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  1. jaydeed

    Would you eat Trudy's new Brrucicle?

    Bringing back memories! I did the cleaning for a teacher quite often and dropped the rubber out of a third floor window once. Didn't hit anyone luckily. I can remember how the chalk dust felt on my hands. Edit: in England erasers were called rubbers; been away for 20 years so I don't know if they still are. It makes sense; you rub away the mistake or unwanted text on a page or board.
  2. jaydeed

    Ancient Neopian, but New to the forum

    Hello! I have two kids too, both on Neopets, but away at uni. I am addicted to the site and I'm 54 🙂
  3. jaydeed

    Who else remembers this game...

    Before my time, but maybe there was a copyright issue if it is a rl game?
  4. jaydeed

    Battledome is Laughing at Me

    I see that and my Charity Corner eye spots one goodie at least. And the Triple Tier cakes? Gold!
  5. They have addressed it recently, I think, either in an editorial or the Hardtotame chat, but it seems way down on their priorities. Shame really, since it's such a pain. I have dozens of PB clothing items I'd happily delete or donate clogging up my closet.
  6. jaydeed

    Meepit Juice Break

    I got it on zen yesterday. Took 16 hours, no breaks. I finished at 7 mins past midnight after starting at 8.00 am and thought I'd missed the deadline ( I went to 3501 since I'd passed midnight and wanted to make sure) but I was lucky.
  7. jaydeed

    I can't cancel Coincidence quest

    Or maybe just do the quest? I know it can be a little expensive at times but not outrageous amounts.
  8. jaydeed

    Collectable cards

    You can buy them direct from the card shop. Or do the original treasure map (gives 2 cards plus some items and NP) but that's around 250k a go and I've had no luck getting rare ones.
  9. jaydeed

    How rich is rich?

    I had 100 m after CC and blew it on stamps, nerks, treasure maps. Currently trying to climb back but I get bored and gamble when I hit 20m . If CC had stayed the same and r90s sold for 30k, I'd have made I billion but it didn't and I didn't, so....
  10. jaydeed

    Happy birthday to me?? Broken toy fix

    It's coincidence, sorry. I mend a ton of things there and now and then you get a run of three or four free mends. But glad you got one today!
  11. jaydeed

    Plushie Tycoon

    I got it following guides and it was surprisingly easy and not much work. I think a silver/gold trophy would require more effort but the avvie is achievable.
  12. Abandoned Attic isn't working so you'll never get that one sadly. For me, it's Snowager, marrow, Buried Treasure, the stamps at Faerie Caverns/Grave Danger. And yes, the worm, though I've never tried for it seriously. Will do today!
  13. jaydeed

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 137!

    Have all the avvies so will happily sign up for Brutes too.
  14. Quick heads up: Hardtotame said on the boards: " Players who received the Potion of Healing will find two in their inventory. Do not move either item from your inventory until further notice. You can not sell, auction or trade the potions, nor move them to your SDB until this is resolved. "
  15. jaydeed

    Crystal Kauvara Coin

    I'd put it up for 1m/999,999, depending on where you want to sell it and reduce it if you get no bites. Great find!