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  1. Mirandaell

    account being frozen after 15 years

    You can try contacting them directly on Facebook messenger, I have done it once when they were too slow and they will usually respond back.
  2. Mirandaell

    Dragoyle Hunting Has Begun!

    I have found mine but it says every time that it isn't my dragoyle! Are there multiple of the same ones? I know you have to find the same one, not different colored ones but are there multiple Eventide Dragoyles?
  3. Mirandaell

    2016 TDN Christmas Wishlist Gifting Post

    My wish list items are Books for my main pet petpet paintbrush any lutari morph potion oragmi items for my gallery any petpetpet wearables for my pets I am currently sending items to others as well. And I have some NC items ad giftboxes if anyone really wants anything badly. I have 2 lukewarm left over pizzas, 2 red sparkling hair bows, 1 skull headbow, basket of apples, classic beauty mark and some others. So far I have been able to give to 20 people! I hope to find someone who wants my nc times as well Thank you for the gifts to systemic_anomaly midnight_spell360 companioneevee teganrose1 rockangel_star vetski2 neverfallinloveagain life_eclectic rejoyce_20 marjolein71 buizin charelan And others! I may have forgotten a few names, my apologies! <3
  4. I randomly looked at the kadoatery today, and to my surprise I saw one kad wanting a grape chia pop. I was pretty sure those weren't expensive, thinking about how I just donated one earlier in the week and to my surprise I found one for about 1k neopoints on the shop wizard and was able to feed one on time. Usually the food is rather expensive, so I'm pretty excited!.. Anyway I'm super excited... Sorry haha
  5. Mirandaell

    Unreleased Birthday Petpets!

    the angelpuss is absolutely cute tho! I would get that one honestly
  6. Mirandaell

    Anchor managment is my favorite daily..

    Kiko's pop is great because I like getting the free wearables...But that music! Gross!
  7. Anchor management is my favorite daily, because well I'm rarely disappointed. There are a few days each week were I get nothing (but hey that's fine!) but I have gotten over the years some great prizes! I just got today a Pirate Eyrie Morphing Potion, and earlier this year I got a pirate krwak morphing potion (Which I used) and usually I got some good neopoints, from 1,000 to 10,000, not to mention so many dubloons! I must have 50 of the 10,20 and 50 dubloon coins! How do you feel about anchor management? Got anything good lately? This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine). The topic was posted in the wrong area. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from 'General Chat' to 'Neopets General Chat'.
  8. Mirandaell

    Trick or Treat 2016!

    I was hoping I would get a stamp. 900k for a stamp you git from a goodie bag? Oh my !
  9. Mirandaell

    What do you spend your np's on?

    Like most of us above i spend most of it on wearables :3
  10. Mirandaell

    The "Daily might be broken" Thread

    Kiko pop has been the opposite for me, I've been winning stuff everyday for about a week, but I'm not sure if that new daily (the slot machine one they just released) is gone for everyone, but It's not popping up for me.
  11. Mirandaell

    [Daily] Trudy's Surprise

    I just saw it and apparently it works now? I was awarded the bad luck prize and given 4000 nps. pretty nice. Overall I'm rather excited for this new daily. I'm happy they're doing some good change, and i feel as if they're making up for all the dailies they stopped. It hasn't made up for it yet, but maybe soon it will. But honestly nothing would make up for Keyquest. *Sigh*
  12. Mirandaell

    Trading Post Troubles

    I've been having trouble with the trading post as of late. Where to begin really, for starters i search for a common item that people should be trading,for example: Christ mas paint brush, i should find hundreds of lots trading them, but it tells me there's no trades for it, I would think there would be, why not? i can find it on the shop wizard just fine. then when it does come up with something like a specific book it only shows me about 1-4 trades. I highly doubt only 3 people are trading their tuskany treasure book, it's so common and so many usually are just trying to rid of it. there should be hundreds of pages of trades for that, but i find three? Is this a problem for others too, or just me? I feel like others are experiencing this because I personally are not getting allot of hits on my trades where before a lot of free food would have 5 offers in 4 minutes but now hours go by, and i have 1? I do all of my buying/selling via trades here basically and it's hurting me. Is there a way i can fix it, is me, or is neopets being janky like usual? :shiftyeyes_anim:
  13. Mirandaell

    Has Coltzan got a sulk on?

    Coltzan is not being nice to me either! He must be grumpy
  14. Mirandaell

    What's everyones plans for summer?

    oooh lucky about seeing Fallout Boy! Have fun! And congrats on your schooling. I'm most likely going to sleep in and hopefully if luck is on my side get a job at my dream store! Its the coolest comicbook/props/books/game store! <3
  15. Mirandaell

    Festival of Neggs: Find Topsi!

    Is this a one day thing? or is it still going on?