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  1. jaydeed

    The Neopets TGC

    I never played but I have a few packs of the cards (well, they belonged to my daughter, lol). I also grabbed some McDonald Neopets plushies this week from Value Village to add to my collection.
  2. jaydeed

    Underwater Fishing

    Yes, 500 is the max. Not sure why and it'd be cool if you got something for getting there. I'm nearly there with one pet; 491.
  3. Heheheh! Fair enough. I know my daughter left her acct dormant for years then her younger sister started, then I got interested (and obsessed) so she went back to her old one. Took a while to remember passwords and such but she got into it and plays now and then when it's an event. Pretty busy at uni now, both of them.
  4. Inactive accounts are like the storage lockers TV show for me; what's in their SDBs? Did they go into Grave Danger and their petpet found the incredibly rare GD stamp and they'll never know? Wish TNT could get the rare stuff out of them and distribute it via REs or a daily. I mean, at some point, the accts disappear? Or do they stay there forever?
  5. There might not even be one; it's not a certain event like the AC. So many people dislike aspects of both types so far they might ditch it. And if there was one, it'd be April at the earliest so there's two months left to hoard.
  6. I hoarded for the last one expecting it to be the same format as the one before and got 100k r90s. Was not happy when it changed. Oh, I got gold, still have thousands of points left and yes, got cheap stocks and interest which is great, but I hated the new format. The thrill of donating and getting something back can't compare to donating and seeing your point total go up by one. Plus, the boons were a weird mix of great and rubbish. I still have a lot left from that year of hoarding and I kept on in a less full-on way, so I have around 55k in r90s and many r80s so I'm set up for whatever they throw at us but I hope they go back to the fun kind of CC
  7. jaydeed

    What's your big NP maker?

    Cool! But that was from a random event; an alien Aisha leaves you gross food or a nerk. When I say I get nerks it's b/c I battle in the Premium dome and that's a possible prize. Sorry for the confusion!
  8. jaydeed

    What's your big NP maker?

    BD, because I'm premium and get nerks and bubbling fungus, now and then I get a good restock, and though I don't know if I profit in the long run, nerks to get brushes and opening grab bags to get valuable items. That's a gamble though. FC I do fairly often but my account isn't old enough to make staggering amounts (6 years).
  9. jaydeed

    New Year Comes New Changes!

    Totally understand and thank you for all you do here.
  10. I was beaming this morning and love the music, but I had to give up and swap b/c of the cursor. Even tweaked, it cost me a restock and it's just too all over the place. But I love the theme and it's super sweet of TNT to do it.
  11. jaydeed

    Hidden tower discount, suggestions for profit

    Maybe the pbs? But check what they're going for on the TP first. I had that RE and didn't use it for ages, then shrugged and got the most expensive book for the avvie.
  12. jaydeed

    Am I on a lucky streak?

    Congrats! I sometimes feel some days are lucky/not lucky but I've never been sure if it's planned by Neo or pure coincidence.
  13. I mastered the wheelie trick in Wheeler's Ride and got a gold trophy really fast on level 2.
  14. That's very cool. I love the Advent Calendar and it's always fun spotting the element to click on.
  15. jaydeed

    Tips for Jungle Raiders?

    What exactly happens? Do you fall short of the vine by a fraction? Because this one was one of the easier challenges and if you've done the rest, you've tackled some really hard ones! It'd be a shame not to finish. Maybe try a different browser or see if you can borrow a different computer? The mynci has sticky hands, lol, he will grab hold if you get him close enough, I promise.