept the first result unless it exceeds your personal np limit. (I didn't like going much over 3,000 for an item.) The rest is sort of luck. I did try to focus on a certain area on the board, but really, the time of day was more important. Also, I found that another time consuming game that took hours to play made a good companion to those 7 minute windows.... Neoquest. Go figure. But I got the trophy. Hope this helped someone and good luck!
  6. Was just curious if anyone found a workaround clearing the haze for firefox users? I've got three locations that just won't clear up. Any help?
  7. the_lady_j

    Trophy not awarded?

    Thank you so much. I did receive the trophy just like you said. I guess I just assumed that once the score had been reviewed it would be there. I've been playing for years and knew the review could take awhile, like with Eliv Thade. That one took almost a week to get reviewed. But I had never waited for the trophy to be awarded before, so now I know. Thanks again for the help!
  8. the_lady_j

    Trophy not awarded?

    I received a neomail from TNT telling me that my score for a game had been reviewed and accepted. Yay! And even though I'm ranked in the number one spot, it never awarded me the trophy. Is there usually such a delay, or should I be sending in a trouble ticket after, say, a day?
  9. the_lady_j


    I just finished NQII yesterday in normal mode. I used the JN guide the whole way through, and it WILL tell you if there is someone you need to specifically talk to. On occasion, there will also be whole areas you can skip. None of this will effect you earning the trophy. The thing to be aware of, however, that wasn't made particularly clear in the guide - are the rest stops. If your characters are not in need of a rest to top off their health meters, or if you're just trying to save money, think again. Those rest stops are also save points of a sort. If you were to 'die', you'll start again at the last rest stop you visited. Thankfully this never happened to me, but I didn't even realize it until I was over two-thirds of the way through the game. Good luck!
  10. the_lady_j


    Wow...thanks for that answer on the timing. The fastest wins scores seem even more incredible to me now. I think I'll just have to content myself with completion trophies.
  11. the_lady_j

    Is the Battledome working?

    Well... it's working now. Hmmm. I didn't even have to use a different browser. I wonder what all that was about? Anyway, thanks!
  12. I can't seem to get the Battledome to work today. I've noticed that it doesn't show any of the weapons I have equipped to each pet, and the records page is blank as if I haven't fought any battles in any of the domes. Not to mention that it won't actually let me past the challenger page. Is anyone else having any difficulties? This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Mouseykins) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please do not post duplicate topics. We have a thread for posting site issues here. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  13. the_lady_j


    I have a question about the fastest wins that I was wondering if someone could answer for me. How exactly does the timing system in NQI and NQII work? Does it count your game time from the moment you start questing until you finish regardless of actual RL play time? Is it counting hours you spend on the Neopets site whether you're playing NQ or not? Or is it just counting the time the NQ game window is actually open? I was just curious because I have a habit of playing multiple games when I get bored, like having a solitaire game going in one tab while I'm waiting to feed kads in another - that kind of thing. I'm wondering if something like that will affect my game time in a NQ game? Not that it matters much because I think those fastest win scores have been there forever. LOL. Thanks in advance for anyone who can shed some light on this for me!
  14. the_lady_j

    Vote For Next Paint Brush!

    I like the IDEA of a steampunk PB, but I'd almost rather them release more steampunk clothing than the PB itself. I haven't had luck working with robot parts, and this looks like it would work similarly. It's also dark like stealthy, which isn't bad, but I'd like to see the color of the pet. If they keep the colors relatively neutral and muted, it might be okay.
  15. Lots of things have frustrated me over the years, including glitchy games or games that don't work at all, the ridiculous filters, and being frozen for over a year when my account was hacked. But right now it would have to be the Wraith Resurgence plot that is sooo glitched. I would like to know why when we submit say, a User Lookup for the Spotlight competition, it has to work in all browsers before they'll even consider it, but their plot pages don't have to. How exactly is that right?