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  1. Have you also cleared out all the doubles and extras from your Storage Shed, Classic Neo Home and Closet? I got rid of a lot of extra stuff I hadn't given any thought to and I found a ot of double and triple items in the Closet.
  2. Man! I was so looking forward to midnight and being done with this event. I know I can stop at any time BUT I know I won't until it's over!
  3. It's on the way and just a reminder I am removing items I no longer have and replacing them with different items so if you see it then it is still available.
  4. It may be worth buying the items since your so close to your goal. Only you can decide though.
  5. I will happily send you those items and would love to get the boxes! Thank you SO much! Also, to others that have requested items I am working on sending them to you now and deleting the items requested so I can post more when I am done. Thanks to everyone for taking these items. I don't care for some and others I won't use so I'm glad I am able to share with others that do want them and will use them. Shoot, just a for instance, I hoard backgrounds. I don't know why I do because I will never use them all since I have more than 200. I do hoard other things but the BG's are the big thing. LOL
  6. I can't remember about sending a box in a box but I do remember that once I bought boxes or a box pack at the NC Mall to give to someone to send me something. It has been a while and I can't remember any details about it. Trudy gave me a box today so I have 35 now and about making a new thread I was thinking if I update the post every other day (hope that won't get me in trouble) then I could bring it back into the light. Also, I have managed to get 19393 points so far and I'm going to shoot for 20000. We'll see how it goes. So, how many points have you managed to get so far? I read your post saying you reached the 18000 you need for your goals. You have kept going though, right? If it hadn't been for me remembering to check the Closet and Storage Shed I I wouldn't have as many points as I do and the fact of buying Sticky Snowballs every 1/2 hour.
  7. I thought I was out of items when I finished the SDB but THEN I went to my Closet and Storage Shed. Please check there if you haven't already. I managed to even get rid of wall paint and floor tiles. Everything goes!
  8. I pulled all the neocash items from my closet that I don't want. There are 199 items. I am not impressed with any of the neocash prizes available during this event so I have decided to give away the extra items if any one wants them. Again, there is 199 items and I only have 34 boxes so I will list more than 34 items so you can have more than 34 items to pick from and if your interested please speak up. I don't care how many things you ask for. As soon as I get more boxes accumulated I will be able to list more items (Unless you want to send me Faerie Light Curtains Wheelbarrow of Spring Floral Frame Doorway to the Faire Darkest Faeries Locked Grimoire Pedestals of Magic 👁️ Hanging Autumn Lanterns Scorchio Party Clutch Lost Desert Royalty Headdress Desert Prince Outfit Qasalan Fountain Underground Desert Neighborhood Clutch with Butterflies Bottled Candle Foreground Robot Outfit Brightvale Scholarly Hat Paradise Glasses Armoured Gloves Ornamental Sword of Malum Brown Hair with Bandana Caged Flower Garland Wooden Wall of Planters Ceramic Light Show Holiday Shopping Bags Advent Calendar Y20 Frame Clutch with Butterflies Key to the Crypt Necklace Poinsettia Earrings Desert Prince Outfit Colorfully Adorned Christmas Tree Creepy Wall Hanging Wood and Gems Wig Hero of Neopia Foreground Night Music Shining Sun String Lights Soft Hanging Lamp Silver Star Bracers Striped Gloves Festive Negg Basket Hands of Dark Power Brightvale Patterned Belt and Fanny Pack Candy Covered Beard Deal with it Glasses Qasalan Fountain Strapping Pharoah Fit Floral Chandelier Meridellian Festive Flags Perfect Seats for Stargazing Skull Chandelier Light Up Rustic Background Item Charming Mosaic Plant Vases Mini Buzzer Abode Fountain Pastel Pinecone Wreath Dandelion Earrings Shiny Crystal Stand Foreground Wreath of Love Are there no takers on any of these items? I'm hoping it isn't that and that everyone is just too busy. Well, I'll check again tomorrow. OK I have removed everything that is no longer available and added more items. I still have 13 boxes left. If you see it it is available. I do appreciate you all for asking for the items and hope you'll enjoy them.
