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  1. One event you might have missed is Charity Corner. Not sure if they'll do another and if they do it'll be next year most likely, but it's worth holding onto r90+ items that you get on dailies and such. Huge chance to get incredibly rare items when CC is on. http://www.jellyneo.net/?go=charity_corner
  2. It seems okay now. I'm LD and we're playing Darigan.
  3. I only use the mouse too. Didn't realize it got that complex, heh. I drag, press, aim, release and with luck score. Rinse, repeat.
  4. Wow! Super cool. I won a Lost Desert pb off it once and was over the moon but never anything big since that.
  5. It is huge but once you max out on levels you can go to sneak mode. I've done it on all three levels; don't despair!
  6. Lost Desert again! Will be my third time with them. I did Brightvale the first time because I had a neohome there and was a newbie, but LD appealed to me more so I've stuck with them through good and bad.
  7. Same here. Played, got 78k yesterday, no prize. Some are saying you need to win with your first three spins since they count as your three score sends. But basically, yeah, stupid choice of BTY game. You can't influence the outcome in any way, pure luck, no skill.
  8. Wow! Must have been huge amounts of work. Much appreciated and thank you for all the work you do.
  9. I can still play Ghoul Catchers on my android phone; it's boring, but if I'm stuck waiting somewhere, I play level one over and over and get to the daily max of 50k in about 25 mins. And don't worry about it, Aerial! People like to help and share tips. And there are a lot of items out there for us all to go after. One last tip; hoard everything. Charity Corner and The Coincidence taught me never to throw away even the most worthless items.
  10. Neggs, codestones, morphing potions are good starts, I'd think. Oh and backgrounds, books and stamps when they're newish. Good luck!
  11. There is a brush. It came out recently, along with Marble. They let us vote on three possibles and gave us the top two (Candy won, Marble second). But the Candy color varies; the Elephante one is dark pink and white stripes.
  12. Same here! I miss my little blue Bruce token and the fun of playing with other people. And the NP and prizes. I'd just gotten good at the games too...
  13. Really like it. It's got that glossy look hard candy has and it's super cute on a Kougra.
  14. I picked one up recently in Value Village for the fun of it, though there's nothing I can actually do with them. The rare code had been claimed, but I expected that. Checked and I have the two player starter pack and Battle for Meridell one player theme deck.
  15. Wow, this is awesome! I thought I'd pretty much cleared mine out after CC but I started at the end where the special items lurk and found some items worth over 100k. Thanks for the heads up and the makers of the tool.