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  1. I always thought the unwearable clothing was weird, too. (In fact, since there still seems to be a lot of it, I have a section in my gallery called the "Ironic Closet", where I dump whatever unwearable clothing items I happen to stumble upon.) While customization is fun, though, adding it in made things very......uniform, not just in positions (as mentioned above) but in body shape and design across a species. The Tyrannian Korbat used to have a pterodactyl head instead of a bat head (for all the sense that made). The Darigan Buzz was practically a wasp. My favorite example, though, has to be the Halloween Lupe. UC, he's a big scary werewolf, all upright and musclebound and whatnot. Now, with customization...he's a slightly shaggy wolf with pants. That's pretty much it. Also, I don't know if this is technically a "feature", but......boy, I sure miss the days before the Neopets economy inflated like crazy. I may not have been rich then, but I sure wasn't poor. The good old days.
  2. "The Neopian authorities are cracking down on counterfeiting. Your 'doughnutfruits' have been confiscated, and you have been fined 500np for each one in your possession. Hey, at least it wasn't jail. How could such an honest shoyru have led you so wrong?" ......it's probably for the best that I'm not a member of TNT.... :evil:
  3. Well, on the plus side, I'm not the only one thwarted by this P3's stubbornness, it seems. It's always been some other item to be stolen by the Pant Devil, turned to sludge by the Wheel of Misfortune, or dropped into Bart's apple-bobbing barrel. If I didn't know better, I'd think this Vernax had built a house and started a family in my Inventory; it just won't leave.
  4. I seem to have much worse luck than the others here. I've had a Vernax in my Inventory for a few years now. Boochi has popped up to zap my Shoyru 4 times in that span, but the P3 hasn't budged from my inventory, no matter how often I refresh. Here's hoping your Mootix is less stubborn.
  5. Is it just me, or does every Stealth pet have Faerie Grundo eyes?
  6. That was my first thought. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. :laughingsmiley:
  7. I'm actually kinda hoping they release a set of six avatars, and everyone only gets the one for their faction, kind of like the Meridell/Darigan avatars from back in the day. (What? "Darigan Darkling" is my favorite of the ones I have.)
  8. Thanks for the suggestions so far. I was kinda afraid that Von Roo and the Lab Ray would be my only options. I rarely catch Von Roo anymore because he doesn't wake up until about 2am my time, and as for the Ray, well...would you believe after all these years I still haven't completed that map? Fortunately, I don't have to worry about Pyrodrax's hp being too high. Right now, he's sitting at 79 (which is where I discovered it can only be double, not triple, his level). I was hoping not to have to use codestones to train him just yet, mostly because selling the ones I get is my primary source of income right now. I'm a little surprised Movement isn't easier to increase. It seems to be a stat no one really cares about, so I was assuming there'd be a few items out there that could boost it and would be particularly cheap.
  9. I'm not sure if this belongs here in the Help section, or over in the Battledome section, but I'm sure a friendly mod will correct me if I'm wrong. :whistle: Between Coltzan's Shrine, Deadly Dice, and apparently misreading one of the training articles in the Battlepedia, my Shoyru Pyrodrax is now just a couple levels too high to train at the Swashbuckling Academy. (Apparently, hit points can only go up to double your pet's level there, rather than triple. This is good to know.) Pyrodrax still has some Academy-level training to do, a little in Strength and Defence, and rather a lot still in Movement. (Yes, I know Movement is basically worthless, but I'm a completionist that way, and would prefer to have it up as high as his Strength and Defence scores.) So here's what I need: 1) What is the most reliable way to lower a Neopet's level? In order to train with Cap'n Threelegs, Pyrodrax needs to be exactly level 40, which means I need him to lose two levels...no more, no less. 2) What is the most financially efficient way to increase a pet's Movement score? At 32, Movement is Pyrodrax's lowest stat by a lot, and I would like to correct that as much as possible, preferably without spending any more NP than I have to. I've poked around the various Battlepedia articles, but so far haven't found what I'm looking for, so any and all input is appreciated. (As a sidenote: It would be really nice if it were possible to search the Battlepedia for a specific stat, say "Level" or "Movement", or even "Intelligence", and have it pull up everything that can impact that stat, both positively and negatively.)
  10. I've tried playing the Post Pebbles Bejeweled knock-off game, but the last couple times I've played, after submitting my score I get a message saying it is under review, and if it is deemed valid, I will get my NP and it will be entered into the hiscore tables. Is this normal? Am I somehow cheating without meaning to? The last time I got that message, I received a neomail a couple days later saying it was all good and I got my NP...but now I have the message again. I just want to make sure that playing this game isn't going to get me frozen or something.
  11. I'm on the "Fix the Minigames" bandwagon, too. As one of the people with a hyperslow computer, there is no point in even pretending to play most of the minigames, and I find myself groaning whenever anyone lands on that square. Shenkuu Showers is the only game I can think of that I have a decent shot at, since the computer doesn't have to be all that fast to keep the umbrella over the petpets' heads. The rest, though? In the time it takes to tip the water can once, the game is over. My mouse doesn't even draw the lines to loop around the petpetpets, and my little robospyder moves so slowly there's really no reason for anyone to catch it with that purple goo (but they still do, and it doesn't wear off again until the game ends). And yeah, that new glitch where the cursor mysteriously disappears has been coming up, too, and has caused me to accidentally go the wrong direction or select the wrong powerup/key once or twice on the board, because I can't see for certain what I'm clicking and have to guess. As nice as the extra codestones and money are, I never make ten keys in one day, and I haven't even played at all in a couple days, and it's pretty much all because the minigame issues just make it too grueling to tolerate for me. Just fixing that one thing would make it an infinitely more enjoyable experience (though I suppose there would be something to be said for a guarantee that I'm not going to turn in a gold key only to be "rewarded" with three 1NP items, too).
  12. What a neat holiday (that I have somehow managed never to have heard of, in all the years I've played). How many years has Neopia been celebrating the Festival of Neggs? And for that matter, what time today did it actually start? Because when I sat down at the computer and saw it going, I only had about three hours or so to do everything there was to do today (which hardly seems fair).
  13. When I came back after a habitarium hiatus, I still had a couple P3s running around yet, but apparently all my nesters had died. When that happened, the Professor came around and gave me a single Mootix Nester egg. I doubt that would always be a Mootix, but from the message that came up, I'm guessing you only have to run out of nesters to guarantee a new nester egg, and meanwhile you could hatch and use as many workers and soldiers as you please.
  14. *sigh* I was really hoping today would mark the next Obelisk update. It seemed like it would fit. Oh, well....
  15. The Snuffly looks more bored than sad, to me.
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