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    Neopets and Coloring! I'm old and forgetful so these two things keep me entertained LOL OK I also moderate a lot of Yahoo and Facebook groups. Also I'm hooked on The Walking Dead since season 1 !!!

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  1. Premium Rewards Goodie Bag

    I did open mine. Glad I did! I ended up with several items and one of the games gave me extra prizes. I couldn't figure out one of the games though so it's still sitting there waiting for me to complete. I guess 2 out of 3 isn't to bad.
  2. Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat Locations!

    OK Thanks for the advice. I have never collected anything on the sides but thought it was worth a shot to ask. I knew about not collecting the neopoints on the side.
  3. Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat Locations!

    I never open them either. I just put them in my gallery. I am going to buy them from someone else (to open). Oh, can we collect these on our side accounts?
  4. Punchbag Avatar

    I'm not sure I understand correctly but after reading this I went to my BD and I have all of those challengers.
  5. New (again) and looking for friends

    Hi Kayla, welcome. I looked you up and I wanted to let you to know to change the period between your first and last name. It is an underscore that should be there. Just wanted you to know!
  6. What is this?!!!

    Yes another member in this thread sent a link to go directly to that page. I did just that and received the last 2 items I wanted. Im just happy I posted because the members of this forum ALWAYS have the right answers!
  7. What is this?!!!

    Oh my goodness! Thank you for sending the link. I just went and used the last slingshot. I knew I had read somewhere that I had extra time to use them. Well, I'm happy you knew what to do. I didn't know an avatar was available although it didn't matter that much since I was so sick yesterday. Thanks again!
  8. What is this?!!!

    OK I love that theme too! I do hope we get to keep it. On the other hand when the festival started it was printed (somewhere I read) that if I bought the 7 slingshots that I would be able to use them all and get an extra gift for using all of them. Due to illness I did not use my last slingshot yesterday and this happens today? I can't say how ticked I am about this. I really am on everyday and I missed 1 day. OK I am rambling now but I just wanted to vent about how upset I am about this.
  9. Befriended Dome

    HAHA Thank you for clearing that up! You would think it would have been removed from the help section. It's a pretty detailed joke.
  10. Befriended Dome

    Hello, I use the Battle Dome daily. The other day I was looking for an answer to a question I had so I went to the help section @ TDN. Under the heading on the left I found the Battle Dome section I was looking for BUT below that there was a section titled Befriended Dome. I have been unable to find any information on this other than in the TDN help guide. Is this a joke or is this what we will have to look forward too? My pet is close to 300 level and I sure don't want to have her spreading flower seeds in a friend dome. (OK that last part was over stated). Anyone have any info?
  11. Gallery help

    Thank you for the reply. I thought that may be the answer to my problem but some of my category names are longer than the one I was trying to create.
  12. Gallery help

    I'm also having a problem with the gallery features. I was trying to set up a new category but when I typed the name I wanted in the box to get started I couldn't get the box to accept the entire name. It kept cutting off the name. After reading your problem I now think maybe it wasn't me.
  13. Faerie Quest Help

    Thank you so much! I just bought this item. This is the first time I have received a quest from the battle faerie. It did seem odd to me that the many shops I visited did not have this faerie listed in their shops. Thank you again! For your efforts, Legretta_Abyss's defence, strength, and health have increased!
  14. Faerie Quest Help

    Hello! As with all the others I need help finding an item for the Battle Faerie. I need a Choco Mint Rock Stick
  15. FFQ: Deb's Daunting Decision

    Hi Everyone! I get a lot of the faerie quests and I don't normally have a problem finding the item but this time I'm stumped. I have a request from the Battle Faerie. Until today I had never heard of the Battle Faerie. Every shop I visit has items for the other faeries but I cant seem to find a shop that features the Battle Faeries. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you. Granny This post has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts on topic. . Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.