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    -swimming<br />-chatting<br />-surfing the web<br />-playing neopets<br />-playing games<br />-drawing

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  1. ^ No.. lmao kidding! < I yearningg for some chocolatess v What are you going as for Halloween
  2. True!.. well if making mac and cheese from the box without looking at how to do it counts.. then yeah hehe The person below me hasn't got their drivers license yet.
  3. I've collected both, i didn't open it at all since the prizes seem worthless. I think that the third bag is suppose to be like that , maybe... and that it will truely be released later on. Would you get the special prize even if you opened both bags? Just curious. ^_^
  4. I tried it, and i got it woot, buh...i got a stupid snazy moon comb. Are all the prizes this crummy? :eh:
  5. Thnx TBC that helped a lot hehe maybe now i'll finally get it right :D
  6. Oh yeah, omgosh i never ever got it once right LOL. Maybe TDN should have like the answers for it, unless its different for all of us.
  7. Haha, the minci seems kinda cute for some reason, usually there not cute looking (in my opinion)
  8. Isn't the lunar temple in shenkuu place or am i thinking of something else? *wonders*
  9. I gave you 5 stars

  10. Lol, i bet i missed alot. Oh yeah, can someone explain... wats with that TDN adbot or something. Whats it for.
  11. I'm sneaky like that. Muahahahaaha. I dunno for a couple of days i haven't went on TDN and i guess i got used to it and stopped coming.
  12. I'm listening to Remember the Name- Fort Minor. Goodd song with nice beats ^_^
  13. Yeah, im pretty sure theres a lot of new people that joined TDN since i havent logged on... i think lol. Well now we met :D Anyways, woww TDN changed a bit.. alot erm.. kinda lol. hmm i wonder if my topics are still up *goes and finds it*
  14. Oh yeah, whoopsy daisy. I haven't been on TDN since january i guess lol. Wow a lot of people have over 1,000 posts hehe.
  15. Hey, i guess..... 528, erm if im allowed to that is.
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