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  1. Oooh, I got a quest from the Faerie Queen herself! I'm a bit confused about Delina though... I intentionally accepted her quest in hopes of being asked for Glass Jars + Watercolour Paints, which would award me the background, but she asked me for something else instead (which would award me something I don't really want). Since this counts as being on a Faerie Quest, does this mean I have to complete her quest in order to get a regular faerie quest tomorrow? I thought her quests were separate. Nevermind, I've managed to abandon it!
  2. Please continue the discussion of the contest in The Runway's main topic.
  3. The entering period for The Runway's thirty-fourth round is now officially over! To view the currents entries and cast your votes, go over to The Runway's voting topic. Current theme: Totally TonuDescription: Dress up a Tonu (any colour except UCs) in any way you want!Voting period: Monday, February 27th - Sunday, March 5th
  4. The time has come for you to vote for your favourite entries! You can vote for as many entries as you like (except your own, of course).Please make sure to check the animation link below each entry for a better viewing. Current theme: Totally TonuDescription: Dress up a Tonu (any colour except UCs) in any way you want!Voting period: Monday, February 27th - Sunday, March 5th _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #1 TONU SMASH! Animation link: “Truce Tanner made the mistake of visiting the lab ray one too many times.” #2 Tonu in a Tutu Animation link: #3 13 Hours Animation link: “You have 13 hours in which to solve the Labyrinth, or else your baby brother will become one of us forever. Turn back before it's too late...” #4 A Delightful Summer Night Animation link: #5 To Love in Chocolate Animation link: #6 Lady Ugga Animation link: “Rocking and stomping her way through Tyrannia, she's the newest sensation to hit the concert hall” #7 Playland Animation link: #8 The Altador Keeper Animation link: #9 Tonu Tunes Animation link: “Baton at the ready, this maestro is here is here to serenade and satisfy.” #10 My Slice of Heaven Animation link: “Little Timmy was really looking forward to going to the beach today, but, so was everyone else. Upon coming to the beach, Timmy finds everyone else there, the beach is so crowded that he can't find a spot for himself. Though, determined to make the best out of this day, he decided to explore the beach away from everyone else. He stumbles on a tide pool area where no one else is. Putting a smile on his face, he builds a sandcastle with his best friend, William the Warf. They have a lot of fun in their own spot, in their little slice of heaven.” #11 Genie Animation link: “I shall grant you 2 wishes. You want 3? Then scadaddle over to Agrabah and take your chance with the Cave of Wonders. *rolls eyes* Tourists.” #12 Time to Break Out the Island Paintbrush? Animation link: #13 Neptonu Animation link: #14 Forest Tonu Animation link: #15 Totally spoiled, totally Tonu! Animation link: “Life is hard when you're a rich Tonu, not! Taey, the Tonu, enjoys being carried around her estate to acquire a tan, snacking on mountains of ripe berries and taking naps in her golden bedroom. Some people think she's spoiled----but she claims that she's simply blessed with the best! ”
  5. Nope, the problem was that I had included a smiley code in the title (the code was *purplebug*, which would make this little guy appear once I published my post: ). For some reason the filters were detecting *purplebug* as gibberish, even though it's their own code and not something I made up (and I've used this same smiley many times before, go figure). Once I removed that, I managed to publish my post how I originally intended to, with the URL included.
  6. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Lever of Doom' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Oh my goodness! I've spent hundreds of thousands of NPs over the years, and had given up because I kind of had that feeling that this avatar wasn't actually obtainable (I also feel that way about the Snowager). But recently I've decided to consistently spend a few thousands on it every day and now, less than two weeks and 30k NPs later, here I am!
  7. I'm not even including a URL anymore! But when I do, I don't put either http://, https:// or even www. for that matter. This is what my message currently looks like, and I'm still getting the gibberish error: I almost feel rude posting something so simple, but it won't let me even do that. EDIT: GUYS, I HAVE FOUND THE CULPRIT!!! I noticed how I said "the item in the title", so that made me think... what if it's something in the title? Bingo! I was trying to use a smiley (it was the *purplebug* one). I don't know why they consider their own smiley code gibberish, but whatever, what matters is that I got to publish my post (how I originally intended, by the way, with the URL and everything!).
