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  1. Charity Corner 2018 Is Here!

    I don't really hoard and try to discard most things at 101 rarity to hopefully get the avatar, so I got 50 donations, and now am out of items... well...
  2. Help for faerie's chest

    Hmmm, when all the symbols are aligned I think it had to spin around for a full revolution before it unlocked?
  3. The Coincidence

    I would like to say thank you, I decided to do it after reading this just to see what would happen and got a Bumbluz petpetpet!
  4. Hard time with hulking wraith

    The only other thing that isn't mentioned here is start training your pet if you aren't already. At 35 attack you get a higher multiplier
  5. Wraith Resurgence - finally coming to and end.

    Honestly, I feel at this point there best bet to get them out of the infirmary is to make it so that either there is an achievement for donating like 100 potions alongside with dropping the cap or coming up with some way for them to go *pewf* (not sure how to spell that) and all are cured.
  6. General Battledome Questions

    Currently I have Lens Flare which I agree is amaze! I might start batttling the chia clown. How much should be saved up for CC? And what types of items? And is there any idea when it might start? THANK YOU! That was what I was looking for :) Thank you! I'm mainly looking for codestones cause training is expensive so I'll try out the dome of the deep
  7. Hiya! I started battling recently an have just a few questions... Do you get better prizes based off of who you are fighting/how hard you are fighting? If so who do you recommend fighting? Does one battledome location give better prizes? (Or is just better to fight in?) I have gone ahead and bought some equipment, any thoughts? I tried to have a bit of all types, except a freezer due to price. Right now I am just working on training my pet up. Stats: Level 56 HP 83 Strength 94 Defense 76 Movement 41
  8. trouble handling Hulking wraith

    ^^ If you train your pet then you get a single hit point added! Which isn't much but could just save you!
  9. Wraith Resurgence - finally coming to and end.

    Wait... You can still complete the Altador plot? Hmm... don't think I realized that :) *scampers off to investigate*
  10. trouble handling Hulking wraith

    ALSO! I messed this up, when I tried throw pillows. Outside stats events affect in battledome stats. So if you get blasted by the snowmager, your hit points go to zero in the battle too.
  11. trouble handling Hulking wraith

    I would recommend starting by training your pet at pirate training http://www.neopets.com/pirates/academy.phtml You will have to first train your level to half of your hit points 24 before training anything else. I would at that point go to level 25 to be able to get the icicle faerie ability. Then I would definitely train up your strength as earlier suggested by someone else. Your weapons look good, are you just trying to beat it or beat it on hard? On hard, with this pet your only option is to use throw pillows and I would advise against that given the fact that it takes several days and at this point the plot could end any days. If you are interested, basically get your pet to level 50 asap, use the ninja school as it is quicker (and more expensive) and possibly if you are someone who buys nc get a faerie quest thingy. Then do one hit a day until he is dead. @enitul Whatever you have that deals the highest damage. I used Yooyu Knuckle Duster as it deals 14 icons but any high icon dealing weapon works
  12. Nay for Lousey Genetics!

    When I was about 3 I knocked out my front tooth because little me wanted to dance on a table. I don't really remember doing it, but I know that growing up missing a very noticeable tooth wasn't as big of a deal as one would suspect. I wish her the best
  13. Fiendish Formations- Let's help each other out.

    I don't know. I think my next goals will actually be saving another million nps as I spent a lot of my savings on training my pet and buying decent battledome equipment, and continuing training my battle pet. After I save back up I will try for 222 as the number pattern makes me happy but I really am bad at and do not enjoy flash games so I really struggle with getting those avatars
  14. Fiendish Formations- Let's help each other out.

    With this, I have reached my goal of 200 avatars! I'm so pumped!
  15. Keeping a Shop Wizard tab open.

    Incognito is basically "private" browsing. Google won't record your search history or cookies in an incognito window and your aren't auto logged in anywhere. I'm pretty sure that you could have your side open on an incognito window and your main in a normal but I haven't tried it.