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  1. I went for Round Round Round too. Might actually try a little harder (as in twice a day) to get those wheel avatars.
  2. Hadn't had that yet either. At least you were allowed to spin until you actually got the np!
  3. Duma

    fairy quest

    There is already a mega thread for help with faerie quests. Please post there. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED.
  4. If you've ever bought neocash they could ask for proof of that. The e-mail you signed up with. Changes you made to pets (species/colour changes). Stuff in your sdb, bd equipment, neofriends, books your pets have read, games you've played a lot or are marked as your favorites, your bday, basically everything the real owner and only the owner could know.
  5. It's all you can do if you don't have access to your account. Contact them with as much info you remember proving them it really is your account and wait. If you have enough info it could be resolved fairly quickly. Like in a few months. Maybe even sooner. If you can't convince them it will take longer but if they respond back they will ask you for the information they need.
  6. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 2. spy 3. eppa 7. amaretto 9. sink 11. eyrie 12. bar 13. adee 14. ixi Down: 1. eesa 4. pumpkin 5. bat 6. beast 8. fyora 10. nine 12. big Keetra Diele is the Captain of which Yooyuball team? Answer: Team Virtupets Prize: 311 NP
  7. Took a while but I've got it! Once you get to know the cards and the gameplay I suggest read the strategies in guides again. It will be a lot less confusing and will actually make sense. At first put the speed at slow to learn what's happening, you can change it at any time even during a game.
  8. Not sure about the avatar but maybe they'll make it a yearly one IF there is an avatar. I wouldn't know the requirements though. Is there a point in going on? That depends on you. A lot of people just love this event for the cheap training. If you have to pay multiple codestones (or red codestones) for training this is a lot cheaper. You get more than one point of at least one stat for a few thousand np, sometimes a bit more but a lot of times not even 1k neopoints. So that's a huge difference.
  9. 1. The account does no longer exist. There has been a security breach a few years ago and a lot of pw were stolen. That's why they had sent an email to everyone to change the pw and they froze the accounts that hadn't changed their pw. After some time they purged all the accounts that hadn't been on for a while/were frozen I guess. 2. Sharing an account is against the rules, so if you plan on getting back into Neopets and create a new one, make each your own. Also, the ticket system has changed. You can just sent an e-mail if you're ever in need of contacting them. FaceBook could speed it up but isn't required at all. I've gotten my account back only with e-mails proving I am the real owner. Bottom line, if you want to play Neopets again, make a new account with your own e-mail and don't share it, if they find out, you might get frozen for breaking the rules!
  10. thebirthdayprincess Kreludor Balloon 2 3,900 NP topaz644 Kreludor Balloon 3 3,950 NP gbullen Kreludor Balloon 1 4,200 NP Here you go again. The prices went all over but this was the cheapest bunch I could find without SSW.
  11. I've been playing Godori all day without a problem. Around 8:30NST the lag begins. Not convinced it's because of that game. It doesn't refresh that much really. It does generate the next turn and with lag it keeps telling it needs to refresh the page though. I don't know, might or might not have something to do with it but I don't think it's only the game that's causing it.
  12. Not that I know of. I believe it's just all random. Sometimes you get one free spin, sometimes none and sometimes 3 or more in a row.
  13. You have awoken the great Turmaculus... AHHHHHH!!!! Turmaculus ate your petpet! BURP Seriously? You ignore my petpets for YEARS! And now you eat him twice in one year?
  14. On DTI you can do an advanced search by zone. On TDN database you can search for background in the name in advanced search, same as on JellyNeo's database For all three I've excluded NC items. There are plenty of options!
  15. These are the cheapest ones I could find without SSW: fluoxitine Suteks Tomb Stamp 2 2,500 NP frogs1195 Suteks Tomb Stamp 1 3,600 NP scorchy0 Suteks Tomb Stamp 1 4,180 NP
  16. The site was fine all day until just now. Seems that it gets laggy at office hours, last couple of days it was the same. No lag around midnight NST, later on the day (Office hours for TNT) it gets laggy. So it's highly likely it has something to do with them doing work on the site. Fixing things and improving them without taking down a site completely is hard. Most company's just notice everyone that they will be down for maintenance from X 'til Y. Neopets just tries to do it while we can still play albeit with lag.
  17. Brutes it is then! I'll join in too. Lets hope they win again.
  18. Here you go mangopurin: bjarni_50 Janitor Bucket 4 979 NP Cheapest one I could find without SSW
  19. Hi and welcome to the forums! A 19 year old account is amazing though! Makes me wish I still had mine too, but that won't be possible since it has been purged (It would have been around 19 years too). I'm glad TNT helped you out with your account though! Treasure it! It's very special to have.
  20. It didn't reset so that's great! the little one, 7 day cycle for an item did but not the big one for the 100k.
  21. I have over a 100 of those boxes and whenever I have a bunch of NC stuff I don't want I can send them to others that do like them. Without the free boxes I wouldn't have done this. I'm guessing that the coding is just horrible and that it might not be so easy to bring everything to smart phones. But they are working on it. And about the feature to select multiple items: there is one: "Quickstock" The only thing we can't do with multiple at once is using the item, like reading a book or blessing a pet.
  22. It's normal, I've seen it before when I still visited the meteor. Haven't done so in a long time though.
  23. Yup. Voting for the boons is useless. I'm waiting a bit longer to vote to see what the majority votes for.
  24. Duma

    New Site Theme!

    You can take it down yourself. It will stay until you change it since it's one you'll be able to use whenever you want. Just go to your preferences and change to whatever theme you like.
  25. I know, but I've already bought that book that's why I didn't mention it. 🙂
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