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  1. I was beaming this morning and love the music, but I had to give up and swap b/c of the cursor. Even tweaked, it cost me a restock and it's just too all over the place. But I love the theme and it's super sweet of TNT to do it.
  2. jaydeed

    Hidden tower discount, suggestions for profit

    Maybe the pbs? But check what they're going for on the TP first. I had that RE and didn't use it for ages, then shrugged and got the most expensive book for the avvie.
  3. jaydeed

    Am I on a lucky streak?

    Congrats! I sometimes feel some days are lucky/not lucky but I've never been sure if it's planned by Neo or pure coincidence.
  4. I mastered the wheelie trick in Wheeler's Ride and got a gold trophy really fast on level 2.
  5. That's very cool. I love the Advent Calendar and it's always fun spotting the element to click on.
  6. jaydeed

    Tips for Jungle Raiders?

    What exactly happens? Do you fall short of the vine by a fraction? Because this one was one of the easier challenges and if you've done the rest, you've tackled some really hard ones! It'd be a shame not to finish. Maybe try a different browser or see if you can borrow a different computer? The mynci has sticky hands, lol, he will grab hold if you get him close enough, I promise.
  7. jaydeed

    Tips for Jungle Raiders?

    Yes, you hit space to make him jump, but he grabs hold himself if he can. You sort of juggle space bar and right arrow key. It's all in the timing. Once you get a special bonus fruit and glow a color, you're safe to click like mad to advance for a short time. This isn't good for getting a trophy since you'll miss coins but it should get you through for GMC. You'll get to the score you need early on level two. Try watching a vid of it maybe. I have a perfect score in this but it took a lot of practice and I remember how frustrating it was. The mynci head gives you an extra life too. Don't worry about the snake or the flung mud; just keep going. Good luck! ETA: you can move up and down the vines to make them swing in sync with the next one and it's not timed so don't rush (unless you're glowing or having mud thrown at you). And I just realized I keep the right button pressed most of the time. Try that? Right pressed, space to jump.
  8. jaydeed

    Magic Gridlock Gun, now nerfed!

    I didn't buy any but I think it's really mean of TNT to do this. They should know the outcome. This prize was for an easy challenge so loads of people got it and it was too powerful for masses of them to be out there. So why put it out so powerful in the first place? And when you do and ppl are spending a fortune buying/selling, nerfing it can leave some restockers out millions. Not a good outcome for anyone.
  9. I got a lucky zap and have the Valentine Rock; so cute!
  10. jaydeed

    New Lost Desert Map - Meet Xendrik

    Very cool! I like these little mini events we're getting with the map updates.
  11. They were recently activated. I got one a month or two ago, Gamaberry, I think. They were always there in theory but no one got them and TNT did a tweak so they were achievable, I think. Congrats!
  12. jaydeed

    Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat Locations 2018!

    I opened some bags I'd bought and got nothing. Super cross since one was the expensive one. Happened to other ppl too ::sigh::
  13. jaydeed

    3 days in a row...

    Some Neo food looks super yummy. Others...not so much. Crunchy Snot Birthday Cupcake? Gross! I'm enjoying the Cooking Pot hints we're getting too; long overdue! Maybe when all the old ones are solved they'll release a new one for us to puzzle over.
  14. Ignore the message saying you've reached your limit; you can get 50k a day so keep going until you have (if you want to play that much!). I do the first level over and over. I don't watch the vids; they take longer than playing level one. I don't do it every day. It's good to do if I'm on the landline or watching something with commercials; no need to think about it with level one.
  15. jaydeed

    3 days in a row...

    They do indeed! And if they go back to categories, that's like grooming and I have very little in it usually, but now, hmm: Blue Slorg Calculator (very rare) Make your maths classes more fun with this cute little calculator. School 1152