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  1. what is this???

    I'm excited about the plot because every plot gives out prizes and trophies (and avatars, site themes?), so that alone is reason enough to be excited. But I'm not going to get hyped about the plot itself (story, battles, activities), because there's too much possibility for disappointment. If the plot comes out without too many glitches; if the story isn't terrible and makes sense in the Neopian universe; and if the prizes are okay, I'm going to consider it a success. I've learned to lower my standards, lol. Anyway, Scrappy mentioned the plot's release on issue 791: Everyone saw this as a clue, meaning: between the month of collecting (October) and the month of celebrating (December), therefore, November. As for the battling aspect, it was indeed mentioned in her Q&A:
  2. what is this???

    The avatar image file is named faeriefestival.gif, though. So I think it's more likely something's going to happen at the end of the festival, that will lead into the plot. Probably another set of dialogues, like we saw before the festival.
  3. The ALP

    I apologise for the inconvenience! But the reason I don't let everyone know right away who next person is, is because we've had a few situations where someone sent the pet to the person scheduled on a particular day, and for some reason the person went MIA. And when they don't accept (or reject) the pet, the transfer can't be cancelled so the pet will be stuck for 72 hours. So I like to get a double-confirmation to avoid delays as much as possible. If for some reason I said I'd give you the name of the next person and didn't, you don't have to worry because in this case you won't be at fault for any possible delays. But if you're worried because you need to make room on your account asap, just let me know and I'll come up with a provisional solution and let you off the hook.
  4. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Ah, right, I think there used to be a spoiler button when editing a post but it's gone now. So to put something behind spoiler tags, you do it like so: [spoiler] Darth Vader is Luke's father *gasp* [/spoiler] lol I think that type of person would actually make better avatars jk. To be fair, I think Neopets avatars started to look worse way before JS took over. There are a few exceptions, but most of the avatars released in the past few years have that same shape and type of animation, and I hate it. This one's terrible even by the new avatar standards though... That border has no business being that thick, the images look grainy AND THEN THERE'S THAT WHITE LINE
  5. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    It seems people on the AC found an avatar for this event... I'll put the image behind spoiler tags, in case anyone doesn't want to see it yet: Unfortunately there is no indicator for that, so you'll just have to hope you don't forget. I'd suggest everyone play the Wing It game everyday, because I'm not so sure if just visiting the festival page will be enough. I figure playing the game is a good way of "reinforcing" your attendance!
  6. Avatars: What have you got?

    AAAAAAH I'M SO HAPPY! Avatar #320! I'm gonna be using this one for Halloween
  7. what is this???

    ^ ROFL this is so true! I often find myself trying to be positive about these things, and appreciating their "effort", but sometimes I get tired of it. It's sad that we don't have to wonder if they'll mess up things, but how much they'll mess it up. *sigh* Anyway, I hope the plot doesn't start right after the Faerie Festival, I want another month to keep training up my pet
  8. Caption Contest Rejection Club

    Thanks guys! You know, I don't mind so much the captions that were chosen, for what they are... Because I can't do a lot better than that, so at least I feel like there's hope for me, lol. What bothers me the most is how they choose captions that are basically the same joke. There are two captions about the Bruce preferring vanilla... They could have chosen my 90% cacao joke (or midnight's Candy joke), because then while it's essentially still the same idea behind the vanilla ones, at least it's a different flavour xD @Angeló Your captions are great! This one's my favourite: ROFL
  9. Faerie Festival - For Real, This Year?!

    Uuhh, I'm glad I didn't keep my expectations too high for this. It's like they say, you can't be disappointed if you don't have expectations... I had no idea what I was doing when I played the Wing It "game", but apparently it's supposed to be like Kiko Pop, but in the dark? Or a pin the tail on the donkey type thing, except it's pin the wing on the faerie Anyway, I got a Massive Ice Cream Sundae. I'm hoping to get the wearables next time, they're actually pretty cute from what I've seen on DTI!
  10. Making my draik look pretty

    Welcome to the club! I wasn't digging the red hair at first, but it looks great with that dress and background! Speaking of the background, I would highly recommend you get it if you really like it, because once it's not buyable anymore, it will be worth more than 250 NC. From what I've seen, this background is becoming quite popular, so if for some reason you decide you don't want it anymore in the future, it will be easy to trade for something else (something worth at least 2 caps, but very likely more).
  11. The ALP

    I'm sorry I didn't post here sooner! This month we will be running the Coconut Jubjub & Snicklebeast and the Werelupe & Mootix chains, starting this Friday (the 22nd). If you would like to be lent one (or both) of these pets, it's not too late to join! Just click here to apply, and I'll squeeze you in. We have room for about 5 more people for each chain. I'm afraid that chain is very unlikely to run, as there is currently only one person on the waiting list for that one
  12. I have a long history of not being chosen for the Caption Contest, so I decided it would be nice to make a topic for fellow rejectees to vent and share their captions. We don't need TNT/JumpStaff's stinkin' approval! *blows raspberry* Just kidding, of course we do. *sobs* How many of you sent in captions this round? I did, and pretty much all of my jokes were done by other people, in one way or another. #1 Bruce: Why isn't this working? I'm still Pink! Kacheek: Sir, I'm afraid this isn't how you turn yourself into a Chocolate pet... Meercas: *snickers* (mandatory "turning into chocolate" joke) #2 Meercas: ONE OF US! ONE OF US! (I kinda would have hated to be chosen for this one, but alas, this exact joke is there anyway) #3 Bruce: Milk chocolate? Seriously? I said 90% cacao, guys. (I think this is my least unoriginal one, but still, a variation of this was also done) #4 Bruce: Ugh, whose idea was it to leave the pinata out in the sun? Look at me, I'm covered in chocolate now! Kacheek: And this is an issue, because...? (bleh) Just to be clear, the point of this topic isn't to be seriously bitter about not being chosen, it's all in good fun! We'll make it in someday.
  13. Questions about Neopian Times avatars

    If you publish a series with 10 parts, each part would count as a publication and you'd get the avatar! As for the Neopian Times Writer, I'm not completely sure but I do believe that if you start a series a few weeks before the next 50th or 100th issue, you will get published on that issue. But keep in mind that a lot of people are prepared for this and might be using the same strategy, so it's going to be very competitive. It's still worth giving it a shot, of course, because you have nothing to lose. If you don't get published on the special issue, you can still get published on a regular issue so your work won't have been a waste of time (unless your work pertains too much to the special issue and wouldn't be relevant anymore in another one). It's a lot easier to get published in the NT these days, but even back in the day it wasn't as hard as some people made it seem. I don't know which categories are the easiest, but you don't really have to worry about that. Comics definitely count (I've published 3 so far), and if you'd like to write a guide you can publish that as an article. If you haven't already, I suggest having a look at this directory: http://www.neopets.com/~Hallae It compiles a bunch of guides and NT articles about writing (for the NT or in general).
  14. Voting errors in The Runway #44

    I was able to vote here too and on the Battleground of the Obelisk topic, but at least 4 different users reported having this problem To anyone else reading: are you able to reply to topics that have a poll in them (like this one)? I wanted to know if the fact that no one replied to the voting topic and so far only Dawn replied here might have anything to do with it, or if it's a coincidence.
  15. I cannot vote.  I cannot vote in 

    Battleground of the Obelisk.

    I cannot vote in Runway.

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