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  1. nicoley13

    Neopets Merch!

    Yeah I think the merchandise was pretty US-centric. Of course you could get them on eBay, same as I do, except not the same, because you'd probably be buying from someone in the US, so expensive shipping. Thank you! I agree about the little Petpets - they're some of my favorites! Yeah I had a handful of non-KQ plush which I got from Limited Too when I was into Neopets back in the day. When I became interested in the site again I decided I needed to have one KQ plush. That's how it all started - it spiraled out of control from there.
  2. nicoley13

    Neopets Merch!

    I have a ton of Neopets merchandise, mostly plush. According to my spreadsheet (), I have 96 new KeyQuest plush (I entered the codes), 20 used KeyQuest plush (these came without codes), 129 new "old"-style plush (including 47 Petpets, 20 key rings, a couple door hangers, a pillow), and 12 used "old"-style plush (without tags). Below are some pictures of the new ones. I have the used ones stored away and a few, like the key rings, elsewhere. The pictures are also from about a year ago, so they are a bit outdated, but I am far too lazy to take any new ones. You can also see a tiny portion of my DVD collection behind the Petpets, haha. I also have McDonald's/Burger King plush, a collection of plastic figures, some collectible cards, and probably other assorted items I can't recall at the moment. I bought almost everything on eBay. I am afraid to think about how much I spent on all of this.
  3. nicoley13

    New plot in the works!

    As obnoxious as I personally find Scrappy, I'll take this over the radio silence we normally have. One of my biggest frustrations with Neopets has always been the lack of communication. So for instance they're struggling to fix something-or-other - I'm actually ok with that - just please talk to us and let us know. Now we'll see if there's any follow-through. If Scrappy's making a lot of false promises, I'd prefer the radio silence again.
  4. nicoley13

    The TDN SSW Help Thread

    A bunch of them available at a just barely buyable price.
  5. nicoley13

    New plot in the works!

    Today Scrappy basically stated outright (cryptically in the editorial and then on the Neoboards) that the plot will be in November. Also something about a special event prior to the plot and hints about Faerieland (maybe that's just the Faerie Festival?).
  6. nicoley13

    The Official Food Club Topic

    New record for me today - I sure picked the right bets to follow.
  7. nicoley13

    What constitutes the biggest part of your wealth ??

    Items, but only because I have expensive BD weapons. Otherwise I pretty much just hoard NPs.
  8. nicoley13

    New plot in the works!

    We've been told more than once now that it'll happen this year. There's currently a topic about it on the Site Events board - someone NMed Scrappy and she said the plot is still on for this year after the NetDragon acquisition. Personally I buy that there will be an event of some kind and that they're planning it for this year. However whether or not it will actually happen as scheduled is questionable. Even more questionable is the quality of the so-called "plot." In spite of my cynicism though, I'm happy about new content and I'll take what I can get!
  9. nicoley13

    Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    Anyone here want a Pea Chia? I created him just for the avatar and got my lend. So he can be off now, and I thought I'd see if someone at TDN wanted him first. You can keep him, try for the avatar and pass him along, whatever, I don't care. Ankyin Neomail me (nicoley13). If multiple people are interested, first person gets him. Thanks!
  10. nicoley13

    The TDN SSW Help Thread

    Looks like you missed your chance. Lowest now is about 38k.
  11. nicoley13

    The TDN SSW Help Thread

    Earth Faerie Wings currently 36k+ in the SSW.
  12. nicoley13

    The TDN SSW Help Thread

    Searching for 'Sophies Magic Hat', matching 'Sophies Magic Hat'... No items found. Sorry, no Sophies Magic Hats in shops either.
  13. nicoley13

    The TDN SSW Help Thread

    Searching for 'Meridell Heroes Stamp', matching 'Meridell Heroes Stamp'... No items found. Sorry, none in shops at the moment.
  14. nicoley13

    Another comic legend has passed. :(

    Those two were already on the schedule as part of TCM's slapstick comedy spotlight this month. They also scheduled a tribute night after his death. It's Thursday night and includes the same two movies, along with Start the Revolution Without Me, Bonnie and Clyde, and an interview TCM produced a few years back. http://www.tcm.com/this-month/article/1255927%7C0/TCM-Remembers-Gene-Wilder-9-29.html
  15. nicoley13

    Games Master Challenge: Claim Your Prizes!

    I ended up with two incomplete challenges... Edna's Shadow - with my gaming skills, it would be almost literally impossible for me to make that score Petpet Cannonball - I know I could've gotten it with time, but I didn't really have any, and besides I had already skipped Edna, so I didn't bother Otherwise all gold checkmarks. I received a level 5 trophy (team snow) and all of the prizes.