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  1. Vote For Next Paint Brush!

    I like the IDEA of a steampunk PB, but I'd almost rather them release more steampunk clothing than the PB itself. I haven't had luck working with robot parts, and this looks like it would work similarly. It's also dark like stealthy, which isn't bad, but I'd like to see the color of the pet. If they keep the colors relatively neutral and muted, it might be okay.
  2. Lots of things have frustrated me over the years, including glitchy games or games that don't work at all, the ridiculous filters, and being frozen for over a year when my account was hacked. But right now it would have to be the Wraith Resurgence plot that is sooo glitched. I would like to know why when we submit say, a User Lookup for the Spotlight competition, it has to work in all browsers before they'll even consider it, but their plot pages don't have to. How exactly is that right?
  3. Yes. I just noticed the same thing against the Koi Warrior. No NP earned, no prizes in my inventory. Maybe they're working on the glitched plot event?
  4. Ridiculous Trading Post Offers

    This happened to me recently too. I was trying to get a morphing potion that JN was saying was around the 1.5M mark... The only one listed didn't have anything in their wishlist, so I offered considerably more than necessary only to be totally ignored. After two weeks passed, I tried again with a slightly higher offer and was ignored again. I finally figured that if I was going to have to pay 2M or more for a MP, I might as well buy the paint brush. It makes it difficult to know if you're making an unreasonable offer when there's nothing else on the TP to compare it to.
  5. The Official Stock Market Board

    Hi! I was just wondering if someone could tell me how often you check your stocks. Once a day? More? Or does it depend on the stock you're watching? Also, thanks for the quick link. I had been using the % search to see the stock page, but that shows you everything... like, ever, even old bankrupt ones. Thanks in advance!
  6. Account Hacked?

    I haven't gotten my account back yet, but I'm going to look into that board you posted raelilphil. I was always in stealth mode, but played on my account routinely. My shield wasn't covered up, but who knows? I've heard that a server was compromised and that a lot of people's accounts were affected. That might account for the delay, but I hope they get it resolved soon.
  7. Account Hacked?

    This just happened to me as well about 2 weeks ago. I logged in to my 11.5 year old account like normal, noticed a lot of np on hand (something I don't do when I'm done for the day), went to start my dailies by collecting my bank interest and noticed my bank account had been cleared out. Also, there were pending trades at the trading post with a bunch of junk items sitting in my active inventory. I notified TNT right away without touching anything except passwords and PIN. They froze my account which my friends can see is frozen, but to me just looks like I keep entering an invalid password. So far, I've started a side account so that I can send the trouble ticket with proof of my account to TNT and access any further correspondence from them through there. I'm hoping it gets resolved soon, but I've heard it can take 2-3 months. Let's hope that's not true. I don't want to start all over again. I can handle having to rebuild my bank account - but my pets, avatars, stamps, trophies, etc...? No way. I'll quit first.
  8. Trudy's Surprise

    Generally, I like Trudy's Surprise...AND the chance of winning gift boxes is really great!... but I agree that it is a little "in your face". While this makes it super easy not to miss, and starts your day off with a little np in your pocket for playing the wheels or visiting the Faerie Caverns... dailies that cost np...why not put it on the front page? If they're worried about newer players not being able to find it, placing it there would surely take care of that problem. The idea of a daily that awards for consecutive visits is not new... JumpStart has been using this tactic for years on their other sites. If they're looking to attract "loyalty" players on neopets, they didn't have to look very hard. :laughingsmiley:
  9. Trudy's Surprise Now Live!

    From left to right: usuki gift, altador yoyo, cream or balm, usuki gift. And I won the 2000np and gift box.
  10. [Daily] Trudy's Surprise

    I don't think it's officially started yet. Looks like they're working on it. When it first appeared on my page, it was in the upper left hand corner in a little scroll box. Now I have the whole page, but it not only doesn't award anything yet, it allows you to keep spinning.
  11. Hit my first million!

    Congratulations on reaching your first million! I'm reading lots of good advice on making daily np, but something else I've been able to take advantage of - since I'm also not very good at flash games - is the non-based flash games that constantly refresh. I'm talking about games like Sakhmet Solitaire, Pyramids, NeoQuest, etc. They increase your chances of a random event, and the possibility of picking up items like pieces of lab ray map, or a paintbrush that you can sell. I remember that it only took two big ticket items for me to reach an np goal that I thought was impossible. Granted this is not a quick way to earn np, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Good luck!
  12. Best weapon for 2,5 mil

    While I agree that set would do it, 2 Scroll of Knowledge (or a Scroll of Knowledge and a Scroll of Ultranova) instead of the YBlasters is way cheaper and would do just as well at this level. Also, a Parasol of Unfortunate Demise can come in handy, too.
  13. Chocolate! Avatar

    I've been trying to get that one myself, but I'm not very good at restocking... or recognizing which items are rare enough to earn me the avatar. I'll still keep trying though. Congrats!
  14. So what are you reading?

    I read this whole series and loved the tie-in's with characters from his other books. But I wasn't even aware of another book coming out until I read your post. Thanks! This is a great thread. Does my heart good to know that there are people out there that still take the time to enjoy reading. I read a lot of epic fantasy fiction, and science fiction, and usually am reading more than one thing at a time. I just finished the Alvin Maker series by Orson Scott Card. I'm currently reading the Witch World series by Andre Norton.
  15. I just checked my stamp album and it does the same thing... so you're not the only one. *sigh*