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    Working. School. Crossfit. Daydreaming. Traveling. Hiking. Nail polish. Nike.

    And Neopets, duh.

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  1. I haven't played in two years........ when did they start doing this?? UGH. I didn't even realize that my plays weren't going up until AFTER I had already submitted a bunch. What a waste!!
  2. missmadiemay

    Disappearing Scratchcard prize

    Have you tried going back to the kiosk? Your scratchcard might still be there waiting for you to click claim your prize.
  3. missmadiemay

    The Official Stock Market Board

    Whyyyeyeee did I get impatient and sell COFL at 60
  4. missmadiemay

    What's your Achievement today?

    Third place at Gourmet Club Bowls!! I just realized I got this trophy recently - maybe last week? Do they not send out neomails for trophies? I rarely get them so I can't remember SMH also this one. I forgot I was buying things from the auction last week with a few million out and this mean little man got me: Tax Beast CHAMPION!!!
  5. Personally, I followed the article on TDN. The blocks in gray I believe are the ones recommended for each level. http://battlepedia.thedailyneopets.com/index.php/articles/viewarticle/new-faerie-abilities/
  6. missmadiemay

    Avatars: What have you got?

    FINNNNNNALLY another daily Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Forgotten Shore' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  7. missmadiemay

    Day 18: Barf Boat

    I have a Chadley score ready to send if there is anyone out there who needs a teammate! Nevermind found one on NBs
  8. missmadiemay

    Day 18: Barf Boat

    This is not looking good today!! I hope this doesn't ruin my chance for a gold trophy
  9. missmadiemay

    Daily Dare 2017!

    I sent you a NF invite, let's see if that works
  10. missmadiemay

    Daily Dare 2017!

    That's what I tried, but the send button is still grayed out
  11. missmadiemay

    Daily Dare 2017!

    I haven't! Will you send me an invite? For some reason it's not letting me do it.
  12. missmadiemay

    I'm Obsessed...

    I haven't fed Kads in a while, but there used to be a board that kept up with the times. I would check there to see when they are about to refresh.
  13. missmadiemay

    Daily Dare 2017!

    Morning! I have a score for Chadley ready to send today if anyone needs a teammate! :)
  14. missmadiemay

    The Official Stock Market Board

    BOTT at 47 and FAER at 42 don't forget to keep an eye on them in the next few days!
  15. Lol yes that's it exactly silly me