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  1. Nay for a Broken Kneecap

    Thanks again, everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that my mom got surgery yesterday, and everything went well! I had a little moment of panic at the hospital because my mom's surgery was supposed to begin at 1 pm, and I went to her room at 4 and she wasn't there. Her roommate said "Oh, are you looking for the woman who was here? She's in the operation room" and I was like WHAT, because this kind of surgery is supposed to take about an hour and a half, at most. I asked a few nurses where she was, and they said they would call the people at the surgical centre to make sure she was okay, but no one was answering the phone. I kept thinking, that's not a good sign. Every 5 minutes or so I'd ask the nurses to try again, until one of them said, a bit too quickly "they answered, and they said she's okay". I thought, maybe she just said that to make me stop asking lol But then I saw my mom arriving on a gurney, and she was already having a giggly chat with a nurse, so I immediately knew she was alright. Turns out the surgery actually began a lot later than scheduled, because of course it was. It's a hospital. I should have figured that out, but in my defence, no one made it seem like that's what happened, lol. She came back home today, and right now she's in pain. I'm hoping it will go away soon, or at least become a lot more tolerable. The doctor gave her some strong pain medication, so I think she'll be fine.
  2. Nay for a Broken Kneecap

    @jellysundae Thanks Jelly! I really hope so too. She's a bit worried about the surgery because of anaesthesia and the fact that her knee will hurt more afterwards (because right now she says it doesn't hurt, unless she touches it). The funny thing is I'm not particularly scared of anaesthesia (even though I know it can be dangerous), so I'm not thinking about it that much. But I'm very concerned about pain... Thanks Angelo! That's really good to know, I'm definitely telling her this! As far as I know, that's the one she's getting (screws and tension band wiring). Thank you so much, Tracy! I'm glad to hear your mom did it. My mom is also kinda heavy, so I'm impressed with how she's been moving around using a walker and her "good" leg (I put good in quotes because of her arthritis haha). I thought she'd prefer a wheelchair. Yay for moms being such troopers! @Nielo I think you're right! That makes a lot of sense Thanks, Nielo!
  3. Nay for stitches in my hand

    Wow, 16 stitches! I can't even imagine how bad that hurts. I don't have dogs, but if I did, I wouldn't blame them either if something like this happened. If anyone thinks your doggo deserves to be punished or whatever because of this, well, I hope they don't have pets of their own. One time my cat hurt me because he got his paw stuck under a door, and he was so desperate that he didn't realise I was trying to help him. He bit my finger several times - I still have the scars today (that happened at least 5 years ago). I got 0 stitches, so I can't compare to your injury, but the point is, I 100% understand why he bit me. The nurses at the ER certainly didn't, so they made fun of me. They were like, "how did you let a cat do this to you?" Anyway, I hope the pain becomes a lot more manageable soon, and that your hand heals as quickly as possible!
  4. Nay for a Broken Kneecap

    I don't think there's much that can be said; I just had to let it out, and I'm glad you guys are here to listen and support! Thank you so much This is 100% true! Thankfully, things were a bit better today. My mom is dealing with it extremely well, so that's making it easier for me to deal with the situation. I think I still need to process the whole thing, and get used to the changes. She's getting surgery on Tuesday, which is also good. Yesterday we were told that she might be scheduled on Thursday or Friday, and I was hoping that wouldn't be the case. Today they changed her cast, and the one she has on now is a lot firmer, so that's also making me feel better. Now it's even harder for her to move her leg. I also decided to look up what the surgery would be like, and I'm glad that it seems fairly simple (as far as surgeries go). I did go to sleep, but I kept waking up again every couple of hours or so. I think tonight I will manage to get some better sleep, because I won't be so worried. My mom actually slept well last night, despite not being able to change sleeping positions as usual. I feel kinda stupid for being more worried about this than she is, lol. But oh well, that's me
  5. Nay for a Broken Kneecap

