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  1. Thanks a lot for this! I get to keep zapping now lol I don't know why Chrome has so many issues - or why I stick with it :/
  2. In general I don't care for the steampunk look (exception being the Hissi) but the Chomby?! He looks like an oldschool airplane pilot to me... Kind of torn on whether I like it or not... I think I want to like it.
  3. Thank you! So sad that there are no shoes 😞 Poor guy's piggies are going to get cold!
  4. Are mutants unable to wear anything? I turned my pound rescued Shoyru into a mutant yurble and wanted to put shoes on him. I tried every pair in the mall and they all say not compatible with the color. I tried a few other things just to see - freckles and sunglasses and he couldn't wear those either. I'm fine with it really, but I think a nice pair of shoes and a nice psychedelic background (still in search of the right one, open to suggestions!) would really kick off his look.
  5. Thanks to this I have found the perfect background for my chocolate jubjub (previously ghost). Thank youuu!
  6. I have this very same thing happen to me when my internet connection is being funky, so I'm not sure if it's actually a 'Trudy' thing.
  7. My daily petpet zap rendered an ice kookith Not sure if I want to keep it or keep zapping...
  8. and two basic gift boxes are what I got from a mystery capsule - not my style, the item wasn't listed and I really feel like it was a waste and a great reminder of why I never use NC. Was hoping for Also, I have these.
  9. So, you've managed to sneak into my castle, have you? Well, dare you enter my mysterious, secret room? You will need a special key to gain access; these can be purchased from the NC Mall. Puny mortals who would like more information can visit the FAQ. MwaHAhaHAhaHAHA--ack! *cough* *cough* Corridor of Chance was given a final hurrah throughout May of 2013 with previously retired items being re-released for just the weekends. On March 8, 2019, Corridor of Chance came out of retirement with a new set of items and a new bonus effect. Getting Started Castle Nox Corridor of Chance Key Packs are located in the Specialty shop in the Mall. Corridor of Chance Keys Castle Nox Corridor of Chance Key 1-Pack 150 NC Castle Nox Corridor of Chance Key 10-Pack 900 NC Castle Nox Corridor of Chance Key 20-Pack 1,500 NC Once you've obtained a key, go to your inventory to activate it: Entering the Room You can enter the Corridor once per day per active Neopet. The key you use will disappear permanently only if you successfully pull the lever of the machine inside. The Transfabulator There are a few requirements for the machine to work: Your active pet must be able to wear NC Mall clothes (i.e., no unconverted pets) Your active pet must already be wearing some clothes (i.e., no naked pets) Clicking on the glowing lever will initialise the machine. Successfully pulling the lever will grant you a wearable (the clothes that it replaced will go back to your closet). This item is yours to keep and can be taken off your pet. There's also a chance that you'll be granted a bonus effect as well (see below). Tip: The machine looks at what clothes your pet has on and gives you a similar type of item. If you want to obtain a tunic, for example, then have your pet wear a shirt/dress item and nothing else. If you want a wig, then have your pet wear only a wig/hat. Then use the Transfabulator. The colour of clothes you'll get will always be random. -taken from jellyneo
  10. Every single place that we visit (and we visit a lot) seems to be this way! I'm alright with it, otherwise we wouldn't go anywhere (lol) but it can be exhausting! I'm grateful that I have a fantastic husband, although he has been working 7 days a week since just after New Year, when he IS around he definitely does his part plus some. So I do get a break, just not often. I can't swallow the thought of daycare until he can talk (may seem strange, but I'm not a very trusting person - especially with my Toots!) We are most likely taking him, for his age he's a pretty relaxed guy and enjoys watching out the window on car rides and looking around in general. I think it'll actually be more fun with him.
  11. Strange that there is no new color 😞 I rarely like the wearables, but the shoes are cute.
  12. Silly question- how do you know how old they are?
  13. I'm not huge into customization, I kind of feel like it takes away from the pet itself in a lot of ways. To each their own - that being said, I do enjoy the look of backgrounds with a few small wearables occasionally. I very recently adopted Tower (kind of by accident, as he was not the pet that I intended to adopt, nonetheless he's with me now) and plan to magma-ify him tomorrow morning. I need to find a fitting background and was wondering if there is a list of backgrounds around some where? I rarely do NC items, which also limits available choices...
  14. I wonder that about so many different places. Like I used to know where to adopt a grundo on the map, but have forgotten. Thanks guys! I didn't know that it was limited to one item daily, I thought that it was just visiting hourly - very good to know!
  15. Is this something normal that I've just not noticed, or is something going on with the meteor?
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