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  1. emily_speck_15

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 136!

    I'm going with the Sway. This will I think be my fifth obelisk war I've done and have yet to pick a winning team so here's hoping!
  2. emily_speck_15

    Duplicate Potion of Healing PSA

    Hey, not sure of the exact requirement but above 102 as I donated that many and did not get it
  3. emily_speck_15

    Neopets oldbie, but new to TDN forums!

    Hey Soap! Welcome to the forms! What do you roleplay?
  4. emily_speck_15

    Bullying vs Lying

    I'm going to be blunt. Abuse needs to be called out whenever it is seen and can not have excuses made for it. One of my best friends is in a controlling relationship and I consistently call out the problematic behavior as it helps to not be normalized. Not talking to people in abusive relationships only helps the abuser as it allows them to be seen as a the only one who will support them. Encourage both to leave. And don't be afraid of offending someone who is hurting someone you love. I'm sorry this situation is so hard. There is no good answer as to how to act when someone you care about is being hurt by someone they love.
  5. emily_speck_15

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 132!

    I went with the Sway to try for that avatar so if you want to help that would be great! Does a few people really affect the tide of the war?
  6. emily_speck_15

    What Did You Just Buy?

    I bought tickets for me and a friend to go see the new Avengers' movie!! That's the only thing I'm using to get me through exams is that I finish the same day it comes out :)
  7. emily_speck_15

    Will I Have to Cut it all of?

    I'm going to be blunt. No. I'm in engineering, do wood turning, and have long hair. The only requirement is to look presentable (or in wood turning to have it away from spinning things lol) which can be achieved easily. I personally rock a side braid every day and it has never caused any problems and is simply mastered.
  8. emily_speck_15

    Faerie Requests - Got a Paintbrush

    You go to faerieland and go to the rainbow fountain to redeem your dip http://www.neopets.com/faerieland/rainbowfountain.phtml
  9. emily_speck_15

    Faerie Quests

    Here you go! http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=wyvern1&buy_obj_info_id=48364&buy_cost_neopoints=2499 And in case that one sells out: http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=buri_guri&buy_obj_info_id=48364&buy_cost_neopoints=3000 Also before you accept a quest, you can open a SW in another tab and search there.
  10. emily_speck_15

    Wraith Resurgence: Kaia Defeated; Claim Your Avatar!

    I personally really like this avatar! I kinda wish this was the end of the plot though. I'm ready for this to end, and at this point feel like JN is just dragging it out.
  11. emily_speck_15

    Looking to Advertise an Item to Buy or Sell?

    Hey if you are a stamp collector, I am selling a Count Von Roo Plushie Stamp valued at about a million nps, and am the only one selling one right now! If interested let me know :)
  12. emily_speck_15

    Hulking Wraith help on medium?

    So my first suggestion is training your pets attack (and eventually defense) to 125. At 125 the damage you are doing goes from a multiplier of 2.5 to 3. I highly suggest training both up to the bonus before keeping training up her level or hp as it could increase what level http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/strength-defense-boosts/ I agree with @lojoco49 that if possible to get Blazing Embers and Sword of Malum you do. They both deal HUGE amounts of damage that otherwise you would be paying a ton of money to match the damage. Why do you feel the need to beat him on medium? Are you trying to work up to hard? (If so I would recommend throw pillows)
  13. emily_speck_15

    Fog Achievement Now Unlocked

    I want it to come to an end in six days, when I finally have defeated Kaia on hard using throw pillows :)
  14. Wow! You have some great items! What I would suggest is buying a freezer, H4000 Helmet is going for 4.5 million right now, which would allow you a guaranteed freeze of your opponents.
  15. emily_speck_15

    Graduating University Soon... What now?

    Most good companies will work with you a bit. Do whatever you think is best for you, but know that you can ask to start like a month after you graduate to give yourself a break. Looking for a job can be stressful and I wish you the best!