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  1. Friend needs help getting into an old account.

    You can find a lot of info in this topic
  2. Ghoul Catchers Stuck at Level 109 Club

    Guys I tried playing today and honestly I think they changed the level or something. There seems to be much more room for the bricks. Still that impossible plagued 32 ghouls though.
  3. Ghoul Catchers Level Stuck

    Am I crazy or did the IMPOSSIBLE level 109 change? There seems to be way more room for bricks than there were before...
  4. Welcome to November!

    omg you almost gave me a heart attack haha, I thought I'd somehow missed it xD
  5. Battledome Weapons Help

    Looks good! It is limited use though, so that's a drawback. But it is a really big price difference...
  6. Battledome Weapons Help

    Thanks a lot for the tips all! Greater healing scroll will hopefully be in my posession soon, as I've bid on one. If anybody has a Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy on sale, let me know!
  7. Hi friends! I was wondering (after searching and coming up negative) if there is already a topic for people who need help with gathering and selecting their battledome equipment. In case there isn't, here's the topic! And I need help! I have a pretty okay trained Kau, but have no idea what sort of weapons I should equip her with, both for attack and defense. Currently my go to weapons are a set of quite old ones, which mostly do the trick against lesser opponents. But I would love to give her an upgrade. My current weapons are: (most used) Sun and Moon Chakram, Sword of Elements, and Lesser Healing Scroll. Any tips or ideas? My budget per weapon would be about 2m to 3m MAX. (but would love something at 1m or below)
  8. What's your Achievement today?

    Haha, well at least that means it's still happening, no matter how little. Thanks! You too!
  9. What's your Achievement today?

    That is insane! I haven't had a decent RE in years, and only faerie quests before that. You are super lucky!
  10. What's your Achievement today?

    Thanks ^^. Finally sold my Day & Night collectable scarab.
  11. What's your Achievement today?

    Quite an achievement after a month of trying, finally made my biggest sale yet and earned 10m np in one day
  12. Ridiculous Trading Post Offers

    In the last 2 days I've had 5 more reseller offers, today one for a lot worth around 170k, with an offer of 50k! And then them saying that's a normal offer for resellers! Are there actually people willing to take 70% losses on their lots?
  13. http://www.neopets.com/island/tradingpost.phtml?type=browse&criteria=id&search_string=420777170 Day and Night collectable Scarab now going for 10.6m! Mail me if interested.
  14. Ridiculous Trading Post Offers

    I almost always do that though, state what I want for it and/or that I take offers through NM. But then when I mail people after another ridiculous offer, I get back that they're Resellers and that they've got it for this and this price here or there. Yeh, I don't care mate, I follow the prices online and sit slightly below that. Don't offer if you won't pay! Gahh. Like I'm willing to negotiate somewhat but not 3 million np.
  15. Have any of you ever had a spell where you receive only ridiculously LOW offers on your lots on the TP? Because I sure have! I wish there was somewhere to report these people because it feels like they are just trying to rip people off and hope that someone will accidentally press the ACCEPT instead of REJECT button. Like a lot will be worth far over 200.000 and they're bidding 70.000.