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  1. Duma

    Is YIPP gonna make me rich?

    I like the idea but it seems it's not up to date. They don't really say what day the last update was but at least it's not today seeing that their opening prizes aren't the same as on Neopets. It will still give a rough idea though! The Neodaq was a bit different but like @jellysundae said, unfortunately it doesn't exist any more. 😞
  2. Duma

    Is YIPP gonna make me rich?

    we all buy them at the bargain page, at 15 or 10 NP per stock. After that it's just a matter of patiently waiting until they go up. For some of them it takes 6+ months to even get to 60. I already sold all but 1k of my YIPP (137 now) and TAG I really should start making a list with at least the max number it's been on and the time it took to get there.
  3. Duma

    Last to post wins!

    ,👁️, Rough attempt of a baby magikarp. It won't have the attack Splash yet but it will have Stare
  4. Duma

    Last to post wins!

    I don't know why but I'm suddenly thinking what a baby Magikarp would look like. A fish egg would be so funny as a pokemon.
  5. Hi and welcome Katie! in 15 years a lot has changed! A WHOLE lot! Stocks is a patient play and Food Club earns a lot if you have an older account. I would recommend spinning Trudy's daily and playing ghoul catchers if you want to make money fast.
  6. Duma

    TDN search function not working for me

    True. BUT this time I searched on TDN and it's working too: Edit: nevermind I tried the forums lol I really need to read better and not do 3 things at the same time. Trying now. Edit 2: I'm not getting an error (didn't inspect it) it just keeps saying "Please enter your search term above." At Jelly's main site the only search bar I can find is the one that throws you to google. (I do get results from google when trying) The database one is working, but so is our/TDN's database one.
  7. Duma

    TDN search function not working for me

    I just tried in Firefox and it's working fine for me. Tried the search bar on the left and the one on the bottom. Didn't try jellyneo's though.
  8. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 1. jubalee 3. blue 4. mynci 7. gilly 9. aaa 10. brown 11. ham 13. orange 14. shed Down: 1. jellybeans 2. lamp 5. clara 6. sink 8. two 12. green Which Petpet loves to fly around at speeds faster than any other Pet? Answer: Beekadoodle Prize: 266 NP
  9. Maybe you didn't unlock the last level last time you got reset and that's why you were on the stick instead of on the loaf of bread? I remember it got reset for everyone in a DD. At least you're good and it should remember your level. And also: BE PROUD of yourself that you managed to check it. It's not called ADVANCED settings for nothing, it's quite confusing in there even for people without brains that go "nope, not today"
  10. Thank you so much @Scoobert_Doo ! That worked like a charm. It's remembering it again. I was googling myself a bit (in the little bit of time I had) but hadn't found a solution yet. @jellysundae lets see if we can say it with less text: 1. open firefox 2. in adress bar type/copy paste: about:config 2.5 (edit): Enter 3. accept the risk 4. in search bar copy paste: dom.ipc.plugins.sandbox-level.flash 5. double click the result that came up (should be only 1) 6. in the popup change the 3 into 0 7. enter (or click OK) and restart firefox. 8. PLAY!
  11. Duma

    Neopies Y20 Begin!

    It didn't had anything to do with all right or not, the thing that mattered was voting the day of, so all your votes (your own picks) should have a gold border. If you missed a day but voted for both categories the next day one will have a green border and that made you miss out for the the bonus pirze. It would have been better if it was like DD/GMC. several bonus prizes, like 2 for example. All gold would get all of them. If you voted for each category but not the day off you'd get 1. If you missed a day completely you would be out of luck.
  12. Duma

    Vote For Your Favourite Pose Now!

    I voted for number two as it made me think of this one: And also, the first thing that came to mind when seeing it was Cat in Boots. I loved that idea so much.
  13. Duma

    Neopies Y20 Begin!

    Last category today! There were a lot of categories this year. Also, I've gotten this after placing my vote for today:
  14. It's happening to me too. Also using firefox. I have to start with the bread every time I reload the page. I've tried with and without blocking of trackers and cookies.
  15. Duma

    My rabbit gave me a total scare the other day!

    Yup. The wasabi did the trick permanently but I'm not sure if that's just because they finished teething or not. They do go near the cables again but they don't bite them anymore. Other strings, that didn't get the wasabi treatment (like the ones from the curtains) are still being used as toys so maybe it really was the spicy smell.