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  1. Duma

    Art and Animations

    44?!!! Wow! That's crazy! I've only did little things with PsP and never moving pictures but enough to know how much work that must have been! And probably confusing at times.
  2. Duma

    What's your big NP maker?

    Yeah, that has been happening for a while now. Just ignore it and either count how many games you've played or watch your NP's on hand. When they don't go up you've reached your max.
  3. Duma

    The Official Stock Market Board

    It's a mystery! That rogue semi-colon just won't go away. Whenever the url gets replaced with the correct one it just pops up breaking the url again. It has been tried and tried again... But not too many good ones in the stock market now. I've recently sold PEOP but it dropped again just like TSRC and LDSC. ACFI is on the rise so if you have some of those to sell you might want to keep an eye on it.
  4. Duma

    Art and Animations

    Wow, can't even think of how much work 18 layers must have been. But it really looks as if the lights are dimming and getting bright again. You did a great job there!
  5. Duma

    Neopies Y20 Begin!

    I read the new sometimes, but if they don't even let you see what it was without having to go back and find it I won't remember IF I read it or what it said, so I just picked one. Seemed like the one with anagrams could have been funny, don't know if it was but it has gotten my vote lol.
  6. Duma

    The Official Stock Market Board

    There's a note at the top with a link that is working or you can just go here.
  7. Duma

    Here I am....

    Watched it lol. It was a bit weird at first though. The 100 makes me think of that too if you like 3%.
  8. Duma

    Neopies Y20 Begin!

    I still picked The wraith Resurgence even though it was stretched out because it had a bit of everything. Some puzzles, some fighting, some story. Yes the coding could have been better but the other two were so tiny and Lyra is still ongoing, so far I don't have an opinion yet except that it's being stretched out too long as well.
  9. Duma

    Here I am....

    I've almost watched all of those mentioned above. The only one I'm not sure of is Ghost Whisperer. All the others I know were great! The Marvel ones tend to be fun in the beginning and later on it becomes a bit boring, there's so many of them. I will get to watching them all eventually but other shows are pulling me more atm. The new episodes of The Grimm are my current entertainment.
  10. Duma

    Here I am....

    I'm guessing you mean Continuum? It's not 77 years into the future though. The terrorists come from year 2077.
  11. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 5. web 7. blue 8. koi 9. sarah 10. ixi 11. pirate 13. tarla Down: 1. alabriss 2. evil 3. spyder 4. green 6. dasher 7. braintree 12. igloo 14. aaa Governor Gavril McGill is a member of which Neopian species? Answer: Krawk Prize: 284 NP
  12. They have branches but you need to be very lightweight for them to hold you.
  13. Duma

    Here I am....

    Hi and welcome to our forums! I love your avatar picture you got here. As a fellow Sci-fy fan I welcome thee! Glad to see Food Club has been nice to you, with an aged account it can be very profitable for sure. I hope your good luck streak will continue.
  14. Duma

    Faerie Quests Results

    Post your Faerie Quests Results here to keep track of your rewards. If you need help completing a faerie quest go here.
  15. Duma

    Hello All! Newbie here! :D

    To recover your information for you it's easiest if you create a ticket by using the Contact Us form. The admins responsible for that kind of help will see your problem a lot faster than on the forum. Also remember that the forum and the TDN site are different. The information you used here might not be the same as on the dailies site. If you hadn't created an account yet on there you'll have to register first. In any case: Welcome to our forum! If you have any more issues let us know and we'll see how we can help (or re-direct you to the best way to get help)