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  1. I would buy max stocks every day even if Trudy doesn't give you enough. The amount of profit on them in the long term far exceeds what you make in interest, Diversify so you have stocks in most companies and build them up. Battle; I make a lot from that, though I have Premium so I win nerks quite often. But the profit from codestones is pretty good and you can get those from most challengers, especially Koi Warrior. Do the Obelisk War; you can get nice boons if your side wins. Food Club definitely. Pays off long term even if some days you lose. But honestly, you have a decent amount of NPs there. Live a little with them! :-) Oh and save all your r90s in case another Charity Corner comes along; that's when you can make a fortune if you're lucky and well prepared. Editing; you're selling at 20?! I would wait way longer than that. I sell at 60 and some ppl wait to sell at 100. Maybe at least raise your sell point to 30 so you're doubling?
  2. Blast from the Past

    Oh I haven't seen the stickers! I was so ticked off when I got a mint in box item, a little computer game, sealed in hard plastic, and the code didn't work :-( Sent in a ticket and was told I was out of luck.
  3. Blast from the Past

    I'm English, but we moved to Canada in 1997 and my kids didn't get into Neo until the 2000s so I'm not sure if they did have the merch back home Seems a shame!
  4. Blast from the Past

    The plushies are adorable! I have a bunch of them, some the Happy Meal ones, some bigger, and if I had room, I'd put them out somewhere, but they're languishing in a drawer. I wish there was new merch. I don't know how new ppl find Neopets tbh. There's no advertising that I ever see.
  5. Blast from the Past

    I wish I had more! We bought them for our daughter and I found them in the basement when I got into playing with my own account years later.
  6. Blast from the Past

    I have some packs of the cards also from Value Village. Sadly the rare item cards were long gone but they're fun to look at. I also have some of the actual Neopet magazines which were very posh, almost graphic novel quality.
  7. Blast from the Past

    Was in Value Village and spotted two gaming mags from 2004 with full page Neopet ads on the back! Bought them (they had YGO in and my daughter's into that too) and here are the covers,
  8. Free the Faeries

    yes, but I bought mine on day 3 and the first 3 prizes had all been pretty nice and non-species specific so I assumed they'd all be that way. Never occurred to me on an NC event they'd do THREE days of baby items.
  9. Free the Faeries

    It's now 3 baby items and I'm ticked off. Never do NC but I treated myself on an impulse and I'm regretting it now. It's a little unfair, IMO.
  10. EPIC ad - just had to share!

    Oh that's hysterical! So funny, thanks for sharing. Now I'm eyeing my two moggies....
  11. EPIC ad - just had to share!

    Diesel ad with Sergei Polunin and the wall breaking. So powerful. It won't let me watch your one in Canada ;-(
  12. for all you hoarders out there...

    I'm hoarding for any future CCs but i donate forgotten shore maps and such. And NPs now and then.
  13. Happy Meerca Day!

    Sort of underwhelmed by these but they're okay, I guess. The detail on clay will be lost, I think.
  14. I did not know that, jellysundae! Thank you for sharing. From apathy I'll probably leave her there, though, lol.
  15. Yes, you lose the avvie if you change her. People do that then get her and the avvie back on the first of the moth to register on the avatar hi score table. I'm not a fan of her but I want the extra avatar so I keep her.