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  1. To move the crystal, you will have to change some values in the coding. I'm bad at explaining things, so I went ahead and changed them myself. Find this part of your coding (starting at #userinfo and ending at #you) and replace with the following: #userinfo { height: 250px !important; margin: -295px 0 0 20px; text-align: left; width: 400px; } #usercollections { height: 666px !important; margin: 235px 0 0 -482px; width: 144px; } #usercollections .contentModuleHeaderAlt { padding: 6px 3px 0; } #usershop { height: 295px !important; margin: -295px 0 0 -20px; width: 193px; } #usercollections td { display: block; float: left; width: 138px; } #userneopets { margin: -896px 8px 0; height: 220px !important; } #userneopets td, #userneopets b { color: #b4a4e8 !important; font-size: 8pt !important; } #userneopets a { height: 130px; overflow: hidden; display: block; margin: 0 0 -10px; } #userneopets img { margin-top: -10px; } #usertrophies { width: 815px; height: 666px !important; overflow: auto; margin: -680px -1px 0 173px; } #you { float: left; margin: 363px 0 0 435px; text-align: left; width: 327px; height: 295px; overflow: auto; } (After you do this, I'd suggest centring the crystal image using the < center > tags, it will look neater): <center><img src=""></center> As for the navigation menu, that would take more time, so I won't do it, but I'll refer to some guides that might be helpful:, and
  2. I think the Snot one looks pretty good, considering what it is... I mean, how much can you improve a Snot-coloured pet? As for the Polka Dot, it's not the best Polka Dot pet (imo that would be the Bori) but it's not the worst either. But yeah, a colour like Stealth (or Woodland, or even one of the new ones - Candy and Marble) would have been much more interesting.
  3. A Water Faerie sniffs and says, "You probably won't help, but I need A Grundo Christmas for my studies. I can't tell you why." Could someone help me find a link, please? Thanks!
  4. Please continue the discussion of the contest in The Runway's main topic
  5. The entering period for The Runway's thirty-fifth round is about to begin! For more information on how to participate, make sure to read this post carefully. Current theme: Literary Characters Description: Recreate a character from any book/literary work (novels, poems, plays, etc.) Entering period: Monday, March 20th - Sunday, March 26th Voting period: Monday, March 27th - Sunday, April 2nd
  6. Please continue the discussion of the contest in The Runway's main topic.
  7. And the winners of The Runway's thirty-fifth round are... 1st Place Azelma Dataphante Animation link: 2nd Place S_A If I Were King of the Forest Animation link:“...not queen, not duke, not prince.” 3rd Place fantazia01 Hide and Seek! Animation link: “During a game of hide and seek in Illusen's Glade, a conversation was overheard, spoken in whispers from the bushes. Illusen: "But Angel, they can STILL see you!" Angel_Morningstar: "Shh! Just bring me another shrubbery! Trust me, they'll never find me! I'll blend in! That's what Shadow Ixis do best!" Illusen: "It won't work, I can still see you so they can too!" Angel_Morningstar: "Get down and stop whispering so loud! Just so you know, I'm just as good at hiding as those sneaky pants McNinjas." Illusen: "Oh so that's what this is. Admit it, you ENVY the Stealthy Pets because you thought you were better at hiding until they came along." Angel_Morningstar: "I AM better at hiding! Now shhhh! Someone's coming. You just watch, Illusen! I'll prove it! They'll never find me! Shadows rule, Stealthy Pets just look silly in their dark pajamas and sandals with socks! Hmph!" ” Congratulations to all winners and thank you to everyone who participated!
  8. I thought I'd get to feed more kads on the weekend, because I'd have more time... but DUH, most people have more time on the weekend, so it's obviously going to be more competitive. I haven't fed a single kad since Friday. If there were an avatar for getting pwned 75 times, I'd already have it by now.
  9. I'm really interested in having my DNA tested for both reasons. I remember checking out one of those websites several years ago and saw that they tested internationally, but at the time I couldn't afford it. About one year later, I had the money but then found out they weren't allowed to test international samples anymore (or at least not from my country, I can't remember specifically). I haven't checked again to see if this changed, but it doesn't matter anyway because I absolutely cannot afford it now - I have even less money than before, and dollars/pounds are much too expensive. Wow, I never heard of that! That's quite interesting. That reminds me that my parents got tested before having me, because my older brother has a congenital disability and they wanted to know the chances of having a second child with that same condition. They found out it wasn't caused by genetics, but rather by folic acid deficiency during her pregnancy.
  10. Oooh, conkads!!! I can't wait until I can come here and make this same post And conkads to you too, Yuiina! By the way, I spotted you at the kad boards yesterday while I was lurking! lol
  11. Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. Island Kiko Plushie
  12. Aww, thanks, that would have been so sweet of you! I ended up buying it a few moments ago for 76k... I almost got it for 50k but someone was faster. Anyone who prices theirs below 70k (as of now, 5pm NST) will see it gone in a second. I guess this prize turned out to be a lot more popular than last years' (unless it's the hype... does anyone remember if this happened with last years' prize as well?).
  13. I also have a Xweetok with that outfit, and she used to wear this up until recently: Then I decided to change things up a bit, and now she looks like this: I still want to give her a Shenkuu-Inspired Paper Parasol, but it's kind of expensive and not a priority right now, so in the meantime I'll just have her shaking that fist at me, lol. As for suggestions, I like all the ones given so far, but perhaps my favourite is the one with the Mysterious Forest Clearing Background! I also think an Earth Faerie Eye Shadow would look nice on both a Speckled or Green Xweetok
  14. I actually like when the colours sort of blend together, but I do agree that the pirate skin looks nice. I just don't like the red eyes (I see Yuiina doesn't like them either)... If it weren't for the antlers and the red nose, I'd vote for Christmas because I like the sort of neutral skin and the green eyes. I don't like anything about the Red one, so that leaves me with Speckled and Woodland... I'll vote for both, because I think either one would be a good choice! Edit: @Yuiina I suppose you already looked through all the colour options, so I was wondering what's your opinion on Biscuit? I personally think the skin tone is quite nice, plus, it has green eyes!
  15. *sigh* I got 2 Air Faerie quests today... What did I ever do to you, I hope you're right about it not being too expensive, because I missed a day and this item is right up my alley! I really really want it!