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  1. That's what I needed! Thanks, and @Ian it looks great!
  2. I feel like this might be terrible to say, but I have no idea what this means? I know the colors changed, but how do you change themes? Sorry...
  3. So, looking for Dyeworks Purple: Sparkling Faerie Wings or the base Sparkling Faerie Wings , have Dyeworks Green: Sparkling Faerie Wings. I have a few other things, such as training cookies, but currently don't have a trading wishlist. Will make one soon.
  4. Did you already have it? I can't check as I already have it, but haven't heard of it being discontinued or bugged...
  5. Heads up, there is an Easter Bunny Avatar that is only available three days a year, the original Easter weekend the year it was started. Since Easter is late this year, figured I would post a reminder. To get, send this Neogreeting on April 8th, 9th, or 10th: here Get the avatar and then mark it off with our handy avatar tracking page!
  6. I was struggling to get it to go, but it worked if I shifted where the pet was in the order.
  7. Oh.. Ummm.... I think this might be the April Fools joke... They typically always run one, and a lot of them seem unreasonable. Case in point: Get exclusive access to the Hidden Tower during its stock-taking shut down hours to grab an item and make off with it before anyone notices it’s gone! Which could be a 10 Mil+ np valued item I could be wrong, but this seems like too much to not be a joke. Sorry to burst your bubble
  8. I tried to do half an hour or so a week in one of my real boring classes. It took several months and was more expensive then I expected!
  9. One thing you can do is make sure you have your laptop generally cleaned up. Here are the steps I take to clean up my laptop... I use CCleaner, I would run the cleaner and clean up the registry. If you don't want to download it, delete your cookies, flush your recycling bin, and delete you browser history. I would uninstall any programs you don't need then delete any excess files. Another option is checking which things start running on startup, which I don't know how to check in a Mac, and turn off all that are not necessary as that slows down startup. Finally, make sure you completely power down your laptop at the minimum of once a week, to allow it to install updates and refresh.
  10. I got an actual email, and then if you win, and check the lotto page, you get an avatar!
  11. It is automatically entered! Nothing to worry about or do.
  12. My personal fav for finding things is Sunnyneo's new-ish Wearable HQ. http://sunnyneo.com/customisation/wearables/ I still use DTI (dress to impress) but for finding wearables, this is nice because you can sort by color, pattern, theme, rarity, price ect!
  13. Brutes haven't won in a while, so I'll join uoi!
  14. @Hanso You could buy the background with the money that you make from selling the weapon. Currently it is sitting at 8.5+Mil
  15. Very unhappy with the options. I got excited at a new weapon, but alas! at 1860 points I will not be getting it. This was a disappointment of a plot to end with a disappointment of a prize shop
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