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  1. Glad you got Turmy! Some members seem to play forever and he still doesn't eat their pet. Nice that you got the Avatar it was like a 2 for 1 deal.
  2. The king of all petpets is sleeping... can your petpet wake him up?? You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has given you a Giant Turmac Omelette!!!
  3. Today I got a Grey Faerie quest. It's the 2nd 1 since the event started. Both times she has asked for a Cobrall. Both times she called the Dark Faerie. Darn it! Times running out for the event. I really hope I get a dip before it's over. Congratulations for all of you that have got a dip. I want to use it for the new Oil PB if that is available to dip but not sure what pet I will dip because I have just recently changed 3 of my pets colors.
  4. Thanks for the info everyone. How long will this last? Will I have 20 days to use a 20 pack? Also, when I posted my message I had just come from the NC Mall and it said *buy a 10 pack of Castle Nox Corridor of Chance Key 10 - pack on sale through March 27* and no 20 pack was offered but after reading these post I went back to the Mall and it no longer had that message under the 10 pack and now there is a 20 pack. How odd! Well after looking at the prizes available I think I have changed my mind and I am not buying ANY pack. No wings and not a big variety of anything. After looking at the previous years offerings I discovered that I must have got the free key (I didn't buy the NC at that time) and that is where and why I received Vivacious Purple Shirt. I like this shirt very much and occasionally wear it. Too bad they don't have the older items available because I like those options so much better and I may have bought the 20 pack x's 2 if I could get those items. Oh well, save my cash for the next thing down the line.
  5. I was at the NC Mall and I saw that you can buy a 10 pack of Castle Nox Corridor of Chance Key 10 - pack on sale through March 27. What do these keys go to? Where do you use them? Are we or have we started something new? The price is 900 for the 10 - pack and it doesn't say how much they will be after the sale. I don't know if I want to buy them without knowing what to do with them. Thanks for any info!
  6. Ya know, I predicted this would happen in a previous sarcastic message I posted to this thread. Not surprised! I'm sure that everyone is going to be thankful you posted this.
  7. A freckled Earth Faerie smiles at you. "Hi there! Would you do a quest for me? I need Fire Jug, please." You have completed a quest for an Earth Faerie. Good work! Wasn't this so much more fun than helping a Dark Faerie? I thought so! For your efforts, Legretta_Abyss's defence has increased!
  8. I found the stamp for 444,275 The bobblehead is going for 400,000 I have just 260 points so I'm going to buy the bobblehead and use the points for the stamp. I collect both so I HAVE to have both. My extra 60 points I'm using for the book. I read all the books I get to my pet so I won't be selling I'll be reading. I found the book for 30,000. All my searches are through the SSW.
  9. I got the predicted Grey Faerie quest today! The bad news was she called the Dark Faerie. She's got a lot of nerve I was expecting a Rainbow dip! Well, there is always tomorrow. LOL I was going to post this as a picture but I closed the window. The Crafting Faerie keeps trying to trick me into doing a quest for the items that are the either or items. I'm not falling for that again! I check the guide each time before I buy the requested items. No more money from this old gal unless I'm sure of the item I'm getting. Can't thank the staff enough for putting up the guides, sure has saved me more than a few times this go around.
  10. Today (just now) I had my daily quest from the Battle Faerie. Since we started I have had 1 from the Queen and now the Battle. I am hoping to get the Grey 1 soon. Since I have been keeping track of my quests I'm do for a grey and another dip in the fountain! If you all are the least bit interested I have a display of fairies and the quests I have received since keeping track on the Look Up page. Her requested item cost me 3400 np. It was a bronze fountain (something). You have completed a quest for the Battle Faerie. This should help our cause. The war is not yet won, but the battle turns in our favour. For your efforts, Legretta_Abyss's defence, strength, and health have increased! This was my prize for today. The Faerie Queen Burrito
  11. LOL Everyone is riled up about this plot and how it interruptedly ended. Don't get us started about the GRRR! of this plot again. 🤬
  12. I don't mind helping. I have the SSW so I do find the lowest prices.
  13. Here ya go, a few more. Good luck. jennysingh2014 1 1,350 NP topaz644 2 1,400 NP pennyopie 2 1, 499 NP
  14. The king of all petpets is sleeping... can your petpet wake him up?? You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has decided to grant your petpet a level!!! Your petpet is now level 21!
  15. I'm doing a search for paint brushes but I'm unable to pull up anything. I know in the past I could type in *paint brush prices* or *paint brushes* and it would bring up a list of all brushes and the prices. I don't know what I'm not doing right. Can someone direct me to the right words to get to the paint brush list / prices?
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