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  1. Neopets plushie collectors... assemble!

    I have loads of them I got from Value Village, a local thrift store. Wish they still sold merch! It's like they don't want to attract a new generation ::puzzled:: And it would've made a great cartoon.
  2. Wraith Resurgence: The Infirmary Part 2!

    The issue I have is the inconsistency. First we could farm ecto to our heart's content, and many of us did. Then we were told, no, battling extra doesn't help and some ppl laughed at all the effort we'd gone to and ppl donated ecto to the Money Tree (not me; I'm not as green as I'm cabbage looking ::g:;). Then the caps, followed by the vague hint that donating more would get you...something. Now prices are sky-high, everyone's confused, and the slow, repetitive drag of the plot is depressing. We're going to have to do the spinning circles one more time, I know it, and it killed me last time, battle again for the wraith blood, cure 4 pets... It's taking forever and it's not much fun. Sigh. It's had its good moments, but it seems poorly thought out.
  3. I don't think it matters, but there's no way of knowing. I was always curious if an item you open, like a goodie bag, has a pre-set prize or if the act of opening triggers a random generator that then awards the prize, taking into account some prizes are rare and can't be awarded as often to keep them valuable. Guess Neo has its mysteries :-)
  4. Willl try to remember and let you know. It is interesting.
  5. Are You Stocking Up for Charity Corner?

    I agree. Don't buy at inflated prices; wait for ppl to forget. Scrappy said it wouldn't be right now so I'm guessing Feb/March. I have less food too; that and clothes get pricey. But books, toys, BD, all good. And you can snipe or save from dailies. BD is easy; 5nps every 30 mins at the Healing Springs for an Icy Snowball. Soon mounts up.
  6. I always do right. I get a prize every ten times, say?
  7. Are You Stocking Up for Charity Corner?

    As long as they do one or two of the big five; toys, books, BD, clothes, food, I'm ready. Have a few thousand in the smaller categories, but I concentrated on those 5 mainly.
  8. Are You Stocking Up for Charity Corner?

    If they told us that, can you imagine the instant inflation and panic buying that would start BEFORE the event, lol?
  9. Are You Stocking Up for Charity Corner?

    New Editorial confirms a CC! Scrappy said: Yes! you can definitely expect another Charity Corner in the near future!! We love them as well, donating and giving back is so important :)
  10. Are You Stocking Up for Charity Corner?

    Heheh! I love doing Tweets about Neopets; they're so cryptic!Insert other media
  11. Are You Stocking Up for Charity Corner?

    Well at the moment I have 1 million in NPs and that's it so this is my chance to improve on that. But it's been a LOT of work for the past nine months. It's not an easy route to riches, but what is? Restocking, Food Club, stocks, they all take some effort. And if I got that rich? I'd totally spread the joy around.
  12. Are You Stocking Up for Charity Corner?

    I figure buying to hoard also does my bit to keep the neoeconomy going :-) I make shopkeepers happy, they have NPs to spend...it's all good. I spend on nerks way too much, wish they had a limit on how many you can use in a day like the slot machine limits. And I collect stamps.
  13. Are You Stocking Up for Charity Corner?

    But buying for CC can never be a waste b/c I have the items and can sell them any time I like. I have price limits so I buy cheap. I snipe items priced at 1np I can sell today at 2000. All the food is gourmet so that's easy to sell, ditto books, and I bought clothing at 3000 and discovered it's now worth anything up to 40k. BD stuff was super cheap; I've got 20k of items and most cost me 100 np an item. Point is, I'm not buying junk, I'm buying r90s. :-) In my daydreams I work out how much I'll make if the categories fall well for me. I plan to donate 4,000 times (20,000 items) and sell 48,000 items at 35k which would make me a billionaire. Then I buy ALL the stamps, train my pet, feed him nothing but gourmet, and do a gallery of themed items I've been planning for ages. It's nice to dream, lol.
  14. Are You Stocking Up for Charity Corner?

    Well, I won't be able to use all 77k items for sure but I'm pretty well set for the major groups like books, toys, food and BD and if even one of those is picked I'll be in a better position than I was last time when I went broke gambling, lol. I love my spreadsheet! It was hard work setting it up but now I can update it quickly and it's satisfying to see the r90s grow. I don't consider it inflating when CC happens and items sell for 35k a pop. There's a limited time when they have a value and that's it. Consider 35k their true price and the rest of the year they're DEflated ;-) If there's a drought, a bucket is worthless; it rains soup and hey, it's valuable. CC is soup time. Nerks sell for 60-99k and no one protests even though what you get back off them is normally garbage. It's the potential of a PB that makes them valuable.
  15. Are You Stocking Up for Charity Corner?

    I've been hoarding since March with a spreadsheet :-) Got 77,000 r90s across most categories. Bring it on!