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  1. MegHidd

    NC Trading Advertisements

    I have two Festive Dyeworks Hue Brew Potions if anyone is interested! My list is on DTI but currently I am most interested in Black and Blue Wig, Dyeworks Purple: Side Swept Blonde Wig, and Wild and Free Wig (aka the Tom Petty Wig). Let me know if you are interested!
  2. MegHidd

    Enter The Runway #63!

    Hey, for the last few days Dress to Impress has been having issues with logging on. it keeps popping up that the website is under heavy load. I have not been able to send a submission because of this. Do you have any suggestions?
  3. I've been playing on my main account for almost eleven years and that's a really long time to NEVER see some things... Here's my conspiracy list. Does anyone concur? 1.) I've never won Guess the Marrow. 2.) Smuggler's Cove never has anything to sell. 3.) The Almost Abandoned Attic has always just ran out of items. 4.) Refreshing for avatars and battledome challengers has never actually worked. 5.) I've never gotten past The Gatherer (and that petpet) on the Altador Plot. 6.) The Turmaculus can never be woken up apparently ever. 7.) Qasalan Expellibox gave me neocash once, and a disease twelve hundred times. 8.) The Daily Puzzle often isn't refreshed very daily. 9.) I've found the guy sleeping at the magma pool four times, but gathered all the worms for the cave quest once. 10.) I can't beat the first guy on Neoquest and it sucks. And a Extra Side Note just because I saw it today, did anyone notice that they changed the Altador Cup Trophy from looking like....you know....to a normal cup? And that's my list.
  4. Is anyone else getting this image? We fixed the 'apple a day' issue but now I can't see what is for sale. I've tried multiple computers.
  5. MegHidd

    Getting apples from the Healing Springs

    This happened to me too. I hope they can fix it soon, I actually needed my pets to be healed and one of them is a kyrii...I don't think the apple will do quite what the 'doctor' intended.
  6. MegHidd

    Kiko Pop Troubles?

    @Nielo it won't let me click on medium or hard as an option. Just loops on Easy
  7. MegHidd

    The Trek Up North

    Thanks! I'm moving right outside Philly actually, a place called Rosemont. I'm hoping the snow won't be too bad then (; I love the scraper mitt! What's a harbor freight?
  8. MegHidd

    The Trek Up North

    @jellysundae lol we do it ourselves down in the South too! I am feeling better though, it's a lot to take it but I'm making a list to see what I can do ahead and get out of the way (purchase wise). I'm weary about this 'not seeing the sun for awhile' thing coming from the land of sun and heat. I may run and hide the first time I can't find my car in the snow!
  9. MegHidd

    The Trek Up North

    Thanks @rntracy1, there is a parking garage attached to the apartment complex but driving around the city will take some getting used to. Thanks for all of ya'lls help everyone!
  10. MegHidd

    The Trek Up North

    Thank you so much for all of the advice! I never considered an emergency kit or wiper fluid lol. I do drive a mid-sized SUV but I will still consider snow tires! We have 'love bugs' down here that when your car hits them, they eat away your paint. Washing my car is something I'll be used to anyways. I hate the cold as of now and I've never had to shovel snow or travel in it, so all of this will be new to me! I'm takin' notes, thank you for all of ya'lls help!
  11. MegHidd

    Kiko Pop Troubles?

    I've been using Chrome and it's worked fine until now
  12. MegHidd

    Kiko Pop Troubles?

    My operating system is Windows This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at least 7 words long. Adding off-topic words for word count is also not allowed. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  13. MegHidd

    The Trek Up North

    Hi! I'm moving mid-August to Philadelphia, can anyone give me some tips about living in a bigger city? I've been born and breed in the south and my undergrad was spent in a small college town. I've lived in a city that was 300,000 people and got up to 105 degrees F but never colder than 20 F ( and that was rare). I know to bring warm clothes lol, but what is transportation like? I've driven everywhere for everything, what do I need for my car? If anyone can give me some pointers, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  14. MegHidd

    Kiko Pop Troubles?

    Hi! I've been having troubles with Kiko Pop the last few days, has anyone else? I can only click "Easy and Effortless", it will pop up "Are You Sure?" but it will not take me anywhere. This continues in a cycle and I've given it ten minutes to pop up the dart board and nothing has happened.
  15. MegHidd

    Nuts and Bolts Jelly! What do I do with it?

    I got a nuts and bolts yesterday. They are selling in shops for about 30,000 nps and the price is dropping fast