  9. Then in that case I screwed myself out of about 3500 points. Thanks for explaining this though and I still have a little more than 7000 items in the SDB so I'm off to try to do this the right way with my remaining items. Glad to know I wasn't the only one writing everything down. UPDATE : I managed to do it the correct way and I am up to 12511 with more than 6300 items left to donate I should end up with enough for the Bank and Stock Boons which are the 2 things I wanted. so I'm glad I posted when I did and found out what I was doing wrong. You probably saved me from not achieving my goals.
  10. I have tried reading through the comments to see if I could find someone having the same issue as I am but I haven't seen anything. When I click on my 10 items it shows I have 10 items to discard so I ckick discard items. When I get to the hub page it shows only 9 items to discard. It doesn't matter if I discard 7 items it will show 7 items to discard and then again the hub page shows 6. Any number of items is coming up 1 less than I discard. I also tried to discard a single item and it will not show up at all when I get to the hub page. I tried to refresh the page thinking it would give me the points although it didn't show up but there is no extra points for the single item. I have finished discarding all of the bulk items in my SDBand I have written down each item, how many and the name of the item so I have a detailed list of every thing I discarded. It shows I have a total of 10400 points but the number would be much higher if I received the amount of points I actually discarded. Tomorrow I am going to go through each discarded item and figure out how many points I amactually missing and will update this post. I have read that you will get all the points for the discarded items, but when?
  11. I'm sorry, I tried to be as clear as possible. The main point here is I am keeping detailed recods on all the discards and I am not receiving the points I should be getting but again it is based on the point values I listed in the above emai. Maybe the point system I am using is incorrect but if it is correct then I know I can't be the only one not getting all the points I should be getting. Thanks for tying to help though.
  12. Thanks! I guess I missed the Main tread cause I have been waiting to see comments on CC but haven't seen anything. Am I working on the correct point system? bThe reasonI ask this is because I am missing points on everything I have discarded so far. I have written down every item I have discarded. Next to the item (on the left I wrote down every point I received from that discard and on the right side of the item I have written how many of that item I discarded. I have been moving bulk from the SDB and here is a *for instance* based on the point system below. I discarded 398 sticky snowballs @ a point value of 8 points each. This should have yeilded me a point value of 3184 points but I received 2864 points. When discarding 28 Rainbow Dung, again based on this point system, I should have received 28 points but I received 25 points. This applies to every item that has been discarding. I have kept track from the first item discarded. I am keeping track like I said above by writing everything down on paper and using a calculator to keep track. I haven't went as far as to add up ALL the points I am missing but I have kept track of every point I received. Here is another example. Before the Sticky Snowball I had discarded 11 Peach Snowballs and had a point value after that discard of 349. Then I started discarding the Sticky Snowballs and after that discard I had a point vaue of 3213which gave me 2864 points on the Snowballs and so on and so forth. I hope this makes sense and I am only discarding 10 items at a time. In the case of the Peach Snowball were I had 11 of them I then discarded the last single snowball to be sure I am only talling the same item for each discard. r1-r79: 1 point r80-89: 2 points r90-97: 6 points r98-r100: 8 points r101: 1 point r102-r179: 4 points r200: 15 points
  13. Does anyone have a time line for CC? I am wondering how long I have to donate items.
  14. Card : Gorunda the Wise Owner : granny63020 Deep within the western reaches of the Spooky Woods lives an old crone named Gorunda. If you can brave her traps and traverse the swamp she is said to know many secrets from the beginning of Neopia. Type Collectable Card Weight 1lbs Rarity Index 35 Est. Value 184 NP Things I Am Discarding 0 / 10 Above the words Things I Am Discarding 0 / 10 there is a yellow tab that says I Don't Need It I have never received that message before. I don't have the same button and I can not reply to your message. How weird!
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