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  1. I'm keeping the exact same team with the same Star player. I'm sure there are some competitive people among them that will do better in round two. Others (Like DJ Skellington) who already were at the top might slack. So, Agog, please be competitive
  2. I love the Candy Jub and the outfit, oh my the outfit! I'm considering repainting and re-customizing my Jub! It's super cute! ❤️
  3. Yes, you still have a chance. You'll just have to wait again for a reply. I hope you get in!
  4. Here are the caps for each game: Yooyuball: 46 Slushie Slinger: 86 Make Some Noise: 401 Shootout Showdown: 401
  5. Hi and welcome to the forums Mentalgopher! Great time to join us, There's a couple support threads for the Altador Cup. Also, feel free to ask if you have any questions.
  6. That kind of hurt is perfectly fine! You just got to be patient with TNT, they have a lot of stuff to do and don't always get around things like this. They take their time and learn us to be patient lol. I liked Seekers because I'm a fan of wisdom, but for the boons I like the Sway and the Order. I don't really like the Brutes or Awakened because they're not really what I consider pretty. But that's my personal taste.
  7. At the moment I have this one: But it will change in about 6 weeks to this one: I would have loved this one but before they added the new shields I already passed it
  8. I'm keeping my "change team every year" policy and joined Lost dessert this year. They have a Draik, I have a Draik, so yeah, why not.
  9. I have both of them as well thanks to the perk last year. What I'm wondering is this: So, an increase of 200%? So anything that has a chance of 0.5% or higher would mean you automatically get it? There's only two of those 4 that I need (Edna and Snowy) and I have no clue how low their chances are, so I'm not really sure if it will be worth it to spend 3k points on it. I'm really sad that Deserted Tomb, Brightvale and Aisha Scalawag aren't in the list 😞
  10. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 2. bbq 5. art 8. one 10. ergyfruit 11. ant 12. blue 14. elderberry Down: 1. gabar 3. benny 4. story 5. armin 6. two 7. fortune 9. nine 13. geb The famous chef who agreed to cater for the Spooky Food Eating contest was? Answer: Chef Julien Prize: 250 NP
  11. BUZZ is at 67 at the moment, I'm tempted to sell but I only have 2k so I'm pondering.
  12. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 4. benny 6. one 9. eeeee 10. frank 11. fortune 13. geb 14. ixi Down: 1. ten 2. ant 3. eyrieki 4. bbq 5. elderberry 7. ergyfruit 8. water 12. undo Who cursed the population of Neopia after being accidentally released from captivity by Aurrick? Answer: The Claymaker Prize: 250 NP
  13. You could also clear out your cache. But the accepting flash is more likely. I've heard that Chrome can be annoying when it comes to flash. That you need to accept it every single time.
  14. You can just call me Duma. And I meant your first post here. I can't read Chinese unfortunately. But I liked reading your thoughts about Seekers. About the characters getting hurt, I believe it's fine as long as it's not too horrific I guess. It's hard to say yes or no without actually knowing specifics. Lets just say it needs to stay suited for children's eyes. If a kid can read it without getting nightmares it's all good.
  15. I agree with Angeló and Nielo. The place where you live/were born doesn't matter on here! We're all just our own person and the only thing that matters are actions. I too, have learned my English online, just by talking, reading and writing with friends I met playing games. And I too don't think -nerd- or -geek- is something bad. It's just a way to describe an interest. When the obelisk war plot started I picked the Seekers too because I love knowledge. I love learning new things. Being smart doesn't mean being stuck up, thinking that you're better. In fact, I don't think people that do that are very smart at all. I just love using my knowledge to help others. I will always try to keep an open mind so that I can learn from others and improve myself in order to be a better person. I don't know much about one single topic but I know some basics about a variety of things. I'm not saying that knowing a LOT about one thing only is bad. It just depends on what you like. And the people that prefer to know a lot about one topic are perfect teachers for the people who want to have a basic knowledge about a gazillion things. Your story was great to read! You should definitely submit your stories to the NT! Also, we allow links to your artwork, or if you prefer you could also just post your art here. We even have a category to show of your artwork: https://www.tdnforums.com/forum/22-the-art-gallery/ And, yes, pictures from Neopets itself is allowed too. TheDailyNeopets is an official fansite after all.
  16. Duma


    Hi Emily! Glad to see you decided to join our little forum community!
  17. Not anymore. They go for 1600+ Most around 2k now. And I'm guessing they'll go up even more.
  18. I already took everything I wanted but still have a decent amount of points left. Guess I'll use them buying the 1 point items to get 1 point items for CC
  19. I've cleared out everything too. Got a little over 8k points. I have to buy stuff too to get more points I really hoped to get to 10k, but it's all way over priced now. So I'm going to do more dailies than I normally do and hope I get enough items from it (doubt it) to get another 2k points. I might have to do more dailies a year long and just keep -everything- under 1k NP from now on. And then hope they keep this system!
  20. Fresh baked on the market is still better though XD It's funny how famous they are really, everybody loves them and yet they're typically Dutch. You would think other countries would have come up with a similar cookie.
  21. Glad to hear that it's fixed for you Who knows, maybe they did see your e-mail and fix it.
  22. Could you make a screenshot of the coupon and the job you're trying? Maybe we can figure out what's wrong that way.
  23. Make sure you're picking the right jobs for them! There's also Brightvale Job Coupons to confuse us. So make sure the job and the coupon correspond.
  24. You've got an expensive one! candycue_1 King Kelpbeard Plushie 1 11,000 NP panchogarb King Kelpbeard Plushie 1 11,100 NP crazy81640 King Kelpbeard Plushie 2 16,500 NP 11k is the cheapest I could find.
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