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  1. Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway

    I decided to adopt a pet from the pound and enter it/ use it as my new lab rat. Withing five minutes of entering it was zapped to shadow! The irony :)
  2. Happy Peophin Day!

    Does anyone know the names of the woner woman clothes? They are absolutely wonderful in every way!
  3. Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    Anyone was a robot nimo? Just zapped him today, his stats aren't great but he is adorable! I don't want to pound him because he'll lose his clothes!
  4. Anyone got Baby Wearables/Morphing Potions?

    Since your account was made yesterday, I would suggest working on saving up neopoints. If you do your dailies, play games, and sell things, you can make neopoints pretty quick! Link to dailies - http://thedailyneopets.com/dailies/
  5. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    Hey, so weird question, is anyone getting double of items when they buy items in stores?
  6. Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    Hey I have squish296 who is a halloween Elephante. If you want to adopt him let me know.
  7. No Pet Chains for October!

    Why are accounts being frozen? Just curious and out of the loop :)
  8. Stamps

    Hello everyone! I just returnedish to neo and was thinking about starting collecting stamps. I decided to start with sea shells because it was cheaper and have bid on all the unbuyable ones except the dazzling blue muscle (because I should make a little more money first) and now am just waiting. What are your thoughts on collecting? Is it worth it to you to spend all the nps to get the avatars? Do you suggest starting somewhere?
  9. Wrong Bank Amount?

    Mine is fine. Odds are unfortunately you were hacked. I would check your sdb for anything missing and check the soup kitchen as it gives you the total of all your liquid assets.... (maybe the bank glitched? )
  10. Happy Shoyru Day!

    This is an absolute mess of a color. Polka dot isn't my favorite but this is plain awful! Eek!
  11. Lever of Doom Avatar

    I gave up on that avatar!! I am procrastinating getting it because of how much you must spend on it.
  12. I'll make you a blinkie! =D

    Don't worry :) It is absolutely fine... Hope you can get it again!
  13. So first off, I have fallen in love with the Forlorn Sweetheart items and the reason why is these two customization... It is nearly the same customization just a different color and I personally absolutely love it. It makes me feel as if one of them is waiting at the altar and the other has been left. I am in love with this.
  14. What are some veggies that you love or hate?

    To the recipe part..... I love sauteing mushrooms, garlic, and onions with a bit of butter! My favorite vegetable recipe is for a pasta and vegetable dish. You throw a package of pasta (I prefer linguine ) peas, one onion, a bit of corn kernels, mushrooms, and diced tomatoes (LOTS) together with a bit of vegetable broth and cooking until it makes a sauce and the pasta is done. I love it!
  15. The most frustratingly dumb things you've done on Neopets

    Up another 5K! I once bought an ub paintbrush for 100K less than what the tp said it was worth!!! only i t was buyable... as in 70K not 400K buyable....