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    Neopets and Coloring! I'm old and forgetful so these two things keep me entertained LOL OK I also moderate a lot of Yahoo and Facebook groups. Also I'm hooked on The Walking Dead since season 1 !!!

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  1. Show off your galleries!

    Please let me know when you have finished. I would really like a peek at it. Hard, time consuming but so well worth it! Good luck. Trea, I mixed up and put you into lojoco49. sorry! So, lojoco49 would you be willing to share the readymades you found. Maybe I can do it? I want to try! Thanks
  2. Show off your galleries!

    I want a fruit gallery! Can we have galleries on our side accounts? Also, I was gifted a pair of socks for my gallery. I have already put them up. Problem is I didn't pay attention to where they came from so I couldn't send a thank you. I was in such an excited state! I'm sorry but I do want to thank you for the gift. They were/are very much appreciated. I guess this should be a reminder not to be so hasty when closing web windows.
  3. Show off your galleries!

    I did only one category at a time. like the action figures. I took all the action figures that started with A and ranked them. Then ranked B then C and so on until I had each item ranked into the right letter. After I had ranked the items by A B C and so forth I went back through the ranking process and I would rank them AA Ab Ac Ad until they were in order so for instance I would have Action Figure Puzzle then Adventure Action Farm Playset then Adventurous Desert Grarrl Action Figure because although all start with A AC comes before AD. Then with number 2 and 3 although they are similar the word AdventurE the E comes before the O in the word AdventurOus. I just keep going until I finally had all of the categories completed. It did take me a while and my gallery wasn't probably only 1/2 the size it is now. I am glad I did it when I did. I can't phantom how long it may take to do this with a large gallery but honestly, I would recommend doing this if you find a minute of 2. Doesn't have to be done all at once but what a difference it makes when I am considering buying an item. I can wuickl scan the letter of the category in seconds and I'm done with a decision made. I hope that makes sense. That's just the way I decided to do it. I'm sure others have a different method of doing things things. This is just what works best for me. I would like to hear others' ideas on this and other ways they work their gallery.
  4. Show off your galleries!

    I just started ranking the items with one category at a time and picked out all of the A's then B's C's and so on and when I had all of the items sorted to the correct letter in a category then I went through each letter and and put them into the correct order. It took a while but I think it was worth it. I find items so much more quickly. Sometimes I also find I have the order of the items confused and I go back and fix them. LOL
  5. Show off your galleries!

    Yes, because the size is getting large I thought it would be so much easier to find if I have the item I am looking to add. At first (before I alphabetized it took a very long time to go though a category trying to figure out if I had that item or not. The backgrounds that surround my categories now are the ones that are available (were available) when I set them up in the beginning. I'm not sure how hard it would be for them to fix this broken part but I do wish them would look into it and give it a try. I just seems that they won't take care of the little things that mean so much to some of us.
  6. Show off your galleries!

    Oh, I'm like you all, I love galleries! I would probably have another 20 categories if I could. Well maybe I am a hoarder? LOL Some of my categories were started after the gallery feature broke and I couldn't add back grounds so I am disappointed that the backdrops on some of them are white. A few members have tried helping me with different options on how to code the page but I just don't seem smart enough to figure it out. I try following the instructions given to me but for whatever reason it just doesn't work. So, that part of my gallery is very disappointing to me. I am happy with the items I am collecting though. This is a great topic and it's going to be fun looking at everyone's items. http://www.neopets.com/gallery/?gu=granny63020 PS if anyone has a suggestion for *coding those white pages for dummies* I would be highly interested. Please don't get flustered though if it turns out I can't figure it out. I will try all suggestions.
  7. Wraith Resurgence: Fiendish Formations

    I was sitting here hoping to receive a reply and then you answered. YAY! Well, as soon as I tried to go to the board and follow your instructions my computer decided to do the spin circle and and that little blue circle just spinned and spinned. I couldn't even shut down the computer to restart. I ended up having to push the off button on the box itself and hold that down in order to shut down. I only just now was able to see what you were talking about. It's been more than 15 minutes and I just wanted to say thank you for coming to the rescue. I'm going to go play now and I hope I get it within a few tries. I'll let you know, thanks again for replying so quickly! granny
  8. Wraith Resurgence: Fiendish Formations

    Oh I believe I have a real problem. I started playing game 4 and I got a score of 24?? and when I reset to play again it went to game 5 6 7 8 . I can't get back to game 4. Anyone? I want to get the score and win!
  9. Wraith Resurgence: Fiendish Formations

    Thanks for all the updates. I have cleared the puzzle with a score of 1484. It took several trys but only because of the severe lag I was getting. I literally had every icon in place before they showed up on the board. This was not every board but it was on several boards. I think I could have completed this with a few trys had it not been for the horrible lag I was getting. granny
  10. Wraith Resurgence: Fiendish Formations

    Oh, well, that does make sense. I guess I'm jumping the gun. I wanted to get started knowing that I could go either way with the game. It could be difficult or it could be easy but I wanted to be sure I gave myself plenty of time either way. Thanks, I will just occasionally check to see if they open the door. Good luck to everyone that's playing. granny
  11. Wraith Resurgence: Fiendish Formations

    It is day 2 and I cannot open the 2nd day. Any suggestions? Yes, I completed day 1 with a high score of 1034. I did that on day 1. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! granny
  12. Part 12 of Wraith Resurgence.

    OK I have finished this part of the plot and *won* the 2 prizes. I don't have them in my inventory and I don't know why. It tells me to go to my inventory to see the prizes so I know I have won them for sure. Anyone else have this problem? I would really like to have them.
  13. i cant get rid of the purple haze?

    I've been using IE to clear the haze and give potions to the sick.
  14. Key Quest taken down entirely now

    I also loved Key Quest. I didn't play it right away it took me at least 2 years before I felt comfortable enough to play against other players. I'm not sure what the fear about playing against others was exactly but once I did I had so much fun. I'm sorry it's gone and I'm sorry my habi is gone. K SARA SARA
  15. Wraith Resurgence: The Infirmary Part 4!

    Hey, while I'm thinking about it I have another question you may be able to answer. Of course I have been healing the pets as they come into the infirmary and I have gotten everything up to this point (but that notepad). My question is about the fairy that's in the infirmary. I supplied the 6 potions needed to get the items but the green progress bar under the potions is no more than 1/2 way. I ended up giving a total of 16 potions so far to see if that made a difference but it didn't. Do I need to continue giving potions to the fairy or is there some other reason that progress bar isn't moving? I already have the gifts given for healing her but I am confused about that progress bar. Thanks for any info you may have.