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  1. I've had to resort to the Throw Pillows method as well... Yesterday I used Sword of Malum + Thistleberry Pingrenade + Warlock's Rage Sword of Malum + Blazing Embers + Throw Pillows and today Sword of Malum + Blazing Embers + Throw Pillows again. She's down to 54HP and I almost considered not waiting for tomorrow, but I have 382HP and I heard she can take down a lot more than that with one hit D:
  2. JS following the trend!

    That's how I feel as well! One day I was browsing Pinterest and came across this: And I realised: oh, so this is where they got the 'idea' for the Violet Flower Lantern item. /disappointed http://impress.openneo.net/items/74534-Violet-Flower-Lantern I know there are more items like this, but I can't think of them now.
  3. Your Fashion Counselor!

    @Yuiina That's amazing!!! You'll have to tell me everything about them (By the way, I wasn't doubting you, I was pleasantly surprised!) I don't know whether you've made a decision or not yet, but here's my two cents: I think Biscuit actually looks good with all of those outfits, but of course, I guess there's no helping it if you don't like it. I also think the Red (and the Pink) colour does look good with the cornucopia outfit. My least favourites are the Purple and RG, which is weird coming from me, since I love purple/lavender, lol. But for some reason I don't like them here. I think White would be a good choice... The only thing I personally don't like about it are the eyes, but I suppose that's not very important. And besides, even though you don't buy NC, you can always add a few contacts to your wishlist! Holiday Light Contacts: (You might hate this, but these are the Vandagyre Contacts - an NC item that was a freebie, so you probably already have it!): The only other suggestion I have is to wait for Ixi Day and see what colours will be released... But that's almost 4 months from now, lol.
  4. Charity Corner 2018 Is Here!

    When I go through my SDB, I look at the rarity labels to have an idea of what range they fall in... For instance, r101 items are (special), r99 are (super rare), r95-98 are (ultra rare)... And items that are below r75 don't have a label. Edit: here's the full list of item rarities and their corresponding labels.
  5. Your Fashion Counselor!

    @Yuiina HOLD UP. Are you saying you own 11 real life goats??? I like you even more now!!! I think Biscuit is a great colour to customise, since its pretty neutral. I'm actually going to paint my pet (Elynsi) Biscuit very soon (I recently morphed her into an Acara!). Anyway, out of all those colours aside from Biscuit, I think Pink is probably one of the best options, since the pink eyes don't stand out so much (same thing with Red, but I personally prefer Pink). Plushie and Royalgirl are great colours in and of themselves, however a lot less versatile when it comes to customisation.
  6. Neopets & You

    I've been meaning to post here! I really enjoyed reading everyone's stories So, here's mine: When did you first heard of neopets? What made you try it? It was in 2005, after reading about it in a blog. I tried it because I was obsessed with Dress Up games at the time, as well as any kind of simulation or create-your-own-whatever games. What kept you playing? I thought the pets were really cute, and when I found out you could make them even cuter with certain paint brushes, I felt motivated to try and obtain one! (Remember when paint brushes were such a big deal? Sometimes I miss being a newbie, lol. I would actually take the time to groom my pets and select what I was going to feed them. I thought it was wrong to feed them nothing but omelettes ) I also enjoyed the flash games, and slowly discovered other things the site had to offer. What fascinates you the most about it? I'm fascinated by how much there is to do on it. If you get tired of one thing, there's always something else. But also, like someone said, the fact that it's still alive also fascinates me xD What annoys you about it? In general, I'm annoyed by the neoboards. Especially when there's drama and/or trolling. But more recently, I've been annoyed by the current management. So that means the glitches, the lack of professionalism, the TWR plot in its entirety, and the terrible graphic design: *dies inside* What was the best thing that ever happened to you while playing? It's hard to say! Some of the most memorable things to me were: buying my first paint brush (a Spotted one for my Xweetok); getting my first FFQ (it was on my side account, and I got myself a Pirate Hissi - back when the Pirate PB and MPs were still a big deal); restocking my first unbuyable, which was a stamp worth a few million NPs (I only managed that thanks to the lag, lol); finding out that certain things weren't impossible (for example: kadding and earning game trophies). Oh, and finally being accepted into the Caption Contest! Edit: I remembered one more thing! Winning the userlookup spotlight. I was so proud of myself! lol How many times were you on hiatus and why did you come back? I can't remember exactly... I know I took a few hiatuses, but those never lasted too long (the longest one probably lasted a few months). I came back because I never actually thought about quitting. Even when I self froze my first account, I wasn't going to quit - I just wanted to start over.
  7. Your Fashion Counselor!

