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  1. yeah, i want'd to enter your contest, but i had just had a baby, and taking care of a newborn- i couldn't do neopets anything much. i miss'd @ least one day of food club when i was in labor athe hospital, ugh. i sold my water gun this morn for 99k cuz i didn't bother to research the bd stats. i kick'd myself as soon as i did read up on the stats.. spent all day trying to snipe one. finally got 1 a few hours ago. but being that am a bd noob, and don't really know what am doing, i was using turn'd tooth with yooyu knuckle duster. i do not do 2 players battles, tho i hear there is a bd event maybe happening.. water gun is 1 icon less than youyou knuckle dusters, but 5 defense, so, is an upgrade, yeah?
  2. Coconut Shy Strategy?

    place your cursor point in the middle of the first a in again, when it comes up with the message to play again. Don't move your cursor from this spot and just keep clicking. hm, takes some effort. refreshing doesn't take as much, duh. you don't have to use the link if you don't want to, but don't knock it just because you see no difference, i was showing the link to someone who might otherwise not know of its existence. i prefer to refresh the link. thanks. someone else might prefer it, too. This post has been edited by a member of staff (Spritzie) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please do not be rude to other members. You can disagree with someone, but please be kind and respectful while doing so. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  3. Coconut Shy Strategy?

    and if you are lazy, like me, there is an easy link that you just refresh: http://www.neopets.com/halloween/process_cocoshy.phtml?coconut=3
  4. Light Faerie Mushroom, Trading Post or Auction?

    i seen you post this @ /r/neopets as well. the way you are gonna get a quick sale for quick nps is putting it in your shop for 99k. there are lots on the tp, and even tho the price isn't steep, someone will only want it to make a profit, or gallery item, and or feed it to the pet. it's just one of those things that isn't easy easy to sell. heck, i woodn't even snipe it for 99k, and i'm a sniper. it'd take too long to sell / not enough profit for me as ppl wood prolly offer 150k if that, if they thought someone wood accept it (everyone wants a discount). edit: just be patient. you might have sold it already since you post'd, sell it tomorrow, or not for another month. who knows.
  5. Trick or Treat 2016!

    just gather'd. you can open them today, or 10 years from now, if Neopets is still working @ that time, anyway.. the only possible hiccups are frozen / hack'd and the rare glitch that happens when you remove an item from the sdb and it just disappears.. so far as i know- neopets will not rectify that last one.
  6. Trick or Treat 2016!

    no, you are not allow'd to collect nps or items on your sides that you could potentially sell to earn nps. the only exception is NC items that Neopets gives from time to time without any np item attach'd.
  7. Is Food Club preparing for war?!

    mm, today 24 Oct 2016 is prolly a skip day unless you wanna make wild crazy almost sure to tank bets. which is what i did, but i bet every day, i can't stop. there is no skip in me.
  8. Is Food Club preparing for war?!

    i got 60:10 yesterday when Goob was @ 5:1. some ppl on the reddit food club thread earn'd a lot more. there have been a lot of tanks, lately, but that's just how it goes.. it's not war, just one of those things. keep betting, and bet the max. in the long run, you'll profit.
  9. attic hasn't work'd since the transition in sept 2014. no idea about the cove.
  10. wow, that was really quick compared to most of the stories i've heard. felicitations, glad you are not quitting, but sad that you fear showing off the galleries meow..
  11. I got one of my accounts back

    glad you got that account back. i don't have a hoard of expensive ub petpets, but i have some retired petpets.. i can send a few..?
  12. pricing/ trading help - skuffler

    looks like it is massively false inflated.. but then again, the farther we go from charity corner- prices are tending to rise. i'd say it's worth anything from 500k - 2 mil. but then again, that's only if and when someone will actually pay for it. you mention removing a fleaf to sell for your stamps- but you can't do that- once a petpetpet is attach'd, it cannot be removed without disappearing. the only reason to remove it is to attach a different p3, in which case the fleaf just disappears. thems the breaks..
  13. Looking to Advertise an Item to Buy or Sell?

    **NP Selling:** * Green Scorchstone * Icy Snowflake * Scordrax Stamp * Haunted Terror Mountain Amulet * Haunted Lost Desert Amulet * Haunted Shenkuu Amulet * Usukicon Y16 Goodie Bag
  14. Puppies!!!

    get a cat. they still need play time, but no need to walk 'em. keep in mind those bigger high energy dogs really need lots of attention / discipline and exercise..
  15. Friend request question

    you are already my neofriend. it wasnt me! olive juice. i reject random friend requests. especially when they dont reply with a reason why. one time i asked why, and they said why not, and i rejected that reason, too..