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  1. Given the power of mobile devices today and the wide range of mobile games today, Neopets definitely can be ported onto a mobile device. However, the problem with trying to make an app that lets you explore Neopets and play its flash games is the sheer amount of time and manpower it takes. Not only does the program have to be made in the first place (managing the UI would be a HUGE pain), it also must be maintained to keep bugs and glitches in check. From what I have heard, the Neopets team is relatively understaffed. I'm definitely down for a Neopets mobile app, but unfortunately I don't expect to see one any time soon. If it is just an imitation, though, I would not be interested. I play Neopets to get my fill of Neopets, and I think new pet-game franchises should seek a somewhat different direction from Neopets.
  2. I'm not surprised that TDN has lasted this long, and I am confident that it will continue thriving. I don't spend much of all my free time playing Neopets or even hanging out on this forum, but it is clear even to me how hard the staff of this site works to deliver updates and to make the site more enjoyable for users! Playing Neopets would never be quite the same without TDN. I have been using the dailies page for almost my entire time playing Neopets since I came back to it a few years ago, so I must give my thanks for being an integral part of my Neopets experience! Congratulations on TDN's tenth birthday! :rock:
  3. Interestingly enough, that is the story of many Neopets players you meet on this site now. Never mind the part about people playing Neopets earlier in their lives and then returning years later, but indeed, most Neopets players are actually 20-something-year-olds named Jade as well! I don't fall under this ridiculous narrative of playing Neopets during childhood (I was a cool kid back then) - I haven't played AT ALL before my account here was created. By the way, call me Jade. :cigar: Joking aside, welcome to TDNForums. :laughingsmiley: You'll find that making Neopoints is a lot easier than it was before! Good luck with your fortune hunting! :)
  4. Hi and welcome to the TDN forums! :) Meerca Chase is based off the arcade game Snake. I'm a fan of the game myself, but my experience with Snake-based games is mostly tied with playing the game Uncle Worm on my Graphing Calculator! :P I think that the game's main allure is its simplicity - easy to learn, hard to master. Its probably hard for any game developer to "mess up" an otherwise good game concept when the number of features they include into it are very limited.
  5. Its quite unfortunate to have to spend several minutes trying to find out how to "fix" a Neomail that you send to a friend that for some reason Neopets deemed profane. For that reason, I prefer to interact primarily with real life friends and keep Neopets a personal habit. But, hey, I suppose that the "censorship" isn't ALL that bad. Its part of the reason why Neopians gather here on TDN! Why deal with the Neoboards when you can live in a real forum? :laughingsmiley:
  6. Apparently the site which wrote about this has been taken down, but the ultimate agenda of the site was to get people to quit playing Neopets. It presented less savory aspects of the Neopets site like censorship, lagging, and its "addictiveness" in order to support their main point. The author(s) tried to sound edgy while doing so, but c'mon, this is Neopets we are talking about - none of us plays to impress anyone in the first place! My impression is that the writers missed one too many Morphing Potions when restocking! :laughingsmiley: Do you know of any cool new activities that have been introduced to Neopia in the past several months?
  7. Howdy everyone! I haven't been active for around half a year I think, but I decided to pick up Neopets again. All I can really think of for the occasion is this website I remember that likened Neopets to the Matrix. It was a really silly website, because anyone can literally choose to not play Neopets after some thoughtful consideration, but in hindsight, the comparison was a pretty cute idea. :laughingsmiley: Anyways, look forwards to chatting here again!
  8. At the very least, I plan to try out the Grand Winter Wings given that they will retire soon! Honestly, I am quite used to the Icicle Wings and the new wings will take me a while for me to get used to, but considering their complete support here, I will try them out for a while. I appreciate everyone's time here for all of these thoughtful, enlightening responses! Still, I would not mind hearing the virtues of the Icicle Wings. I won't toss or trade them, so if they somehow become the wings I would prefer, then I would be prepared for that situation.
  9. Hey everyone! I can't decide whether I should get the Grand Winter Wings for Nayarra or not! This is my current customization, where Nayarra wears Icicle Wings. Here is how Nayarra looks with the Grand Winter Wings. I am thinking about the Grand Winter Wings because I like the color and the angle matches the way Nayarra faces a bit. However, I asked a friend about this, and she said to keep the Icicle Wings because the Grand Winter Wings actually points at a harsh angle in her opinion. What are your thoughts about this?
  10. That puppy looks really... Kute. :woot: I imagine dogs require more maintenance than cats, and like when someone has a baby, one ideally should work with and learn from an expert in person. Your new dog will be a relatively large commitment, so I hope you realize and plan to do what it takes to keep your dog physically and mentally healthy. It sounds like you already have thought about what I am talking about, but one of my friends was born handicapped and went to great lengths to raise her current service dog. According to her, she spent months searching for a dog with a temperament she liked and even more of her time conditioning/training it. It is happy with its lifestyle and very good at ignoring other people and objects like it was trained to do, but even its discipline has limits and I see that manifest through quite a few of its actions. Of course, you are raising your dog as a pet, but I always worry that dogs will not be cared for enough and I have learned to notice symptoms of it in others' dogs too.
  11. Hmm... Extra downtime seems too obvious to be a joke because there has been so much of it recently. Everybody (I) doesn't like jokes that can be seen a mile away. It has to be believable enough to rustle peoples' jimmies, but the joke cannot send people into a fit else Jumpstart will make everyone quit. I have no ideas, but has Neopets ever done an April Fools Ice screen? Like "You're banned! HAHA! April's fools!" and "Sorry. Have some commemorative items to pitch for the rubbish avatar!"?
  12. Wow! That's a pretty cool extension. It's a shame, though, that I use customizations, so I will probably try it out later. Is your ultimate intention for this extension to give users the opportunity to experience old-school Neopets in the actual game?
  13. I would be interested in such a thread, even if it only provided another perspective on the Neopets economy beyond my own thoughts of the game. If your thread were to be a discussion, then it should probably go in the Neopets Debate section. Otherwise, I am inclined to say the Neopets General Chat over the Help section as no specific questions are being asked. Obviously, I don't speak for the staff, but I feel that as long as you make reasonable statements in your posts, you should be fine. If the market was driven into a panic by a post you make here, then I think that the market could be toppled by anything else, so it would not be your fault. I think that your judgment is clear enough to keep you from causing trouble. Good luck! :)
  14. So is this MME based upon Anna and Elsa from Frozen? Not sure about the second one, but the blue dress definitely looks... familiar. :shiftyeyes_anim: Anyways, I don't regret getting this. Not only is the background a lot better for Nayarra, I like the direction this MME is going, so I really look forwards to the next parts.
  15. :mellow: I am a bit taken back by what you said here, but found it to be pretty interesting. I like to think I have grown up from my pointless-whining-and-complaining phase, but reflecting upon accounts of living/working conditions considerably worse than mine motivates me to endure whatever I go through. Your description of your job worries me though. I assume it is a part-time job, but does the pay justify going through those conditions? Do you have no other choice but to do your job? Could you describe more about the context behind taking the job? Because of the environment I live in, I can already tell that I live a much easier lifestyle than you do. Thus, I can't empathize with what you go through, but I feel that your anger has justification. Take care.
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