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  1. So something really odd happened

    I got that same RE on my original account. I got a Lost Desert paint brush shortly after they were released. I painted my aisha with it. Sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake. I think PrincessDimitra would disagree on that. She's still an UC Desert Aisha. :)
  2. Nay for Jury Duty

    I'm going to say that's what it was. My brain is too tired to come up with anything else.
  3. Fesitval of Neggs Is Here!

    *checks the image* Oh, man. It's listed as a Kiko now? Unless I've developed a case of Neo Amnesia, that's a JubJub.
  4. Fesitval of Neggs Is Here!

    @Mouseykins I contacted TDN about the error. I'm still trying to figure out the whole wrong image vs. wrong text deal. I'm guessing wrong image. Html-wise, wrong text would be easier to correct.
  5. Am I lucky to own two UC's :) do you own one ?

    I am the proud owner of a UC Desert Aisha on my side account. PrincessDimitra was the first pet I painted. I've been asked by various people if I will ever update her so I can customize her. My answer is always the same. "I'm not going to change her. I love her artwork the way it is. Feel free to check her out.
  6. Nay for Jury Duty

    That could be why my tablet didn't work.
  7. Fesitval of Neggs Is Here!

    On the TDN front page, the jeweled negg shows a jeweled jubjub but it's labelled a jeweled aisha. Did anyone else catch that glaring error?
  8. I've donated three times, and have only 18 points. Considering that it's 10:15 EST, I don't know how much donating I can do.
  9. Nay for Jury Duty

    When I went in for Jury Duty, I brought my tablet. I thought I could read the time away, but it turned out the wi-fi connected was extremely bad. If you want to talk a book to Jury Duty, make it a paper one.
  10. Nay for Jury Duty

    I've discovered a pattern to when they pick me. It's always the same year my state ID expires. It can be anywhere between August of the previous year to January of the following year. My birthday is in February.
  11. AC predictions

    AC on mobile devices aside, I am not ready for the AC to start again. If I do play, I"m setting very low goals for myself. I'm talking about Rank 3 at best.
  12. Oscars 2018 (90th)

    I was hoping that Logan really would win. When it didn't I think my fiance and I said every cuss word and phrase in the book. I didn't exactly keep mine to English either. I was on a tear in Klingon! The same occurred when "This is Me" lost. That is the best song out there right now.
  13. Oscars 2018 (90th)

    My predictions: Adapted Screenplay: Logan Original Screenplay: Lady Bird Animated Feature: The Boss Baby Sound Mixing: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Original Song: This Is Me Best Picture: The Post
  14. So it will be down between 1pm and 2pm EST. Got it.