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  1. emily_speck_15

    The ALP

    I know that Jhudora's ring can be unequipped through initiating a transfer but then not completing it as that removes all battledome equiptment, but have never heard of that issue with the Grarrl. I can look into that, but I don't think that having an extra Grarrl is a necessity.
  2. emily_speck_15

    NC Mall Haunted Mansion!

    Why do I want to do this so badly? I don't buy NC so I can't but man, part of me really wants to buy some to open all the doors!
  3. emily_speck_15

    Ancient Neopian, but New to the forum

    Hey Tiara! Welcome! If you are looking for a way to talk to more people, we have a discord you can join! https://discord.gg/ (I think this link will work, not entirely sure šŸ™‚ )
  4. emily_speck_15

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 144!

    I will probably go for Order of the Red Erism because it is the only avatar I need from this bunch šŸ™‚
  5. emily_speck_15

    Mynci - Halloween Avatar Working Again!

    This always bothered me when I would look at what avatars other people had that were easy to get! So glad it is working again!
  6. emily_speck_15

    Dreaming up Avatars

    I love it. Think of all the people with thousands of items in their sdb cause I think there is a limit on the amount of items you can move with the quick stock!
  7. emily_speck_15

    Dreaming up Avatars

    Hmmm I like the idea of a training based one. Like after a certain number of hours training your pet you get it. Also like the idea of an avatar based around getting rejected on the trading post, like get offers reject x number of times and you get an avatar.
  8. emily_speck_15


    I have space on a side that could hold a pet... I never added any more pets when they added a new spot except my main account.Just a thought.
  9. emily_speck_15

    Sad Pet?

    What about putting your pet in the neolodge? I pretty much always keep my pets there and that keeps them happy.
  10. emily_speck_15


    That's awesome of you! **scurries off to challenge**
  11. emily_speck_15

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 143!

    I'll go ahead and join Brute so I don't forget! Let's go get another avatar!!
  12. emily_speck_15

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 143!

    Personally I need either Brute Squad or Thieves so I will join whichever of those two get picked. šŸ™‚
  13. emily_speck_15

    Who else remembers this game...

    I used to play that as a kid!! We had a physical version and I used to love it!
  14. emily_speck_15

    Happy Poogle Day!

    I really don't like the woodland poogle. Th clothing I think is absolutely beautiful though!!
  15. emily_speck_15

    Hi guys, Iā€™m new!

    Welcome! The avatar lending program is really great! Also once you have been here a bit, I suggest the pet lending program as well! If you have any questions let me know.