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  1. micheee

    Graduating University Soon... What now?

    Okay that makes sense! I'm hoping to get the HR position, they have a fixed schedule for sure which is good. I did end up applying for HR manager but the Area HR manager has left the company so they are trying to find someone to fill that role first which gives me a bit more time. I will done school next Tuesday so hopefully I don't have to worry about an interview until after that.. Thank you! I will definitely see where it goes from here. I applied for the position, I don't want to let it pass me by! I'm hoping to get a few weeks off if I do end up getting the role. *finger crossed*
  2. micheee

    AC predictions

    I guess we will see what happens, I would be really shocked if they changed games at all or added different games, as was mentioned before, that would probably cause an uproar from long-standing AC players. As for the cheaters, I'm always scared that my account is going to be one of those that gets frozen accidentally because they just go on a freezing spree. I would actually cry if I lost my account not to mention really really angry. I hope they are more diligent this year with that and don't go overboard with it for every little thing.. Have you been a long standing player with Shenkuu??
  3. Hi all, so I will be graduating from university in April with a bachelors degree in Commerce for Human Resources Management but I'm kind of nervous as to where my life leads now. I've heard so many people say it's hard to find a good HR job. Where I work now I am being mentored in HR so I have my foot in the door that way which is great. My mentor is really supportive and shown me so many things that would help me to get an HR position with them for sure one day. Now I have been going to school for 2 years straight (spring and summer semesters included) so I've only ever had 2 weeks off of school between terms. Well, being the smart person I am, I would always pick up extra shifts during those periods cause I was off of school which means I haven't had a break at all from work and school. So I was planning on just working part-time once I graduate and take some time to myself and to just relax my mind, I don't want to overwhelm myself. Well... here's the issue. On Tuesday I was told there was an HR position that had opened up and I should apply for it because we are not sure when another opportunity will arise. Now I know it's not for sure that I will be getting the position or anything it just has me worried that I will be overwhelmed because again, I won't have had much of a break. But then I would only be working not going to school and working at the same time. I just don't even know what to think, I want to make sure I take every opportunity I can I just don't want to burn out.. I'm so confused rant over
  4. micheee

    AC predictions

    haha, I could only imagine people screaming at their phones for MSN that would so hilarious, but I don't know how up to it they will be for making the AC games compatible for mobile, I already have a hard time playing on the computer let alone on a smaller screen But I am definitely excited for the AC to back, I haven't played in a few years I think (if I did recently it wasn't a good attempt) I'm hoping I have the motivation to play as much as I can since I'll be done school but usually I use steam a few days in of playing the same games over and over again.. YYB is definitely NOT my game either and it take so long so I usually just do SOSD or SS most of the time. I'm scared I'm going to break my keyboard playing MSN I'm also Team Krawk Island, have been since I started playing haha, What teams are you guys on?
  5. Oh dear oh dear. I hope this gets sorted soon and I'm sorry that you had to lose out on your NPs. Can't wait for item lends to be back up and running! Have you maybe tried sending a ticket in to tell them to give you back your NPs that you lost because of the glitch?
  6. micheee

    Avatars: What have you got?

    WOO-HOO! This is only the second time since I've returned to Neo that I tried for this avatar and I got it already! Definitely thought I would have to work a little harder, but I'm not complaining haha. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Techo - Cheesy' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  7. micheee

    The Wheels

    Wheel of Mediocrity: 2,000 NP Wheel of Excitement: 237NP (not very exciting if you ask me) Wheel of Knowledge: My neopets have been healed
  8. micheee

    Anchor Management

    Nothing exciting for me today, I think I've only ever gotten a potion once. Maybe I should play a little more often haha Krawk Island's never been safer than when you chose to man the cannons. Before retreating, the krawken happened to drop: Forgotten Shore Map Piece
  9. HAHAHA . Yes I was definitely looking at that response with a confused face on. But I'm glad to hear that a lot of people are here to help still and always supporting each other! Great to be back and active with all of you !
  10. Definitely been on Neo for quite a while then, I've definitely taken my share of breaks as well but always seem to make my way back one way or another! Ah, yes I heard about Kass Basher this month and that some ratios are funky. Well thanks for sharing some stuff about yourself :) Thank you! Definitely excited to be done school soon but have no idea what I'm going to do with myself after.. HAPPY EARLY 10TH NEO ANNIVERSARY! That's so exciting! Yeah I definitely loved TDN when I was active here a few years ago, so much helpful advice and wonderful people but now I can meet some new people and i'm excited about that! I'm jealous you have so many game trophies cause I'm not that good at the games and a lot of them have avatars with them (and I LOVE AVATARS). Haha awh. Definitely need to get involved in food club and get the hang of somethings that I haven't tried yet ! If only Habitarium and key Quest were still around I would be set!
  11. micheee

    Pet Lends Suspended for April!

    Whaaaaaat! I have been away from Neo for too long haha. Thanks for letting me know that's awesome! Now I just have to decide which avatar I should go for first..
  12. micheee

    Happy Scorchio Day!

    Awh the Marble and Candy Scorchios are super cute, I love them! Purple is my favorite colour however, so I might love the Marble Scorchio a little tiny bit more, but who am I to judge haha Happy Scorchio Day everyone!!
  13. micheee

    My account was frozen.

    Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that the account got frozen and it's causing so much stress I really hope it gets figured out soon for you. Everyone here has given some solid advice already, but most definitely try sending in another ticket and be persistent, just keep trying!
  14. micheee

    Pet Lends Suspended for April!

    Awh, well I hope the surgery goes well and I hope she recovers quickly to enjoy her birthday party! At least she will have something to look forward to after the surgery is done. Looking forward to May to start with the ALP again, it's been sometime since I've done one because I've been busy with school and no longer a premium member (already have 4 Neopets). So at least I have some time to think about what I should do, whether to get premium again or not. I have a few avatars that I still need to get as well that can only be done through the ALP and would be impossible or cost me WAY too much if I did it on my own. Again, hope everything goes well for you and the little one!
  15. micheee

    Avatars: What have you got?

    Haha yeah. But I had to play that game A LOT. definitely gave up quite a few times and came back to it. Same thing with the wheels, the random ones are the most annoying for me but I have to be persistent cause I know it's possible to obtain them!