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  1. Hi and welcome to you too kacheekkawaii! Hope you'll like it here.
  2. We all get the message of the meepits but after a few seconds it should re-direct you to the profile or petpage. If you look up too many in a short time it may put you on a temporary time-out. Mostly guildleaders have to deal with that. I've never had it as I only rarely look up users or their pets. I can't answer about what people look for in adoptable pets except for a good name/cool color which is different for everyone. I'm happy with my pets. TNT/Neopets Administrators probably aren't monitoring this as this is just a fansite, we're an official fansite but there is no one from the Neopets team here. Of course we don't know if one of them sometimes comes and looks/reads around. However, we do have a place were you can advertise your Second Chance pets. We have a thread for them here. I hope the answers I gave you help you out at least.
  3. Hello! And welcome to the forum! I hope you'll enjoy your "stay" with us. Feel free to ask question, forum or game related, if you have any.
  4. Congrats! I'm not so lucky. Got another Eu de Negg... I just want that book so I can move on to the next egg
  5. Oh! I almost forgot to fight! I did 10 battles after my dailies yesterday and said to myself I would do more after work while watching tv and I completely forgot! Glad I did do at least those 10 battles! I almost didn't.
  6. Might be in the bottom left corner too. That's where mine is. Maybe it depends on the theme you're using for the location?
  7. The avatar issue, is that after getting a 100k from Trudy's? Because it has happened before to everyone. It was fixed for a while but it might be broken again. Mine switched to default yellow star last time too. The pictures might be on Neo's end. There's been a lot of pictures that broke/got fixed/broke again. I'm guessing they're working really hard in the background to get rid of the flash part but some stuff/code will certainly break in the process.
  8. Check your list of avatars. Go to Community - Neoboards - Preferences: Once you are at the Preferences Page, you can either check the list one by one to see if you have it, or you can view Page Source and find it (ctrl+f). For the second way you would need to know at least part of the name as you won't see any pictures.
  9. The Sunny Side Up Negg is the Negg you need to use the dust on for the NC event. The three Neggs that were presented to you when you found Topsi are the Neggs that don't show up in your inventory. You need to pick one of the three each day and you get an item from them. I'm not sure if you would get a Sunny Side up negg on day 2 if you either didn't get one, didn't find Topsi on day 1 or discarded the Sunny side up Negg. There will be other NC neggs during the event as each NC Negg only rewards 6 prizes. If you really are missing the Sunny Side Up Negg, make sure you didn't accidentally put it in your Safety Deposit Box.
  10. Did the survey too. Wasn't sure what to pick about the last question though. I mean, I've probably said hurtful things to others but not intended as bullying or being mean. Probably happened online too as typed words don't always get interpreted as you wanted to. And sometimes a tease or a joke doesn't "arrive" as intended either. But I would never say anything (online or not) with the intent to hurt/bully! And if I got told they didn't like it or that it was hurting I would of course apologize or try to explain. (I'm also excluding my years as a kid, as I've said some hurtful things to my siblings when we were having a fight)
  11. I recently (as in a few months ago) got the avatar. I had collected items with either "rotten" "reject" or "obsidian" in their name and did all the dailies that rewarded those kind of items. Also picked up 10 items each day from the Money Tree. When I had a couple thousand items I started taking them out 100 at a time and discarded them through quickstock. Only took maybe 1k items when I got the message I got the avatar. Over the years I had already discarded some items (like the ones with dung in their name) but I have no clue how many. Sometimes the popup appears at the bottom of the page though! So check your list of avatars to make sure you don't already have it!
  12. It's Korean. I looked it up on Google and got this from wikipedia (In my native language it's called Godori so it was an easy find for me, I then switched the language to English and got below result): Go-Stop (Hangul: 고스톱; RR: Goseutop), also named Godori (Hangul: 고도리, Japanese: ゴドリ, after the winning move in the game) is a Korean card game. The game can be called Matgo (Hangul: 맞고) when only two players are playing, and as Hwatu (Hangul: 화투), the name of the cards themselves.
  13. The NC guide will come up soon, I never participate in the NC events so I would have to read the guide first to know how exactly it would work. I know there are 6 items, 5 regular ones and 1 bonus. But that's all I know for now.
  14. You're welcome. I posted as soon as I noticed your message (didn't even had breakfast yet lol) but yeah, good thing it's a day and a half for day 1. Would have been a real bummer if you missed out on day one.
  15. Thieves are clearly in the lead so I'll follow Thieves. Lets get to Thieving!
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