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  1. It was totally doable to have that many points. I had 100,000, spent some, carried over 60,000, reduced to 6,000. Grr. Last time was drop down boxes; you filled your inventory with say 500 items all the same, selected them in the drop boxes then spammed the refresh button and bam, 500 donated in about thirty seconds. This current method is painful. Hoping Monday's fix is a simple return to the dropdowns.
  2. No, Linkedin is fine; it's just that it's where you post your profile to get job offers, implying the person is looking elsewhere for work. I think Overpowered collapsed under the weight of too many orders from the sound of it. Shame, because the items were cute. TNT really should speak up on the matter and not link to them.
  3. Congrats! That's a great RE to get. For 1.9 million you need auction or Trading Post. Shop Wiz only goes to 999,999, Good luck selling! ETA three up at TP, cheapest 1.4 m. You could go lower or wait for that to sell, then put yours up maybe?
  4. Yes, but no one would donate that. lol. Last time, under the new system, I sold r90s for about 1200 nps. The price increases are on things that normally go for a few hundred, like Scroll of the Sea, now up around 1000 np. I've stopped buying unless I can snipe a cheap one. I have an SDB full of 'em.
  5. No, it gives out prizes still; just a matter of luck. I do it in hopes of the avatar.
  6. You can also try your luck with nerkmids but I wouldn't advise it. The odds of getting a PB from the Vending Machine are low and getting the one you actually want even lower.
  7. I have 60k points left but something tells me I'll still need to donate something to get a trophy or I'll be able to get gold for the next 6 CCs without trying 🙂 Sticky Snowballs shot up when people saw CC was certain, then deflated, but they'll be a big seller again, I'm sure (though Icy makes more sense), so good idea to grab one every 30 mins for 25 np from the HS.
  8. Welcome back! Oooh, kadding is hard, so congrats. I got the gold on it and never did it again.
  9. It' set after the plot and doesn't seem connected in that kind of way. But Lyra also updated and some ppl have got the Keeping Up achievement but it's glitched and some haven't.
  10. It's disturbing that when I open it, my virus checker goes wild and sends it to quarantine, threat detected.
  11. I never played but I have a few packs of the cards (well, they belonged to my daughter, lol). I also grabbed some McDonald Neopets plushies this week from Value Village to add to my collection.
  12. Yes, 500 is the max. Not sure why and it'd be cool if you got something for getting there. I'm nearly there with one pet; 491.
  13. Heheheh! Fair enough. I know my daughter left her acct dormant for years then her younger sister started, then I got interested (and obsessed) so she went back to her old one. Took a while to remember passwords and such but she got into it and plays now and then when it's an event. Pretty busy at uni now, both of them.
  14. Inactive accounts are like the storage lockers TV show for me; what's in their SDBs? Did they go into Grave Danger and their petpet found the incredibly rare GD stamp and they'll never know? Wish TNT could get the rare stuff out of them and distribute it via REs or a daily. I mean, at some point, the accts disappear? Or do they stay there forever?
  15. There might not even be one; it's not a certain event like the AC. So many people dislike aspects of both types so far they might ditch it. And if there was one, it'd be April at the earliest so there's two months left to hoard.
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