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  1. indiechiquegeek

    Does anyone have Neopets superstitions?

    I try to do the Grumpy King within a minute of him coming back from a food break, if I can!
  2. indiechiquegeek

    Fun random event!

    I've never gotten this random event before! What fun! Even more fun because I'm actually a librarian, and was at work when I got it!!
  3. indiechiquegeek

    Level returned after portals close?

    Hi! I just completed a faerie quest and was rewarded with a level increase. The thing is, my pet's level has decreased as a result of the portals in Brightvale. I know all ill effects will return to normal after the end of the event, but will this include my level increase? Or will my pet's level "reset" to what it was when the event started, i.e., without the level increase? Any ideas?
  4. indiechiquegeek

    Brightvale Portals Open!

    I received a blank tome and a Parchment Cloak!
  5. indiechiquegeek

    NC items giveaway!

    Hey! I've got some NC items that I can't donate but I don't want them cluttering up my inventory/closet anymore. I tried copy and pasting a list but the screenshot posted instead 🤔 You guys can DM or neomail me on the site if you want any of them, just send me a neofriend request and I'll gift them to you! I think I have enough gift boxes, but if not, I'll just get more from the daily spin!! And I'll let you know if you've requested something that's already been taken! Inner Clockwork Face Paint (wearable) (Neocash) Crystalline Petpet (wearable) (Neocash) Perfect Seats for Stargazing (wearable) (Neocash) Painted Acorn String Lights (wearable) (Neocash) Candy Face Paint (wearable) (Neocash) Handheld Confetti Popsicle (wearable) (Neocash) Hanging Flower Heart Wreath (wearable) (Neocash) Tied with a Bow Top (wearable) (Neocash) Sparkling Ponytail Wig (wearable) (Neocash) Cupcake Boxing Gloves (wearable) (Neocash) Birthday Balloon Tree (wearable) (Neocash) Holiday Bell Hat and Wig (wearable) (Neocash) Silvery Blue Star Makeup (wearable) (Neocash) Polka Dot Holiday Dress (wearable) (Neocash) Ice Cream Cone Pillars (wearable) (Neocash) Black and Red Stripe Stockings and Shoes (wearable) (Neocash) Baby Pajamas (wearable) (Neocash) Floating Bree Faerie Doll (wearable) (Neocash) Air Faerie Bubble Necklace (wearable) (Neocash) Space Trooper Helmet (wearable) (Neocash) Starry Wreath Wig (wearable) (Neocash) Spectral Spyderweb String Lights
  6. indiechiquegeek

    Food Club winnings stuck?

    Howdy! I've recently re-started doing the Food Club to make some NP. When I check my betting history, it shows that the past few days, I've won NP on my bets. But when I go to collect my winnings, it says that I don't have any. Am I missing something? I haven't done Food Club in a long time so maybe something has changed, but it used to be you could collect your winnings every day. Maybe it's broken? Any help is super appreciated!
  7. Ok so maybe (probably) it's either I haven't used the toy fixer in so long that I'm out of the loop or I'm looking too much in to it and it's a total coincidence, but- Today is my birthday (thank you, thank you, last year Blink-182 was right about "nobody likes you when you're 23" so we'll see what 24 means) (jk jk) so I've got the whole site design thing. I've been on pretty infrequently the past few years but recent research shows that likelihood for random events supposedly also goes up on your birthday- no luck there this year. I snatched a bag of broken neopoints from the donation tree and went to the toy shop on Terror Mountain to get them fixed. Now, last time I did this, many moons ago, getting a bag of broken neopoints fixed was a hit or miss- it was entirely possible you'd pay more to have them fixed than what was in the bag. But this time, today, I got this message: Now, like I said, maybe it's that I haven't used it in so long, or maybe I'm overthinking a coincidence, but maybe, just maybe, I've stumbled upon a hither-to undiscovered birthday perk 🤔 What do you guys think?
  8. indiechiquegeek

    Wheel of Extravagance

    I think it's worth it if it's something you occasionally save for- I would never withdraw 100k from the bank to play it, but I'll save my Trudy's Surprise NP and trading post NP up until I get 100k, then play. I'm not an avatar collector and I don't play the Battledome that seriously, but I've won a few PBs worth over 100k and if I win 100,001, I deposit it all!
  9. indiechiquegeek

    Crystal Kauvara Coin

    Hey! I recently re-discovered a Crystal Kauvara Coin that I had hidden away in my SDB. There's only one available anywhere as far as I can tell, up in a lot on the trading post, but there's no price for the item! I don't collect coins so I was thinking of selling it. I guess my questions are a) what the heck does this thing do??? and b ) any ideas how much to sell it for? JN has it listed for 600k a few weeks ago but since there's only the one listed, unpriced, I have no idea how reliable that is!
  10. Howdy! I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the on-going plot because I'm not participating in it, so I hope it's okay to post here: I've been doing my dailies and on every single page, waaaaay at the bottom of the page, the words include_once(LIVE_ROOT . "/showwraitheffect.inc"); // added purple haze as part of wave 4 - subbu will appear at the bottom of the page. Is this some weird coding quirk or what? I know the purple haze that's loading on most pages is because of some quest, but I left the website for awhile and came back after it had already started. So I really don't know what this text is about! Any ideas?
  11. indiechiquegeek

    What is this omelette?

    Howdy! I saw someone posted a trade for a "Magical Tomato and Pepper Omelette" and asked 15mil for it. I've been off the site for awhile so this might be a silly question, but what does the omelette do that it's worth so much? I see it was a prize for Better Than You, but it's gotta do something to be worth that much, right??
  12. indiechiquegeek

    Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    I have a rainbow painted Gnorbu UFA! Here is his page! Please reach out to me if you want him- I'm not sure how this goes, I don't really want anything in return, I just want to get rid of him but make sure he goes to a good home, so I'd prefer he goes to someone on here!
  13. indiechiquegeek

    Giving Away Items

    This sounds like fun! I'd love to join if you're still doing it!
  14. I guess a little bit, but typing up a response to a thread that you have interest in is different from doing the same tedious thing every day or every other day. Like Sinvanor said, some computers are just slower and it takes a lot of time to feed however many items to each pet, wait for the window to lose, wait to open a new one, then do that for however many pets you have. If you're really so worried about the NP, then it makes more sense to save your self the time by just putting them in the Lodge for a month at a time. Cheaper, cost efficient, and time efficient What's not to love?
  15. Just a random thought that I've been trying out, but I'd love to get other people's thoughts and opinions! Would you ever consider/have you considered/have you actually put your neopets in the NeoLodge consistently and indefinitely? In theory, if you chose the cheaper options, it could potentially cost you less NP to put them up for, say, 28-days at a time, and would be a lot less hassle then feeding your pets, playing with them, and grooming them everyday. All of this, of course, if you aren't already feeding them specific things or playing with specific toys so that you can get an avatar or level them up or something like that! Know what I mean? Has anyone else done this and can tell me how it worked out for them, or just thoughts and opinions on this "tactic?"