    @Duma I like those suggestions, especially the Menacing Forest Path one! I'll try and find out how much it goes for. I think the fact that it's an MME doesn't make it necessarily expensive, unless it's very popular. Thanks! @Yuiina Wait, Ixis are supposed to be deer??? They have always been goats to me! lol In fact, that's one of the main reasons why I like them. I love goats (they're my chinese zodiac sign!). Anyway... GIRL, you're always so thorough! Thank you so much! I'll have to save a copy of that outfit, so I can play with all the options later. At first glance, my favourites are: Ancient Sacred Grounds (I actually own that item!), Dark Secret Background, Nox Castle, and Saskias Cart. The Black Bat Attack and the Tree and Pumpkin Silhouette are also really cool. I had already tried on the Charming Witch Dress, but the lime green parts kind of ruin it for me But I like the other clothing options, I hadn't tried those! I'll make a better assessment of the items once I've messed around with them! As for your Ixis, how do you feel about Biscuit for the female one? I really like the eye colour in that one, but you might not like the chocolate chips on its face. For the male one, I think Pirate is the best colour!
  8. Your Fashion Counselor!

    @Yuiina I see what you mean about the white shirt! The navy blue does make a nice contrast. And I suppose the lack of sleeves isn't that big of a deal if we imagine her cape being extremely warm (plus, she has fur of her own, right?). You did a good job with your other pets as well! I think your Zaf's look might be my favourite @GillyTook Gotta agree, it looks better on Cutey Pie! I think I need some help with one of my pets! I recently turned my pet Elvithia into a Darigan Ixi (she used to be a Wraith Usul, which was awesome but also very hard to customise). This is what I have for her now: http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1580210 I don't actually own the cape and the broom yet, but I really like them. Well, I could end up not using the cape if I find something that would look better without it. But I definitely want to get her that broom and the contacts are pretty much the foundation of this look - I love everything about Darigan Ixis except the red eyes, and I think these contacts are perfect for her (well, almost perfect, thanks to that tiny bit of red that refuses to be covered *sobs*). I'm not completely opposed to putting on a wig/hat, but I'd rather not because most of them cover up too much of her horns, and we can't have that! I don't have a well defined character idea for her, but the general idea is: she's a witch, who possibly lives in a forest (or at least spends a lot of time there, lol). She's not necessarily evil, but she's obviously no stranger to darkness. I think the Paranormal Forest Background would be very appropriate for her, but I'm not committed to using it. Feel free to make any suggestions! (Both NP and NC are fine)
  9. Nay for a Broken Kneecap

    Thanks again, everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that my mom got surgery yesterday, and everything went well! I had a little moment of panic at the hospital because my mom's surgery was supposed to begin at 1 pm, and I went to her room at 4 and she wasn't there. Her roommate said "Oh, are you looking for the woman who was here? She's in the operation room" and I was like WHAT, because this kind of surgery is supposed to take about an hour and a half, at most. I asked a few nurses where she was, and they said they would call the people at the surgical centre to make sure she was okay, but no one was answering the phone. I kept thinking, that's not a good sign. Every 5 minutes or so I'd ask the nurses to try again, until one of them said, a bit too quickly "they answered, and they said she's okay". I thought, maybe she just said that to make me stop asking lol But then I saw my mom arriving on a gurney, and she was already having a giggly chat with a nurse, so I immediately knew she was alright. Turns out the surgery actually began a lot later than scheduled, because of course it was. It's a hospital. I should have figured that out, but in my defence, no one made it seem like that's what happened, lol. She came back home today, and right now she's in pain. I'm hoping it will go away soon, or at least become a lot more tolerable. The doctor gave her some strong pain medication, so I think she'll be fine.
  10. Nay for a Broken Kneecap

    @jellysundae Thanks Jelly! I really hope so too. She's a bit worried about the surgery because of anaesthesia and the fact that her knee will hurt more afterwards (because right now she says it doesn't hurt, unless she touches it). The funny thing is I'm not particularly scared of anaesthesia (even though I know it can be dangerous), so I'm not thinking about it that much. But I'm very concerned about pain... Thanks Angelo! That's really good to know, I'm definitely telling her this! As far as I know, that's the one she's getting (screws and tension band wiring). Thank you so much, Tracy! I'm glad to hear your mom did it. My mom is also kinda heavy, so I'm impressed with how she's been moving around using a walker and her "good" leg (I put good in quotes because of her arthritis haha). I thought she'd prefer a wheelchair. Yay for moms being such troopers! @Nielo I think you're right! That makes a lot of sense Thanks, Nielo!
  11. Nay for stitches in my hand

