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  1. taunt the pant devil avatar

    the obsidian daggers... costed me less than 15k in total so way better than if i would have lost a ducky or the one million np book xD
  2. taunt the pant devil avatar

    Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'I Taunt The Pant Devil' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Finally
  3. taunt the pant devil avatar

    wow you're right... I think I'll use those. Are you selling any by any chance? xD I've decided to buy all the ones for 200 NP or less
  4. habitarium

    Ooo didn't know they'd give them out to everyone, that's pretty cool!
  5. habitarium

    so I know this is old news, but since I was on hiatus when they shut down habitarium, I just discovered that we got a goodie bag and a habitarium theme for browsing the website as reward from playing the habitarium game. I just figured I'd bring it up in case anyone else wasn't aware of this. The link to get it is http://www.neopets.com/habitarium/
  6. taunt the pant devil avatar

    ya I think I better use cheaper items xD
  7. taunt the pant devil avatar

    Both items I tried it with are bought from the hidden tower in faerie land though, so the est. Value for the Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy and Grimoire of Prosperity actually say 2 and 1 million. Didn't know I had to keep refreshing though, so thanks! Makes it a whole lot riskier so maybe I will just buy a bunch of other cheaper items that just build up to 5 mil then I guess xD
  8. I'm trying to work on some of the avatars again and today I tried to get the "I taunt the pant devil" one. I have one of those dr sloth bath duck weapon thingies that are worth about 2 mil, it was the only item in my inventory, aside from some NC items, I refreshed the page and nothing happened. Do I only get the avatar when the pant devil actually steals the item? or is the avatar itself random as well? or did I actually do something wrong? I tried the same thing just now with the Grimoire of Prosperity as well and refreshed several times this time and still nothing.
  9. Some Neo art I've done! :)

    wow.. these are amazing... I'm jealous xD
  10. someone like you, who is fine with a lot of food probably doesn't understand it. But for someone like me, who is quite picky when it comes to food, it's actually quite frustrating to not like a lot of foods... wether or not I like the food is something I worry about every time i have dinner at other's people places, or at restaurants... heck even at the upcoming wedding it worries me a bit xD so for me... the last year or so I've actually tried to learn to like new foods, even though it is very challenging x.x also I can't wink :( I just blink
  11. So, is ANYONE still curing the patients?

    I've gotten all the items as recent as today so they're definitely still available if you didn't hit the cap ( which I didn't even know about xD )
  12. the hint about the wraith's counter not starting until you make your first move really helps. I've managed to get almost 4k points on day 5 without having to restart any levels either
  13. Neopian Mysteries

    I've wondered about the bandage... also wonder how you can't get more than 50 items in your bag when you're buying something, yet if you get items any other way, it's no problem at all
  14. This is just a quick one I came up with, sort of with a bit of Easter theme in mind... it looks a little crowded though.. http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/652738