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  1. I still dont have it and I have tried many times and lost lots of NPs :/ I kind of gave up....
  2. Season 2 of The Punisher just came out so I started watching that yesterday. :)
  3. Either you use it for the avatar or sell it. I've always wanted a Draik so I would totally use it if I were you haha but if you don't then selling it for sure seems like your best bet. :)
  4. Aww it is so cute, I love it! They were quite creative this year hehe.
  5. Same for me...I think they did a purge at one moment because my old account and Neopets are gone (this is an account that was made like 15-20 years ago). I remembered the exact name of my account and one of my pets and the search bar found nothing.
  6. Depends how much you have saved up....if you are already swimming in NPs with no particular goal in sight....just go ahead and scratch it. However, if you need the NPs to get an item or thing you've wanted for awhile...go ahead and sell it.
  7. Oh wow, that is pretty scary.... Did anyone get hurt? I hope you and all your family are alright (and the rest of the people in your town).
  8. That is so not cool.....they should give you both prizes >_>
  9. I get a few items here and there....the past few weeks I got a scratchcard, some plushies and a book....the rest of the time I was either attacked or stared at haha. Still waiting on that avatar D:
  10. Awww all the plushies are so cute :)
  11. Welcome to Neopets :) I am sure you will enjoy your time here discovering all the different things to do. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of us Veterans haha.
  12. I am in Canada which is mostly known for it's cold weather haha....however, this summer we have been getting hit with some heatwaves as well. We had a week staright of 35C+ (feels like 45C with the humidex) ....apparently, another heatwave like that is supposed to start Sunday. Our normal summers usually range from 25-30C with little humidity.
  13. That is nice :) I consider my pets as my family as well. I spent time with my family and my in-laws as well. It is also my birthday today so we were celebrating that and Mother's Day at the same time haha.
  14. I'm still trying to get them all cured....but I find I almost never get any ingredients when I battle the wraiths. It's quite annoying.... :/
  15. Awww, that's unfortunate. I know how you feel.....I've been a Montreal Canadiens fan for quite some time and I would have taken it a bit poorly as well. Life gets in the way sometime :/ and you did the right thing staying with your fiance. At least you have another game to go to next month :)
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