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  1. Sort of underwhelmed by these but they're okay, I guess. The detail on clay will be lost, I think.
  2. I did not know that, jellysundae! Thank you for sharing. From apathy I'll probably leave her there, though, lol.
  3. Yes, you lose the avvie if you change her. People do that then get her and the avvie back on the first of the moth to register on the avatar hi score table. I'm not a fan of her but I want the extra avatar so I keep her.
  4. Ded of cute with the candy one! I want to eat one now. A gumdrop, that is, not the Blumaroo!
  5. Thanks so much! I don't have one but my daughter does so she's super excited.
  6. Were they Key Quest prizes maybe? Gosh, I miss that game so much ::sobs::
  7. It was evenly spread then I decided to invest in hoarding for the next CC (if there is one....) and now I am NP poor and item rich.
  8. Peophin Defender Shoes, Bracelet, Dress and Wig. They look really good and detailed.
  9. My daughter is on Neopets and she is freaking out with joy. Plus she has many NPs so wants it all now, now, doesn't care about the cost.
  10. I'm sorry! :-) But I've had so much help on Neopets if I have a tip I like to share. And there's an unlimited supply of snowballs at the HS so we can all get them; though it's hard to get more than 10 or so a day because it's so easy to forget to visit. Plus, you know, eating , sleeping, work, lol.
  11. A good place to stock up for a possible BD category in a possible Charity Corner is to buy Icy Snowball for 5 NP at the Healing Springs. Can only do it once every 30 mins but it adds up over the months and if BD isn't a category, you haven't lost much.
  12. The cheapest cures (besides the Healing Springs) are Warm Amber Ointment and Cooling Ointment, both around 10k, that cure anything. I'm too soft hearted to keep my pets sick for longer than one try at the HS.
  13. I'm a stay at home mom but one child is at college and the other finishing high school (both still have accounts here but I play the most!). I'm also a professional writer of romances but I'm addicted to Neopets, heh.
  14. Super cool! Have bookmarked it and look forward to browsing. Thanks for all the hard work!
  15. I really like the candy one! Though you can't see the band aid very clearly.... and I read the message above and saw they'd fixed that, lol