    Wow, 16 stitches! I can't even imagine how bad that hurts. I don't have dogs, but if I did, I wouldn't blame them either if something like this happened. If anyone thinks your doggo deserves to be punished or whatever because of this, well, I hope they don't have pets of their own. One time my cat hurt me because he got his paw stuck under a door, and he was so desperate that he didn't realise I was trying to help him. He bit my finger several times - I still have the scars today (that happened at least 5 years ago). I got 0 stitches, so I can't compare to your injury, but the point is, I 100% understand why he bit me. The nurses at the ER certainly didn't, so they made fun of me. They were like, "how did you let a cat do this to you?" Anyway, I hope the pain becomes a lot more manageable soon, and that your hand heals as quickly as possible!
  12. Nay for a Broken Kneecap

    I don't think there's much that can be said; I just had to let it out, and I'm glad you guys are here to listen and support! Thank you so much This is 100% true! Thankfully, things were a bit better today. My mom is dealing with it extremely well, so that's making it easier for me to deal with the situation. I think I still need to process the whole thing, and get used to the changes. She's getting surgery on Tuesday, which is also good. Yesterday we were told that she might be scheduled on Thursday or Friday, and I was hoping that wouldn't be the case. Today they changed her cast, and the one she has on now is a lot firmer, so that's also making me feel better. Now it's even harder for her to move her leg. I also decided to look up what the surgery would be like, and I'm glad that it seems fairly simple (as far as surgeries go). I did go to sleep, but I kept waking up again every couple of hours or so. I think tonight I will manage to get some better sleep, because I won't be so worried. My mom actually slept well last night, despite not being able to change sleeping positions as usual. I feel kinda stupid for being more worried about this than she is, lol. But oh well, that's me
  13. Nay for a Broken Kneecap

    (Not mine, my mother's) I didn't think I'd post about this, but I don't think I can sleep unless I let out some of my feelings about what happened today. And I don't really have anyone to talk to about this right now, so I figured posting here might help just as well. Today my mom fractured her right kneecap. Not what you'd call a tragedy, but I'm a very sensitive person, so I'm affected pretty badly by things. And when it comes to my mom and her well-being, I'm affected 100x worse. Also, my mom is 64 years old and she suffers from arthritis and spondylolisthesis (slippage of the vertebra). So that obviously doesn't make things any easier. The good thing though, is that she's an incredibly positive person, and after the initial pain and shock, she dealt with the situation really well. The nurse at the hospital was impressed with her attitude and said he liked how spirited she was. I wish I were a little bit more like her in that sense, but sadly I am not. I keep replaying the moment she broke her knee in my head, because it was so terrifying. Today was supposed to be an ordinary day... I was supposed to go out with my mom to run some errands. But when she was getting dressed, she slipped on the rug and fell on her knees. I was in the next room, and I heard her screaming. I never heard her scream like that, so I immediately knew something bad had happened. When she said (or rather, screamed/cried) that she broke her knee, I couldn't believe it, but then again, I could see how much in pain she was. I called an ambulance and thankfully the EMTs were very nice, and they made my mom feel a lot less scared. She was terrified about the possibility of needing surgery, because she might never be the same again. The EMTs told us there was a chance she hadn't actually broken her knee and that even if she did, she might not need surgery, but sadly they were wrong on both counts. Her kneecap is indeed fractured, and since it broke in half instead of just cracking, she will need surgery. Tomorrow we're going back to the hospital to schedule the surgery. I think I'm still in kind of a state of shock. I keep feeling like soon I'll find out this was all a dream and that none of this actually happened. But then I have moments when I tell myself it's real, and I don't know how to deal with that. My mom is a very active (and anxious) person, so not being able to move her leg and having to stay in bed most of the time will be extra difficult for her. She actually has restless leg syndrome, so I'm worried about her moving her leg in her sleep (her leg is immobilised, but still, I feel she might move it in some way that will make it worse). I'm tired, but I can't sleep right now... I don't know what to expect of the surgery, I just know that she will have to keep her leg immobilised for a few months. But I don't know what to expect of our lives during her recovery... I've already been going through some difficult stuff lately, and now things are going to be even more difficult. I guess that's life, but like I said before, I'm not very good at dealing with certain situations. I try to tell myself that it could've been worse, and be thankful that it's just her kneecap, instead of her neck or something. And that she doesn't have a disease, and she will recover. But at the same time I keep wishing this hadn't happened. I think I can't sleep because I'm scared of what tomorrow is going to be like... as if not going to sleep would keep tomorrow from coming, lol. Who said feelings always have to make sense?
  14. Happy Elephante Day

    I'm not in love with the colours, but I'm quite pleased - the 8-bit is cute and the Biscuit is nicely done. But yeah, the outfit is definitely the best part! This pet day gets a B+ from me.