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  1. Anyone here want a Pea Chia? I created him just for the avatar and got my lend. So he can be off now, and I thought I'd see if someone at TDN wanted him first. You can keep him, try for the avatar and pass him along, whatever, I don't care. Ankyin Neomail me (nicoley13). If multiple people are interested, first person gets him. Thanks!
  2. Looks like you missed your chance. Lowest now is about 38k.
  3. Earth Faerie Wings currently 36k+ in the SSW.
  4. Searching for 'Sophies Magic Hat', matching 'Sophies Magic Hat'... No items found. Sorry, no Sophies Magic Hats in shops either.
  5. Searching for 'Meridell Heroes Stamp', matching 'Meridell Heroes Stamp'... No items found. Sorry, none in shops at the moment.
  6. Those two were already on the schedule as part of TCM's slapstick comedy spotlight this month. They also scheduled a tribute night after his death. It's Thursday night and includes the same two movies, along with Start the Revolution Without Me, Bonnie and Clyde, and an interview TCM produced a few years back.
  7. I ended up with two incomplete challenges... Edna's Shadow - with my gaming skills, it would be almost literally impossible for me to make that score Petpet Cannonball - I know I could've gotten it with time, but I didn't really have any, and besides I had already skipped Edna, so I didn't bother Otherwise all gold checkmarks. I received a level 5 trophy (team snow) and all of the prizes.
  8. Turns out I donated the perfect number of times - 100. I wasn't about to do 1000 or 2000. I'm currently very pleased with my superior wisdom and foresight. :yes:
  9. I don't actually have any idea, but my stock answer these days is Singin' in the Rain. I used to say Bringing Up Baby. Realistically it probably is something light (comedy/romance/musical) because although I do like dark as well, I'm more often in the mood for something cheery rather than say film noir.
  10. I hoard Neopoints mostly because there's nothing I really want to spend them on. I have the Neopets I want and the Battledome set I want and I don't have much of a gallery. I do buy red Codestones, but other than that I squirrel away all of my earnings in my bank account and earn lots of interest...for what I don't know. :)
  11. I started playing Neopets on September 3, 2000, because that's what my lookup says. :D I'm fortune enough to still have my original account. However a couple of years after that I was only an intermittent player at best, until I started spending a lot more time on the site maybe about three years ago now.
  12. My default avatar is just because I really like Alien Aishas and it's pretty cute. Otherwise when I get a new avatar I always use that one for a bit. Right now I'm using because by some miracle I received it the other day.
  13. Me too! Got there several weeks ago, tried a few times, decided it was next to impossible (for me anyway), and haven't played at all for a while now. Never let it be said that I'm not a quitter.
  14. Today I completed my gallery. Someone on the Neoboards was handing out NC items and I got Quick-Change El Picklesaur, which is old and rare although not very desirable. So I now have all 38 items that contain the word "pickle" in their names. Really I set myself a relatively easy task - other than the NC item, and maybe the Pickled Cauliflower (which cost 1M), it was a piece of cake. :D
  15. People seem to think the glitch has been fixed now, but I'd still be cautious just in case. Over the last couple of days I've deposited over a million NPs in 100k increments without any issue.