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  1. 5th Pet Slot Added For All Accounts!

    This is awesome! I don't know yet if I'll just transfer a pet from my sides or create/adopt a new one though. Going to give this some thoughts. So many cool new possible pets to choose from.
  2. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 118!

    The Order won, so no boons for me this time. Congrats to whomever did pick them though!
  3. Last to post wins!

    Here, have something to drink while you catch your breath. *Hands a glass of water*
  4. Last to post wins!

    I wouldn't dive into Neopets code then if I were you, those are way worse, with so many different parties that have been working on them it's like diving into a spaghetti world. Stay safe and stay out of code!
  5. Last to post wins!

    Got lost in the code?
  6. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 118!

    oops, you're right, I checked it but missed the little plus sign and I didn't bother reading the text below. So that explains the sometimes 1 hit KO. And sadly indeed they don't let us read the code, would make some things a lot easier to figure out but would take away the mystery of a lot of things.
  7. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 118!

    I don't know why sometimes it is a 1 hit KO and sometimes it's not. I use " Scroll of Knowlegde" and "Kelpbeards Trident" along with Warlocks Rage or Lens Flare. Neither of those two weapons have variable numbers of icons. I suppose they can use shields but not weapons? Or maybe they were using an ability that would block some of my icons? I've never really looked into it and the problem is that my battle log isn't working. It wont open for some reason. It used to work in the passed so don't know why it's broken now. Maybe I'll try a different browser tomorrow and see if that does the trick to figure it out. I've also been wondering if the faction you fight against might have anything to do with the outcome. To avoid that I just battle both opponent factions equally. Since you never truly know in what faction someone is doing a lot of battles against your own faction. So many unknown things in this event to consider. I guess you can only truly know if you would get to read the whole code...
  8. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 118!

    I too have Warlocks Rage and battle in the Dome of the Deep first. But I haven't battled in the Obelisk war for a long time so i don't remember if I can beat the bosses on red, I'll try though.I just tried and I can 2 hit KO the boss on green (sometimes 1 hit KO) but if i want to do easy, quick one hit KO's on red I can't go any harder than 3rd tier. I can defeat the bosses on red, but it takes 3 turns and I will take some damage. So for this round I think I'll just do as many 3rd tiers on red and do some 4th tier and bosses on easier difficulties. This way, I can do as many battles in the least amount of time and still make sure that, if there is a point system behind it, I rake in as many points as possible. Personally I don't think it's predetermined, I believe there is some calculation behind it depending on the amount of battles. I just wished we knew what had more effect, difficulty (either or both the color and opponent) or number of battles.
  9. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 118!

    Question: Does it matter what difficulty (green/orange/red) or who you battle (minion or boss) to decide what faction wins or is it really only the faction with the most battles total? Because if it matters i will battle the one that give the most points. I'm not sure I can beat the faction leaders on red, but I could go for the next best thing. On the other hand, if it doesn't matter at all and just the battle count is what matters, i just need to fight one that I can 1 hit KO to get as many battles done in the time I have. I know that for the boon, if your faction wins, you only need 10 battles and it doesn't matter whether it's a minion or a boss, or green or red difficulty.
  10. I wouldn't wait until 30K of interest, you already have so much interest a day you could buy a lot of books with just that daily amount. That's what I would do. And when you get to the books that cost more than your interest, you save it up a day, or a few days, until you "earned" enough to buy it. Every NP you earn more that day, you can still put in the bank and increase your bank account and thus your interest with. I'm saving up to buy a nice Hidden Tower battle set. I would like to keep about 5 mil in my bank at all times, but if the current plot to come is going to require me to have better weapons i might just spend all I have to get just this one new weapon or shield already. If my NP are as low as 5 mil, i would save up first again to about 15 to 20 mil before spending. (The items I want are all 10 mil+). And then there is my gallery... at the moment kinda on hold until i have more time to play and earn NP, but once I do I would spend all my daily earnings (except my interest at the bank) on my gallery items. It's not real money anyway, so you might as well use it. And as long as you have enough interest a day to buy food for your pets (or to put them in a hotel for 28 days), you're all set. They won't get sad and you get to buy everything you want whenever you want. But remember, you're free to save up or spent as much as you like. You're the only one that decides, so just do what makes you happy and comfortable.
  11. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 118!

    Joining the battle once more after a long time. Picked the sway.
  12. Account Hacked?

    It could be true, I had my account on Stealth plus I hadn't been able to come online for a few months. When I came back my account was hacked (pw and email changed, about 10 mil worth of petpets gone from my gallery, bank account cleared etc) After I realized, I created a ticket and got my account back fairly quickly. But you need a lot of info to get it back and you need access to the e-mail adress that was registered before the hack. (They actually ask for proof that you have access to the e-mail address that you used when creating the account, but if you changed it a long time ago, lets say 10 years ago, then the 10 year old one is fine as well since they don't have the e-mail addresses from 15 years ago anymore, but they do have them from around 10 years ago.) I had my original shield on my lookup, so when it was hacked it was a shield saying 141/2 years... I still have the original shield, but I no longer use the Stealth mode.
  13. Turmaculus Alert!

    You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has decided to give you 350 neopoints!!!
  14. Trudy's Surprise - Changes On The Way

    I've had at least one pair most of the days so far. And when I didn't had a pair I didn't receive a "bonus" just the amount I would have gotten for having no pairs. I'm at the 19k each day now, so it'll be easier to tell now.
  15. Hello! Another newbie here. :3

    Welcome to the forums Ragingrainbow! Since Y1?! Wow, that sure is a very long time. Neo just has a lot of things to do for all ages so you just can't help to keep playing/coming back :p Good luck with your avatar hunt!