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  1. I've already messaged the person who made it, I'm waiting for their reply... I said we'd know tomorrow, but I forgot that it's still Friday... I was thinking it was Saturday already (there's a general strike going on in my country so everything feels different). Does anyone want to place any bets while we wait? I'm putting down 5 NP for Merlin just kidding!
  2. Oh, so it could be a reference after all! And not even an obscure one at that, haha. I guess only the person who made it can tell us for sure... we'll find out tomorrow!
  3. OMG, I was wondering the same thing!!! lol I guess I should've asked the person if that's what they meant. I did think "well, this looks like Merlin" but I thought maybe Melon was some obscure reference (like Nielo did), and just went with it. Now I totally see how it's very likely an autocorrect thing
  4. Aww, I actually really like the clothes on the male (but I do prefer the female's base colour - I'm partial to lilac/purple-y things ).
  5. I have a few updates regarding the pet chains! Confirmed Chains May Island Quiggle & Gruslen Starts: May 3rd (delays may happen) Applications are still open: Draik, Snow & Harris* Starts: May 3rd (delays may happen) Applications are still open: Don't forget to read the rules: Pending Chains Could run in May if one or two more people enter: Werelupe & Mootix Very likely to run in June: Whee! & Snow More likely to run in July onward: Coconut Jubjub & Snicklebeast Mummy Ruki Werelupe & Mootix Least likely to run soon: Fire Blumaroo Grey Wocky & Huggy Jetsam & Quadrapus Ghost Krawk, Pink & Mazzew* * There's a 150 post requirement for this one as opposed to the regular 25
  6. Oh, no, as far as I know there isn't an official list of dippable colours*. However, if you look through our pet colour database, you can find out how each colour can be obtained. The Candy is already known to be a dippable colour, as seen here: *Edit: I mean, other than the dropdown menu from when you have access to the Rainbow Fountain, obviously. lol
  7. Don't worry, the colour hasn't been activated yet! If you're wondering how I know, I checked the Rainbow Pool: When it's activated, you'll be able to see the Candy Kougra there.
  8. Oh my goodness... I literally gasped when I opened this topic. I can't stop looking at it. It's beautiful LET ME OWN YOOOU
  9. Say hello to Neopia's newest Snow Wars CHAMPION... (hi guys) YOU WON!!! But, how can I lose? I am invincible! You win two Stone Snowballs!! You also won a trophy!!!
  10. Please continue the discussion of the contest in The Runway's main topic.
  11. The entering period for The Runway's thirty-eighth round is now officially over! To view the currents entries and cast your votes, go over to The Runway's voting topic. Current theme: Back in my day...Description: Dress up an Elderly pet in any way you wantVoting period: Monday, April 24th - Sunday, April 30th
  12. The time has come for you to vote for your favourite entries! You can vote for as many entries as you like (except your own, of course).Please make sure to check the animation link below each entry for a better viewing. Important note: Voting for yourself is NOT allowed! Doing so will result in disqualification. Please double check your votes before submitting them to avoid mistakes, because they can't be changed afterwards.Current theme: Back in my day...Description: Dress up an Elderly pet in any way you wantVoting period: Monday, April 24th - Sunday, April 30th_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #1 The Longest Reigning Monarch Animation link: "All hail the Queen!!!" #2 Melon. Animation link: #3 Still Walking to School Animation link: #4 "Come inside and have a cookie, my dears." Animation link: "Great Great Auntie Martha Mynci has made tea and some freshly baked cookies just for you! Come sit in her parlor and she'll tell you wonderous tales of what Neopia was like way back in the very beginning. Mind her Meowclops, Claude, however. He's a shameless cookie thief! Her little Kadoatie, Miss Precious, is much nicer." #5 Experience is Important at the End of the World Animation link: "Her average day now consisted of crocheting but when the apocalypse happened she picked up her old sword and went to work. After all, she had the experience from back in her day." #6 Bah Humnegg! Animation link: "Back in my day we didn't have all these fancy schmancy neggs. Our neggs were solid colors and we liked it!" #7 When I was a boy we fought using full out wars! Animation link: #8 The Nice Old Flower Lady Animation link: #9 Who says old folk can't have fun? Animation link: "This old Grarrl loves Halloween. Every year, he dresses up like a zombie and spooks any young whippersnapper that doesn't follow his "Take One" policy." #10 Back in my day... Animation link: "... we knew how to throw a wicked dinner party." #11 Joseph grampa Animation link: "Joseph grampa, he has 99 years old, His memory is failing, so he tell the same story 3 times at least. He likes to walk but his grandchildren get worried that he might get lost. He like to tell the youngling about the think that He has to do when He was young, like walking in the cold days 10 miles for going to school" #12 Our Second Hawaiian Honeymoon Animation link: "In celebration of their 50th Wedding Anniversary, Annie and her husband Henry, return to the same resort of their first Honeymoon. Annie has purchased a wig in a youthful style and a fun new bathing suit in hopes of reminding Henry and herself of the magic they shared on their first Honeymoon." #13 "Kid" in a Candy Store Animation link: "Walking into the candy store, many aromas surround the little old Ixi. He comes to stand before a large display of various candies and he stares at them marveling. He then grunts to himself and scoffs as he turns his head to face the Kadoatie on his shoulder. "Ya 'Know, back in my day, we had two types of candy bars and they only cost ya a nickel!" he grumbles, "What is all this new fangled confections that these whippersnappers have now?"."
  13. The ray is fired at Nibis... ... and he changes colour to Robot!! Aww, this is the first time I ever got a Robot zap! It's a shame that I wasn't even hoping for a colour change for this pet, I was just zapping her for the heck of it. I was originally planning on painting her either Shadow or Camouflage, but now I have to think real long and hard about this, because Robots are pretty cool and you don't get them everyday...
  14. I don't think I ever specifically wanted to read any of the books, but I like to admire the different covers, titles and descriptions. Some are very pretty... Some are cuuute... Some are quite creative... - Greyed Expectations - For the more cynical Neopets out there. - Proof of Jelly Worlds Existence - Some people claim this is irrefutable proof. - That Is Like Such A Boring Book - Well, read it anyway! - The Ultimate Drum Practice Book - Not only does this book contain lessons and rudiments, it also has a built-in drum pad so you can practice without waking your neighbors. - Bass Line Fun - There's nothing special about the title or the description, but I think the shape is awesome. And these are kinda funny too... - The Irony of Iron - The irony is that this book isnt made of iron. - Something Pretentious - We are sure your Neopet will never read this book but judging by the cover it contains something profound. - Tales from the Left Wing - The left wing tales are much more interesting than those of the right wing! (I'm not sure if this was meant to be political, but I can't help lol'ing at this) Finally, this one is called You Can Be Happy, and while I'm not a fan of self-help books IRL, I think this one makes a nice gift because the description has a nice little message and it's an item the person can actually use. - No matter what youre going through, you can harness the hidden power of your mind and lead a happy life.
  15. Ah, you're right. I hadn't realised that. I just looked at some of the comments on her dA page though, and she seems very relaxed about editing: - can i use this to do an artwork just for fun, i'm upload here in DA and i will give u credits, please? thanks n3n - Sure! Do whatever you want with it. So I went ahead and removed it for you... Just make sure to link it to her Neopets account and/or include a text link below it. (click to enlarge) And yes, you can use that image instead of a shield! You can use any image you like, as long as it doesn't lie about your account age (and is appropriate to be displayed on neopets, of course).