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  1. Duma

    Hi nice to meet you!

    Hi Lia! Welcome to our forums! I hope you'll enjoy your stay with us and if you have any questions feel free to ask. I'd love to go to Japan one day too! I'm trying to learn a little bit of Japanese but I don't really have much time for it unfortunately.
  2. Duma

    Ancient Neopian, but New to the forum

    Hello Tiara and welcome to our forums! I'm a veteran player myself (started playing exactly 5 months after you) but I don't consider myself old with it. You're as young or old as you feel. The rest is just a number invented by other people And if you would feel brave enough to go to the discord channel it's this url that will work: https://discord.gg/n2Gzmjj
  3. Duma

    Turmaculus Alert!

    You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has given you a Wind Up Turmaculus!!!
  4. Hello and welcome to the forums! Reading all those Neopian Times Editorials seems like it could be fun! And yes, it sure is a lot easier to make money than it was in the old days where all you could do (or all that I knew of) was play games and hope your score was high enough to get to 1000NP. The battledome didn't even reward prizes. Having an old account for FC is very helpful too. BTW You have a lot of trophies! I'm a veteran player myself but my account isn't nearly as impressive as yours.
  5. Hi and welcome to our forums! I hope you'll love them as much as you love the normal site!
  6. Duma

    The Official Stock Market Board

    I sold them this morning at 77. I'm glad I did too. TPEG was at 59 then and is at 60 now.
  7. Duma

    Last to post wins!

    I'm not afraid I know he eats ants
  8. Duma

    Turmaculus Alert!

    You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has given you a Round Table Poker Coins!!!
  9. Duma

    account being frozen after 15 years

    I second what Nielo says. It can take weeks before they react with stuff like this. Also, they tend to want to know a lot more info than just what you gave them. I had to tell them friend/VIP names, what's in my closet/sdb/equipment. If the pets have had paintjobs or turned into another species, purchases of NC/NC items, favorite games. Anything you can think off really.
  10. Duma

    The Runway Votes #65

    #4 and #12 are my favorites. I don't really like too many moving stuff it takes attention away from the pet. These two are calm to look at which is nice.
  11. Duma

    account being frozen after 15 years

    You can contact them through facebook or send them an e-mail. You will need to give them a lot of information about the account to get it back though. And you'll only get it back if you didn't break any rules. Good luck getting it back!
  12. Duma

    Sad Pet?

    Yup. You do get that popup but hitting enter is enough as OK. So you can just hit F5/enter over and over. It's really fast.
  13. Duma

    New Avatar: Flee!

    But once they have it they'll stop playing making it easier again to get into the top 50. If you try this one lets say next year, it will be easier again. I just added it to my dailies and just click until my NP leftover of the day is gone (doing my other dailies first).
  14. Duma

    New Avatar: Flee!

    This one is just luck based. No skill needed at all. Just pick an order to click them and stick to it. Eventually your set of numbers will be right. (Numbers as in: clicking the second Mortog = 2) I've written down a sequence in which I'll click them and I'm going to stick to it. When I get far enough I might collect before getting to number 7 / jackpot but maybe I'll just try my luck. This might cost me a lot of neopoints (read: millions) but eventually my sequence will happen.
  15. Duma

    Enter The Runway #65!

    I did had to enable/allow flash again but even then I still had problems with the sharing links. The picture just won't show up. Last round was the same problem but DTI did fix it then. Too bad the fix didn't last.