    (Not mine, my mother's) I didn't think I'd post about this, but I don't think I can sleep unless I let out some of my feelings about what happened today. And I don't really have anyone to talk to about this right now, so I figured posting here might help just as well. Today my mom fractured her right kneecap. Not what you'd call a tragedy, but I'm a very sensitive person, so I'm affected pretty badly by things. And when it comes to my mom and her well-being, I'm affected 100x worse. Also, my mom is 64 years old and she suffers from arthritis and spondylolisthesis (slippage of the vertebra). So that obviously doesn't make things any easier. The good thing though, is that she's an incredibly positive person, and after the initial pain and shock, she dealt with the situation really well. The nurse at the hospital was impressed with her attitude and said he liked how spirited she was. I wish I were a little bit more like her in that sense, but sadly I am not. I keep replaying the moment she broke her knee in my head, because it was so terrifying. Today was supposed to be an ordinary day... I was supposed to go out with my mom to run some errands. But when she was getting dressed, she slipped on the rug and fell on her knees. I was in the next room, and I heard her screaming. I never heard her scream like that, so I immediately knew something bad had happened. When she said (or rather, screamed/cried) that she broke her knee, I couldn't believe it, but then again, I could see how much in pain she was. I called an ambulance and thankfully the EMTs were very nice, and they made my mom feel a lot less scared. She was terrified about the possibility of needing surgery, because she might never be the same again. The EMTs told us there was a chance she hadn't actually broken her knee and that even if she did, she might not need surgery, but sadly they were wrong on both counts. Her kneecap is indeed fractured, and since it broke in half instead of just cracking, she will need surgery. Tomorrow we're going back to the hospital to schedule the surgery. I think I'm still in kind of a state of shock. I keep feeling like soon I'll find out this was all a dream and that none of this actually happened. But then I have moments when I tell myself it's real, and I don't know how to deal with that. My mom is a very active (and anxious) person, so not being able to move her leg and having to stay in bed most of the time will be extra difficult for her. She actually has restless leg syndrome, so I'm worried about her moving her leg in her sleep (her leg is immobilised, but still, I feel she might move it in some way that will make it worse). I'm tired, but I can't sleep right now... I don't know what to expect of the surgery, I just know that she will have to keep her leg immobilised for a few months. But I don't know what to expect of our lives during her recovery... I've already been going through some difficult stuff lately, and now things are going to be even more difficult. I guess that's life, but like I said before, I'm not very good at dealing with certain situations. I try to tell myself that it could've been worse, and be thankful that it's just her kneecap, instead of her neck or something. And that she doesn't have a disease, and she will recover. But at the same time I keep wishing this hadn't happened. I think I can't sleep because I'm scared of what tomorrow is going to be like... as if not going to sleep would keep tomorrow from coming, lol. Who said feelings always have to make sense?
  6. Happy Elephante Day

    I'm not in love with the colours, but I'm quite pleased - the 8-bit is cute and the Biscuit is nicely done. But yeah, the outfit is definitely the best part! This pet day gets a B+ from me.
  7. The Runway

    Very Important Notice: The Runway Round #53 will NOT be starting this week as expected, due to personal matters. I cannot say for sure when the contest will be back - it could be next week or the one after that. I will let you all know about any changes. I apologise for the inconvenience, but I hope you understand. Thank you!
  8. Wraith Resurgence: The Infirmary Part 2!

