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    Neopets and Coloring! I'm old and forgetful so these two things keep me entertained LOL OK I also moderate a lot of Yahoo and Facebook groups. Also I'm hooked on The Walking Dead since season 1 !!!

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  1. Granny63020

    Does it matter how much I fight?

    I have to agree with Duma. I battle the ones I want to battle and after I get all the things allowed I go and battle the *war* opponents. I always play on hard and the most dificult 2 opponents at the bottom. Each day I play those 2 opponents 10 times each so I end up with 20 plays a day for the war. In the end I have 80 battles but I am usually still not on the winning team. I don't have any method of choosing what team I pick to use in the battle. I just feel I am usually just very unlucky from week to week. I certainly don't feel like I am an asset to my team.
  2. Granny63020

    I just want the healing springs to be fixed :(

    YAY! I just bought a potion at the Healing Springs!
  3. Granny63020

    Turmaculus Alert!

    Turmaculus is awake! (Just letting everyone know). Hoping this is where this post goes.
  4. Granny63020

    Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    I am totally in the dark about some of the sought after pets. Please list here some of the pets that others would like to have. I'm asking this because I read something about a chocolate pet and thought to myself I just zapped a pet into a chocolate pet then I zapped it again just because. Like I said, I'm just in the dark about sought after pets.
  5. Granny63020

    Things That Never Seem to Happen For Me on Neopets

    Maybe this will help you... Moltara Worm Quest http://www.thedailyneopets.com/articles/moltara-worm-quest/ NOTE: It appears the worms are now in different places for different users. If you notice your worm in a different place than those shown below, feel free to send in a ticket with the new location (...
  6. Granny63020

    Brain Tree?

    Yes, I just updated my post. I don't care for that quest! Thanks for helping though.
  7. Granny63020

    Brain Tree?

    Hi, this is the 1st time doing a Brain Tree Quest and it wants to know year of death and place of death of Howard Poogle. Does anyone know the answer? Where would I start looking for this info? I have 1 hour to get back to him. Thanks for any help. UPDATE: I found the link on how to complete the quest and was able to do so with 22 minutes left. Boy, really don't think I'll be doing this again anytime soon.
  8. Granny63020

    I just want the healing springs to be fixed :(

    This is a great idea, hope you don't mind me following in your footsteps once the Springs are fixed. I wish I had the insight to pat attention to these sort of things. Also, I don't have any BD challengers that are strong enough to beat me but I lose my hit points when the Snowager and or The Deserted Tomb manage to get me when doing my dailies. I try to keep a lot of the XX in stock for that reason. With the Springs being broke though I am beginning to run low.
  9. Granny63020

    I just want the healing springs to be fixed :(

    Me too! I did use the SSW o pull up the XX potion and these are a little cheaper. I hope this helps some. jen_121686 4 450 NP mcstickerss 1 460 NP slimebox 1 480 NP dragonphoenix13 3 495 NP catwhom 1 499 NP bettyrealboo9 1 500 NP sasssy25 1 500 NP jenny_and_awesome 1 500 NP spottedstar_12345 1 500 NP jaqueway 1 500 NP
  10. ranga_muffin @Granny63020 these items are lending so that people are able to acquire avatars, by borrowing them they don't have to buy/sell. People borrow in a chain, so you have roughly ~24 hours with the item I think, before you send it on. Here's all the lending info: https://alp.thedailyneopets.com/ Well, thank you! I am reading through all the info now. Very interesting I must say. I wish I had read this earlier. Last week I recieved a Fountain Fairie dip and offered it on the pound forum. Had I known a Pink Krawk was needed I could have easily given that to you. Should I get another one I will contact the Lending group and ask if it is still needed or for that matter if any pet is needed.
  11. Although I am not familair with the lending program I have read the message you just posted and if I understand this correctly The Super Attack Pea is worth 80 - 95 Million and belong to some member that is loaning it to your lending program. If you take collateral of 50 Million and it is not returned to the program what happens to the member that loaned it? How do they get reimbursed for the Pea? Also, how are you easily able to replace it if it doesn't get returned when the collateral is only 1/2 of the actual cost? I know this probably makes sense to everyone else but I don't understand it. I also don't know why you would want to borrow these items. Borrow for what reason? How long would they want to borrow these? Also, if you are going to lend the items to members maybe the account of the borrowing member should be 5 years at the least. This is just my uneducated opinion.
  12. Granny63020

    Am I being irrational?

    I think your a beautiful young lady! I hope you feel the same way about yourself.
  13. Granny63020

    Am I being irrational?

    Hi, I was 248 lbs. in 2013. I am 5'4". I exercised, ate well and did everything I thought to lose weight. I couldn't, no matter what I did. I finally got a lap-band surgery in December of 2013. Insurance paid for it. Being overweight is a health issue and I just couldn't stand looking at myself anymore. I now weigh 150. I feel much better. I still have my lap band maintained but when I go see my Dr he hasn't had to add any fluid for at least the last 6 months since I seem to be holding steady at 150. I'm happy with that. I was a size 22 / 24 and now I am an 8 / 10. There are other forms of weight lose such as gastric bypass, stomach stapling. This may not be an option for you but maybe it is. You could see a Dr that specializes in this area and see what they can do. They work miracles with insurance companies to get the patient approved. Go over all of the options with the Dr and then decide if this would be an option for you. You can find a Dr that specilizies in this area by calling your local hospital. They will refer you to as many Drs as you wish. See more than one and then make your decision. I chose the lap band because the weight came off gradually. I felt if I lost a lot of weight quickly that I may gain it back. Since it has come off slowly but steadily I have had no weight gain. I still exercise and of course I'm restricted to how much and what I can eat but I am at a happy weight! I forgot to mention I have been heavy all of my life. (until now). I have been this weight for about a year now.
  14. Granny63020

    Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    OK, let me check this out. I'm not sure about getting the name but I may have a Flotsam on a side account. I'll post and let you know what I find. I found out some info. Instead of posting this here I am sending you a neomail. Please respond to that message. I am getting ready to write and send it to you with in the next few minutes. Thanks! I was able to send you 1 mail. The 2nd mail I tried to send it said the message was to long. I shortened it until I had 3 words and it still said the message was too long. Somethings wrong with my mail. So, this part I am posting here because I can't seem to mail you. Gender? Male or Female Where does your Neopet like to live? Forest, Sea, River, Jungle, Town, City, Mountains, Wilderness What does your Neopet like doing? Gathering Food, Exploring The Land, Making Friends, Hunting For Treasure, Pestering Others, Reading and Learning How does your Neopet greet others Act Very Friendly, Smile Sweetly, Approach With Caution, Stand Their Ground, Insult From Afar, Attack If They Weaker, Try And Make Friends 4. Select Your Neopet's Stats A B C Strength: Defence: Movement:
  15. Granny63020

    Faerie Quest Help

    Owner Stock Price naynayx3 2 599 NP ifidgetalot831 1 600 NP veganscarbunnies 2 658 NP wenifred_witch 3 800 NP