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  1. I Actually really like this color! Great job . Definitely my favorite since JS started
  2. I received: Battle Faerie Mushroom Wish I had my battledome pet now :( I love these Faerie quests
  3. I think the Darigan is the one I'm most disappointed in. You can do so much...yet it's just an angry face, fangs, with red eyes and a slapped on triangle for the tail. I don't know...I feel it could take have looked a little..differnet..
  4. I actually adore the art :o almost reminds me of Mario...hmmm. I like it =)
  5. I love the woodland xD ice is pretty sweet too=)
  6. Wow....clay looks so....bland.. they couldn't even do a wrinkle in the nose or maybe a droop in the arms/legs... :( Up-note though..I like the wraith tail :) wraith makes Blum day a tad better :)
  7. Oh my gosh...weezieb3 are SO right O.o ugh....sad *cry* even the kiko is neglected :(
  8. +5 HP isn't a bad cupcake I'd say =) thank you for the heads up!!! :)
  9. neopets like...SUPER laggy...for a while now?? Or is it just my internet? :/ congrats to those who won^^ well deserved after all the years
  10. I tried doing the AC...I failed miserably :( but hopefully I can buy the cutie =) good luck to all ^^
  11. I dont like the weird black spots on the transparent Kau's face.....why?? :( and the color of the ears is off with the shadow... but other than that...I like em both :)
  12. I just can't do it. The lag gets me every time :( hopefully everyone else is doing much better than I lol
  13. Staff tournament is so much easier for me than playing in the actual AC. My picks were: Dj Skellington and Senormelo Dark Lord and The Clash Binary Supagoo All new picks for me this year *crosses fingers*
  14. I'm going to try my best this year with the time I have. Maraqua here we goooooo ^^
  15. Incredible! Not only did you solve each of my clues, you did so on the same day they were put out. I'm giving you three prizes for all that hard work: Fancy Cybunny Mask Quaint Negg House Background Easter Chick Candy Your items are in your inventory. Enjoy the fresh spring breeze! It's going to be a beautiful day. ....... Kind of disappointing....*sigh* oh well, it was easy so no complaining. Thank you for the guide TDN!!