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  1. Assuming I'm playing this correctly: Tom Cruise
  2. I eternally keep mine in the lodge (Hotel Opera - 4 stars!). I work overnights and already have enough dailies to do LOL Between that, running a household, and now being a PokeMaster, I really just prefer to leave them in the lodge.
  3. Hello and welcome to the Forums :) Very cool avvie!
  4. Floater Shuffler Zedfish Quisling Rotfin Zeke That's all I can come up with lol Good luck!!
  5. I thought the trick works, but you might have to try more than one language..
  6. Welcome to the site :) Add me if you like~ (How many dots do I have, I wonder...)
  7. 9.5 mil in the bank and 4 mil in stocks. No clue what the worth of the 5k items in my SDB are worth lol
  8. I got the avvie when the wheel first appeared, so now I play on medium. I let the song play for a while, then either aim for the center or for a balloon with a bandaid.
  9. I guess the Space Faerie must be in a good mood today.
  10. My husband and I consider it our "date night" since we like it so much! I even left him a love note wishing him a happy Friday the 13th!
  11. I'm not a big battledome person. I try to go with the faction that gets the most votes, as I got the complete set of avatars almost immediately after the War ended. My favourite boon is the Stocks boon (that is my main source of income). I also keep plenty of fortune cookies on hand for the Faerie Refresh Request boon. Now here's where I get super lazy: I take my main pet with the most HP/stats (pirateninjakitty), and I battle the weakest opponent on the "red face" hard setting (it is only like 12 HP). Then all I have to do is attack one time, it's a one shot KO, and then press "play again" so I don't have to keep reselecting my pet and opponent. I do this an equal amount of times for the two factions I'm battling. My prizes are usually good but I reach the NP max like halfway through. Because I pull this stunt, I believe there must be other lazy neopians who do as well... Therefore I doubt the level of opponents matter, just the quantity. I have also read that absolutely none of this matters, that the winning faction is literally chosen at random. So.. just be sure to complete your 10 wins! Best of luck.
  12. I really like sniping at the Igloo Garage Sale... I usually go after things I (casually) collect (books, stamps, plushies), but sometimes I restock this way.. Two days ago I bought a load of Dung Sousaphones for under 100np and theyre worth over 1000.
  13. We teamed up last time (when the prizes were mixed up), and I sent you a request again this time for the book! If the prize is mixed up again I'll be so upset!!
  14. Thanks! How do you think it looks? ;)
  15. So my partner and I completed the Team Challenge against Abigail, and I was awarded the cocktail instead of the stamp! Did this happen to anyone else???? So I looked on Jelly Neo, and they say the stamp was given to AAA team challengers.
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