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  1. Awww 😞 All of my np is going to training right now so i need everything haha😞
  2. So nice!! I actually love many of the items included for once The haunted hotel bg is soooooooooo perfect - on my WL it goes!
  3. The clothes are amazing!! Perfect for Halloween time :) Biscuit is mehhh (as always) and the jelly is cool. I like the color a lot :)
  4. "Here, have Courgette Bread," King Skarl says to you. You're surprised there was any food left over from his latest banquet, and even more surprised that he'd share, but you put it in your pocket anyway. I will be donating this bread!
  5. Man of the woods - JT. The full album on repeat right now
  6. The candy one is my favorite! It's very detailed. I was hesitant about the candy color at first, but every new pet they bring out they are proving me wrong!! The custard one doesn't seem very custard-y. I think maybe they missed a few real 'drips'
  7. Love the pastel! The eventide is so-so but the outfit is quite cute! :)
  8. LOVE <3 All three look fantastic! The snow Lutari is especially gorgeous :)
  9. Now these, I like! Not usually a buzz fan but both colours look great!
  10. The camo is bleh it looks a little lazy. The polka-dot on the other hand is quite cute!
  11. I actually like this colour! I think the oufit could do without the helmet, but it isn't too bad :)
  12. Hmmm....not sure how I feel about these. Not the best Ogrin colors :/
  13. Meh they are okay. I think the dimensional is pretty cool, not the best I've seen but not the worst. The outfit it pretty cute though :)
  14. I love both actually! The chocolate one especially <3
  15. The item isn't that great but the 5hp...priceless :D
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