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  1. chelperk

    NC MALL: Free 8th Birthday Cupcake!

    Ooooooh, thank you for the notice! I wouldn't have known, otherwise.
  2. Is everything all good now that lookups are back?
  3. chelperk

    Happy Acara Day!

    Idk if it's my screen, but it looks quite copper-like to me.
  4. chelperk


    Waaaaaah, I'm sad that I didn't keep up with this thread. I've since removed and had my tragus re-pierced...and it didn't work out yet again. So there goes that! I've been working at a body piercing shop for 2 weeks now. It's okayyyy, I guess.
  5. chelperk

    Altador Cup X - Staff Tournament now LIVE!

    Is anyone as stoked as I am that two of the players have lip piercings?!
  6. Well, isn't this ridiculous? I've been away for so long and this makes me feel grumpy.
  7. chelperk

    I got a room in Amsterdam!

    That's awesome news! Congrats and good luck! I would love to visit Amsterdam someday.
  8. chelperk

    Userlookups Return!

    I was sooooooo excited to read this news! What a sight for sore eyes! Literally...I've been gaming nearly all day.
  9. chelperk

    Nay for Color Specific Easter Grams

    Awe, I had no idea that these grams had clothes for Mutants and Babies! I have one of each. I think the Mutant clothes are meh but haven't seen the baby ones yet. :D
  10. chelperk

    Beauty Contest Entry

    I voted for you, too. Good luck!
  11. chelperk

    Poly is in the Beauty Contest! (Aisha)

    Wow! You're definitely getting my vote for this!
  12. chelperk

    Pyramids will be the death of me!

    I have an accumulation of 155,881 but I haven't played in over 3 months to know my wins/games played. I do have the trophy, though. Persistence is key!
  13. chelperk

    Festival of Neggs: Find Topsi!

    I found the basket right away while doing my dailies! I have Spring Soiree, Snowbunny Plushie, and Baby Chomby and Bruce Books from the Neggs.
  14. chelperk

    Happy Chomby Day!

    There's no new clothes? :( I like the new colors but I'm happy with my Darigan Chomby. I wasn't online to train him but he doesn't fight, anyway. Mrehhh.
  15. chelperk

    Ghoul Catchers

    I downloaded this app yesterday and I like it. So fun! I made it to level 20 with no issues until this morning trying to get the 50 stars they're asking of to move on but now I'm getting the provider error too. :( Has anyone tried deleting the app then re-installing it yet?