    i agree !! while i battled a lot before the caps and managed to get a moderate amount of wraith items (less than a hundred of each though .. not thousands like some crazy people) .. my stash is being seriously depleted ... and i refuse to sell any inflated items and take advantage of other people's misfortune ... Oookay, I completely agree that if the number of donations matters, the cap should be lifted, but no one "abused the system" when they collected extra drops. Everyone thought that the more you fought, the more plot points would be earned, because it has always been that way on Neopets. Yes, there were fighting caps in previous plots, but they weren't insultingly low. If no one had "abused the system", that means everyone would have stopped fighting after 5 times on hard (or 20 times on easy). That's ridiculous, considering the plot isn't giving us a whole lot to do as it is. If JS didn't want players going the extra mile, well, first of all that means they don't really know what we're like. But second of all, they should have made this clear from the start, because this is not how things usually work. We couldn't tell it was a glitch. And not having hundreds of items is hardly a misfortune... If battling 5 times was enough before, why does donating hundreds of potions matter now? People are taking the whole "gratitude to the most generous donors" thing at face value. Many of them laughed at those of us who fought hundreds of times "for no reason", but now they wish they had just because of some vague sentence in the FAQ. I hope no one laughs at them if it turns out there is no prize (or a lame one at best) for being the most generous. You'd think they would've learned not to take JS so seriously by now...
  9. NeoQuest

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to introduce this Brazilian cultural treasure I've been dying to do so ever since I started playing NQII again, lol
  10. Happy Gnorbu Day

    @kayahtik @jellysundae Aww, thank you! I really loved doing this Now, if only I could include "Neopets customisation skills" on my resume and if all the hours spent on DTI counted as professional experience... lol. Anyway, back on the subject of pet colours, I've just thought of what kind of opportunity was missed here... I know they already made another Candy pet very recently, but imagine a Candy Gnorbu... A Cotton Candy Gnorbu!!! *gasp* Edit: I recoloured a Cloud Gnorbu to try and illustrate what that would look like lol
  11. Happy Gnorbu Day

    Challenge accepted I couldn't decide between keeping the lipstick or not, and keeping the ruff or not. http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1548193 http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1548222 I tried pairing the headdress with different clothing here (my least favourite look out of these) http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1548356 Then I tried pairing the dress with a different wig (someone mentioned scales, so I thought of a mermaid) http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1548408
  12. NeoQuest

    And I'm going to put this here: For context: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/cuca-the-alligator You're welcome
  13. Happy Gnorbu Day

    It looks nothing like me, what are you talking about! HRMMPH! *gigglesnort* Jokes aside, I don't mind the fact that Marble pets sometimes look like Jelly pets, but this one is certainly my least favourite so far (my favourites are the Bori and the Techo). The outfit vaguely reminded me of this: If they had based the outfit on this movie (instead of wherever that came from - does anyone know?), I think I might have loved it
  14. The Runway Votes #52

    Hey guys, I'm sorry about the issue with #9! You should all be able to see it now
  15. Your Fashion Counselor!

    I'm so sorry I didn't come back again sooner Anyway, what I think: Nazriana - Congrats on getting that cape! It really is lovely, and one of my favourite items to come out recently. I think what you created works, but perhaps I'd change a couple of things: the dress, because it's not very wintery and it pokes out of the cape at the back; and I'd stick to one tree only (the Snow Laden one). Here's something I made, just for the sake of suggesting something different, lol. I believe you had all of these items in your closet, except maybe for the Fur-Trimmed Boots (but you can barely see them anyway). Awan Kecil - The coat seems to be the most fitting option for that background, but at the same time it doesn't seem to fit his head quite properly. So I picked a different jacket and background for him: Snowy Cottage Background + Its Too Cold in the Office Jacket Kikool - I can't think of anything now, I'll try again later Maya Treewood - I'm sorry you feel that way about her custom! Here's what I came up with: I used Mushroom and Flower Arch, which is an NC item, but you can get it quite easily (I know someone who has it UFT *wink, wink*). I added Peaceful Branches to fill in the gaps left by the arch, and in the second one I used Egged Chair, because I didn't see it in your closet and thought you might like it (but maybe it wasn't there because you don't like it at all, lol). Staralay - I also like the 1st and 4th option best. The Dark Shrubbery makes for a nice colour palette, but the cool thing about the last one are the neggs, because it looks like she's about to collect them in her basket