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  1. DO NOT BUY FROM OVERPOWERED!! They have taken money from me personally, my order remains unfulfilled, I DID NOT receive any codes (I should have received three), and my emails to BOTH Overpowered and TNT have gone completely unanswered.
  2. Thanks for the clarity! I remember when the wheel got a makeover-I didn't realize that it was so long ago! Smh. Just a big reminder that I'm old, and getting older lol Beli was actually named from an inside joke. To make it a short story - ,my cousin and I won a pillow from Cedar Point that looked very much like a neon green jubjub, but had a very...funky smell, even after being washed. I frequently wish that TNT would come up with a renaming event lol I would be willing to trade the 'change your pet's species' for a 'rename your pet'!
  3. I landed on a space on the Wheel of excitement that mentioned something about increasing a level of one of my pet's abilities, but stated that I had none - at first I didn't think anything of it but then I realized that I have faerie abilities in the Battledome (Lens Flare was the last one I trained for). I found on Sunnyneo a list of all of the wheel's possible outcomes and a link to 'abilities', where it states that I have none. (See image.) What am I missing?!
  4. Awakened. It's the last avatar of the set that I need.
  5. I remember participating a long time ago, but honestly cannot recall what AC is? Silly - I know. Can someone fill me in, please?
  6. This is funny to me! I have never had a pet refuse a petpet and did not know it was possible! Best of luck - if you don't have any success there are lending chains available! :)
  7. I'm a stay-at-home (although rarely home lol) mom and my husband typically works 7 days a week in a factory - neither of us dress for 'fashion'. We typically buy our clothes on clearance - no matter where we get them. Especially my husbands - they're going to be ruined in a week no matter what. However, the majority of our son's clothes are from Children's Place.
  8. If you're referring to the avatar it is not based on points, it is based on number of items donated and requires that you donate 100 items.
  9. I suppose I'll join Thieves as well, why not?
  10. Just a touch annoying that they don't better prepare for such things...
  11. Is anyone else having issues with the site being ridiculously slow? I seem to be having issues only on Neopets.
  12. It was/is? a part of the Altador plot - which I believe may still be open for completion?
  13. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Charity Corner 2019' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Yayyyy!!! A new avatar that was super simple to get lol
  14. I live in Michigan - probably always will! I LOVE it here, while I don't necessarily like the apartment that we're currently in (my dislike mostly comes from ONE HORRENDOUS neighbor and lack of space for all of my plants) I do love Michigan. I have been to quite a few places in the US and Canada - nothing really seems to compare. The weather is about as unpredictable as it gets - it can be 75 and sunshine one day with a rain/snow mix the next! You're never more than a hop, skip, and a jump away from a lake or river. Even in the 'crappy' places (Detroit, Flint) there's still a lot of beautiful architecture and pretty deep sense of culture - especially in Detroit, A few months back my husband and I took day trip to Detroit - we got off the highway to a protest about ending violence and hatred - pretty big deal for a place with such a bad reputation. I'll also add that we walked around until very late, unarmed and unafraid. Yet when you walk into a convenience store in certain places, they were obviously well-armed. The colors in the fall ARE amazing - although not quite that of Maine or a few other states. The winters lately have been pretty...weird. Cold with not a LOT of snow. When I was younger it seemed that there was much more snow. A little bit north of where I am Cherry season is a huge deal - there's a festival and all that. (Traverse City). The sand dunes are a really good time - one of the coolest things is to go from Sleeping Bear to Lake Michigan, it's only a few miles but through sand it feels like much more - we took two days, made a small drift-wood fire and camped out under the stars. Cut River Bridge is another pretty cool place. Mackinac Island - I could go on for ever. I'll simply leave it at I am blessed to live in this beautiful place
  15. I'm a bit undecided. The one avatar that I need is not an option 😞 Every time I choose based on boon it takes me like an hour of back-and-forth to decide....Gahh! Major life decisions... lol
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