  8. Oh, that's right! Does this only work for profanity though, and not gibberish? Because I managed to publish my post on a petpage just fine Yes, here's the error message, word for word: Error: Please don't post long gibberish (or short gibberish for that matter). It ruins the pretty message boards and doesn't make for interesting conversation. (If you're trying to enter a URL, please put it in the message body instead. But thanks for the suggestion about cutting out that part, I will try that right now and see what happens!
  9. I tried removing that from my post, and it didn't work (it would've been surprising if this were the problem, since this acronym is used literally every day on that forum). I also decided to try not to include the item name in the post since "Luminescent" and "Foreground" are relatively long words (even though they are perfect english), but that didn't work either. I'm going to keep trying to reword my whole post until it goes through, but it would be nice if there were a quick and easy way to find out what the offending word(s) is/are.
  10. I'm trying to start a board at the NC Mall Chat but I keep getting the "don't post long (or short) gibberish" error. When this happens it's usually because of a URL, and since there initially was one in my post, I tried to shorten it. It didn't work. So I just removed it completely and... it didn't work again. Here's how the post looks like now: (My plan was to try and include the URL in the following post) What do you think could be considered gibberish here? Also, is there some sort of trick to figure this out without having to ask for people's help every time? I'm not sure, but I vaguely remember people speaking of a gibberish/profanity "detector" of sorts in ye olden days. This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine). The original topic has been answered. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED. Please contact Rune Valentine if you have any questions regarding this action.
  11. I don't like the Disco colour in general, but they did a very good job with this Chia! Both the accessories and the base colour are really neat. I usually prefer Disco pets that aren't predominantly lime green. As for Jelly, I agree with jellysundae and also Angeló... It looks nice, but not for a Jelly pet. And they sure missed an opportunity to recreate one of those existing characters!
  12. Hi! I believe what you're looking for are called floats, and Silent Serenity used to have them on their page (for some reason they're no longer available there). I did some poking around and apparently what you need to do is insert the following code between the < style > tags: .bottom img { bottom: 0px; left: 0px; z-index: 1; } And then insert this outside the style tags: <div class="bottom"><img src="" style="position: fixed;"></div> And of course, replace the image URL to whatever you want to use. I'm not sure if this exact code is the one Silent Serenity used to provide, but if I were to use this I would credit them all the same, just in case.
  13. I have a few updates for you guys: First of all, we have new banner images! As usual, these are free for anyone to use on their signature or profile. The old ones have been retired, meaning they will no longer be displayed on the main post, but their URLs will continue to work in case anyone still wants to use them. The forums upgrade now allows us to lock the polls without locking the whole topic, so from now on, the voting topic will remain open until a week after the voting has ended. This way you can openly discuss the theme/entries, since all the entrants and winners will have been revealed. We've never had problems with The Runway participants being disrespectful to each other, so I'd like to remind everyone to keep it that way! The winning entry image (that can be seen on The Daily Neopets' main site sidebar) now links to the "Announcing The Runway Winners" post. I believe that this way it will be easier for people (especially those who aren't forum members) to see all the winners. And of course, we have a new theme: CURRENT THEME DETAILS (ROUND #34) Current theme: Totally TonuDescription: Dress up a Tonu (any colour except UCs) in any way you want!Entering period: Monday, February 20th - Sunday, February 26thVoting period: Monday, February 27th - Sunday, March 5th
  14. Please continue the discussion of the contest in The Runway's main topic.
  15. The entering period for The Runway's thirty-fourth round is about to begin! For more information on how to participate, make sure to read this post carefully. Current theme: Totally TonuDescription: Dress up a Tonu (any colour except UCs) in any way you want!Entering period: Monday, February 20th - Sunday, February 26thVoting period: Monday, February 27th - Sunday, March 5th