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  1. Confusing and irritating

    If you're at all interested in battling or NPs you could try to do the plot. Some of it you won't be able to complete, but it's a real money maker and gives out some great weapons.
  2. Saw a good tip on the boards; the timer on the assassin doesn't start until you place a piece, so take a few seconds to see where pieces are and decide the best place to start.
  3. So, is ANYONE still curing the patients?

    I'm pretty sure the progress bar has always been controlled behind the scenes, lol, and moves when TNT want it to.
  4. I found it helped if I instantly replaced the one he zapped then went back to filling in the ones I hadn't done. And restarting and keeping the points for the completed levels was a godsend. I didn't realize it was doing it; thought I was starting from scratch but I wasn't. So don't be afraid to restart; better that than have a low-scoring round.
  5. Day four is tricky but ignore the decoy black arrows and stay calm. Took me 40 mins and I was shocked to see how long it took; felt more like ten as I was concentrating.
  6. Bony Grarrl Club Lends Back!

    Bought something. So sorry. If Charity Corner is kind will help more!
  7. No, but you would've used the others during the healing of all the other characters. It's all ten over the course of healing all the patients.
  8. The avvie is for donating every potion from 1-10 to someone. With who is still there, it's possible to do it even if you missed earlier chances. If it doesn't show up, refresh a few times.
  9. Changes on the way for Charity Corner

    Yes, been wondering all week what they were going to do... Maybe a cap? Less chance of r99s? Wish they'd leave it as is! I assume it won't be until after the plot and possibly tied into helping Faerieland recover?
  10. Wishing Well

    No, only r89 and below, so retired items wouldn't come into that range.
  11. What's Going On with Neopets??

    It is. New plot dialogue and we're supposed to be fighting Malum but a. Skeith not healed yet and b. Malum isn't in the BD. And the lag is AWFUL.
  12. What Wraith shall be next?

    LOL, really? I just found the code and tweaked it and that popped up. I wish they'd add the skeith so we can get on with this plot already...
  13. What Wraith shall be next?

    I found this image of the shoyru recovering, which is hopeful for some movement forward.
  14. i cant get rid of the purple haze?

    What browser are you using? It doesn't work in Firefox; you could try Chrome?
  15. Hi! I don't think they're new prizes, but the BD was revamped, possibly during your time away, so they might not have been around in the past. There's a plot going on at the moment (The Wraith Resurgence); some steps aren't possible to complete now, but others are and that has a BD element to it.