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  1. That's wonderful news! Thank you so much for sharing. I guess a lot of them popped up during CC?
  2. Same boat here. Oh well. Maybe they can fix it without resetting back to zero for people?
  3. If you open shop wizard before you start the quest, you get one search :-)
  4. It stopped working for me on Firefox a few months back but I can play it on my Android phone. Such a pain! But the stamps are pretty cheap for the most part.
  5. I've spent hundreds of nerks and honestly, in my experience, there's no link between pb winning and type of nerk. I've won Darigan and Pastel off the cheapest ones and Gross Food off the most expensive. The most soul-destroying is when after thirty nerks you win a PB -- and it's a paintbrush stencil or collectable card showing a PB, total value 200-8000np. Meep.
  6. Definitely don't start buying yet; give it a few months. I've done three and learn something every time. Like 1. When it's not going on, unless you need the nps, don't sell any r90 for less than say 30k. That's what you'll get for them when CC comes around. 2. When CC starts, don't instantly begin donating; empty your shop of everything; fast! Then dump it all in your SDB and see what Granny wants. From memory you can probably think of some 1np R90s in the appropriate category; start buying! You will have them disappear from under you as other ppl do the same, but persist. Run around buying fast. 3. Donate and make sure you don't put any r90s in with an r80 lot. My daughter plays Neopets too and I turned around, saw her about to do it and shrieked with horror. 4. Don't forget to check closet/shed/what your pets are wearing/gallery too. 5. Keep track of what you get. I set up an excel spreadsheet and put every R90 I won onto it in alpha order with the price they were and what category and what I sold then for so i wouldn't lose them in my SDB. Sad to see them lose value, but that's how it goes. I could've made a lot selling my junk but chose to donate and for me it paid off, though it is a gamble.
  7. They have plenty of shooter games zapping bugs and such so they could say there was an infestation of some sort at the center and Granny needed help exterminating them :-) And I guess they didn't mind having the Obeslisk war with full on fighting. It doesn't seem very Granny-like though so maybe it would be the same set-up as CC but a different name. I had a wonderful time in each of them but this time I was super prepared. Hoarded, guessed food would be one of them, bought r90s in every category if I saw them over the year for a few nps....
  8. First, prices are all over the place after CC. People are looking for bargains and more of a rare item out there automatically lowers the price. If you want the NP fast, be prepared to sell for lower, if you're in no rush, hang on and wait for them to stabilize. Could be a few months or longer. Auctioning is easy; click on it in your inventory and one option is 'auction'. You set a price and the amount the bids increase at and how long the auction lasts. So say you want 5 million, auction at say 4,999,000 with a 'step' of 1000 NP and a duration of an hour. So the first bid takes you to what you want and any bids after that, the price goes up 1000np a time. But you can have any increment and starting price you want (max of 50 million starting price though).
  9. It's a fast way to get the item (I guess if you needed it for Jhudora/Illusen?) Limit on TP is 2 M and if you auction the real item it's at least an hour's wait for the buyer. Plus, unless you're NF, someone else could bid on it and get it. No one would bid 20m on a Bitten Apple :-)
  10. When I sold something worth 20m the buyer told me to put it up at the TP, then put a junk item in the auction. They bid 20m on the junk then once I saw the bid which can't be cancelled, they bid 10 np on the real item on the TP and I sent it to them.
  11. Really surprised when I refreshed at the Potion Shop to see two new items. Lucky enough to get them, but don't know what they do yet: Alchemy Experimenter A feeble attempt to produce the elixir of life will give you this. rare r85 Magical Tea Kettle The vapours from this kettle make you feel rejuvenated for some reason... uncommon r84
  12. I can see both sides. I know the song well but with the current political situation in the USA it's not surprising some ppl took it as a reference to the proposed wall at the US/Mexico border. Or a dig as an immigrant getting 'stuck' in the wall. Bottom line; Neopets is a politics free zone and that item, whether created in all innocence or not, had distinct political overtones. It kind of had to go. Look, this is a site that bans the word 'grape' on its forums; they've always erred on the side of caution.
  13. I have Black Alabriss Wings up at the TP and am keen to sell for a reasonable price. Looking for around 9 million, but prepared to haggle. NM if you're interested! http://www.neopets.com/island/tradingpost.phtml?type=browse&criteria=id&search_string=417369547
  14. Cheapest way to get a basic color is to use a 5k potion; it makes your pet yellow/blue/red/green so just keep using it until you get the one you want. It's called Turnip Tonic ETA sorry, that won't help with the species, I know, but with the color; cheaper than a PB!
  15. I got a Lost Desert pb off the fruit machine and I found an Oranu bead on the Money tree!