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  1. Happy Kougra Day

    I Actually really like this color! Great job . Definitely my favorite since JS started
  2. Daily Faerie Quests 2017!

    I received: Battle Faerie Mushroom Wish I had my battledome pet now :( I love these Faerie quests
  3. Happy Ogrin and Aisha Day!

    I think the Darigan is the one I'm most disappointed in. You can do so much...yet it's just an angry face, fangs, with red eyes and a slapped on triangle for the tail. I don't know...I feel it could take have looked a little..differnet..
  4. It's Mutant Day!

    I actually adore the art :o almost reminds me of Mario...hmmm. I like it =)
  5. Happy Meerca Day!

    I love the woodland xD ice is pretty sweet too=)
  6. Happy Blumaroo Day!

    Wow....clay looks so....bland.. they couldn't even do a wrinkle in the nose or maybe a droop in the arms/legs... :( Up-note though..I like the wraith tail :) wraith makes Blum day a tad better :)
  7. Happy Kiko Day!

    Oh my gosh...weezieb3 ..you are SO right O.o ugh....sad *cry* even the kiko is neglected :(
  8. FREE Cupcake in the Mall!

    +5 HP isn't a bad cupcake I'd say =) thank you for the heads up!!! :)
  9. Altador Cup Prize Shop Open and Results are In!

    Ok...is neopets like...SUPER laggy...for a while now?? Or is it just my internet? :/ congrats to those who won^^ well deserved after all the years
  10. Unreleased Water Yooyu

    I tried doing the AC...I failed miserably :( but hopefully I can buy the cutie =) good luck to all ^^
  11. Happy Kau Day!

    I dont like the weird black spots on the transparent Kau's face.....why?? :( and the color of the ears is off with the shadow... but other than that...I like em both :)
  12. Altador Cup XI Begins!

    I just can't do it. The lag gets me every time :( hopefully everyone else is doing much better than I lol
  13. Altador Cup XI Staff Tournament - Make Your Picks!

    Staff tournament is so much easier for me than playing in the actual AC. My picks were: Dj Skellington and Senormelo Dark Lord and The Clash Binary Supagoo All new picks for me this year *crosses fingers*
  14. Altador Cup Signups Have Started!

    I'm going to try my best this year with the time I have. Maraqua here we goooooo ^^
  15. Festival of Neggs: Claim Your Prizes!

    Incredible! Not only did you solve each of my clues, you did so on the same day they were put out. I'm giving you three prizes for all that hard work: Fancy Cybunny Mask Quaint Negg House Background Easter Chick Candy Your items are in your inventory. Enjoy the fresh spring breeze! It's going to be a beautiful day. ....... Kind of disappointing....*sigh* oh well, it was easy so no complaining. Thank you for the guide TDN!!