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  1. jaydeed

    How rich is rich?

    I had 100 m after CC and blew it on stamps, nerks, treasure maps. Currently trying to climb back but I get bored and gamble when I hit 20m . If CC had stayed the same and r90s sold for 30k, I'd have made I billion but it didn't and I didn't, so....
  2. jaydeed

    Happy birthday to me?? Broken toy fix

    It's coincidence, sorry. I mend a ton of things there and now and then you get a run of three or four free mends. But glad you got one today!
  3. jaydeed

    Plushie Tycoon

    I got it following guides and it was surprisingly easy and not much work. I think a silver/gold trophy would require more effort but the avvie is achievable.
  4. Abandoned Attic isn't working so you'll never get that one sadly. For me, it's Snowager, marrow, Buried Treasure, the stamps at Faerie Caverns/Grave Danger. And yes, the worm, though I've never tried for it seriously. Will do today!
  5. jaydeed

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 137!

    Have all the avvies so will happily sign up for Brutes too.
  6. Quick heads up: Hardtotame said on the boards: " Players who received the Potion of Healing will find two in their inventory. Do not move either item from your inventory until further notice. You can not sell, auction or trade the potions, nor move them to your SDB until this is resolved. "
  7. jaydeed

    Crystal Kauvara Coin

    I'd put it up for 1m/999,999, depending on where you want to sell it and reduce it if you get no bites. Great find!
  8. jaydeed

    New Avatar: Stamp Collector - Neopia Central

    I have a few stamp avvies, but this one? Never gonna happen. Sigh. Honestly, given how hard it is to complete a stamp page, any that are full should get you an avvie. Love the ideas here for re-releasing the impossible ones. Don't want them easy-peasy or cheap, but as it is, they're quite literally impossible to get, and where's the fun in that?
  9. jaydeed

    Have any of you found your Magma Pool time?

    I know mine roughly. If I ever needed it, i could narrow it down in a day or two. It's around 1.20-2,30 pm my time.
  10. jaydeed

    New Userlookup Shields Found!

    That is so cool and long overdue! Glad they did this.
  11. jaydeed

    Is TWR finished?

    I doubt KQ will ever be back. I heard the files were lost/belong to someone else, whatever it was, it's toast :-((
  12. jaydeed

    Confusing and irritating

    If you're at all interested in battling or NPs you could try to do the plot. Some of it you won't be able to complete, but it's a real money maker and gives out some great weapons.
  13. Saw a good tip on the boards; the timer on the assassin doesn't start until you place a piece, so take a few seconds to see where pieces are and decide the best place to start.
  14. jaydeed

    So, is ANYONE still curing the patients?

    I'm pretty sure the progress bar has always been controlled behind the scenes, lol, and moves when TNT want it to.
  15. I found it helped if I instantly replaced the one he zapped then went back to filling in the ones I hadn't done. And restarting and keeping the points for the completed levels was a godsend. I didn't realize it was doing it; thought I was starting from scratch but I wasn't. So don't be afraid to restart; better that than have a low-scoring round.