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  1. If you're playing this game, the game guide on JellyNeo is worth reading. I got a few interesting pointers-like staying between levels so those baby usuls can't get you- that I never knew about. In one of my better games, I got 104 points. Yeah, I missed beating Chadley by two miserable points! That really stung! I played again and again, but only beat Abigail. I really hope I can wipe that smug smile off that Zafara's face tomorrow.
  2. I did what's supposed to be the Daily Puzzle: Which of these Kikos competes in the Tubular Racing Tournament? Answer: Kavi When I clicked Kavi, and hit Submit, this is what I got: The Yurble Janitor is famous for being: Oops! Nice try, but the correct answer was: Angry Try again tomorrow. Can someone please tell me what happened?
  3. You passed out in your chair, Sarah? That's not good for you. There isn't a game challenge in the world worth passing out in your chair!
  4. Ever have one of those months where nothing goes right? Well, I'm having one of those months, and I'm about to lose it!! I live in Florida, and for the past month, my air conditioner has been leaking like crazy. There has been at least one attempt to fix it per week. I thought it was finally fixed, but it stated leaking again tonight! The only thing that hasn't been done is replace it. I think it's time to replace it. Then there are there's the blood test I have to get in the morning. Next to the dentist, that has to be my least favorite thing to do. At least with the dentist, I can have my morning coffee. I have to fast for the darn blood test. Right now, I want to hide in a movie theater for two hours. Before anyone offers suggestions, I've seen "Logan" and "Kong: Skull Island".
  5. *Mods: I apologize if I'm using a word that isn't allowed. Please don't freeze me. I have to fast for a blood test I'm getting in the morning. It's no big deal, but I really, really hate not being able to have anything other than water after midnight! If I can't get the results forwarded to a second doctor, I'll have to do it again Monday night! I've done this for 35+ years, and I still hate it.
  6. Do you know if other women in your family are prone to periods like you're describing? I had really bad ones too, but I found out that my mom and grandmother had them too. It may sound strange, but genes can throw you some weird curve balls.
  7. This is definitely sounding like it was Daylight Savings Time that messed things up for us. A friend of mine asked me if I had the same trouble she did. When I told her yes...Well, ever hear a southerner curse? It gets pretty interesting!
  8. The pet-specific clothes in my shop are all NP items. Please feel free to take a look in my shop. :)
  9. I have a large desktop calendar on my desk, and I will write FQ, for Faerie Quest, every day I have one. It also works for Archive Cookies. As for the Faerie Fortune Cookies going back to 7 days, I honestly don't think that's going to happen.
  10. I have two, and I'm selling them for 140k each. I'm stocking my shop to help things along.
  11. Thanks for the tip, Mouseykins! The database helped me a lot. It turned out most of the clothing was pet specific. The only problem? Pet specific clothing doesn't go for much on the SW. I'll just sell them and a few extra morphing potions (Not pirate draik) I have. I'll make the NP sooner or later. :)
  12. Thanks for the help Angelo and suzanoberle! I may sell only two to cover the upgrade costs, and hold the others in reserve for future sales or TP offers.
  13. I'm trying to avoid the TP because there are several pages of them. I looked last night, and the TP had two or three pages of Pirate Draik Morphing Potions. Maybe if I kept the price competitive, as someone suggested, it would be an easy sell. Is there a neoboard for selling items? I'm just trying to explore all the venues before stocking, trading, etc.
  14. I have several Pirate Draik Morphing Potions in my safe. I have seen the prices of them on the Trading Post, but I'm trying to decide if I should put them up for trade. I'd rather sell them in my shop for 90k each. The trouble is, this might be a hard to sell item. I'm trying to save up 200k for gallery upgrades. Any thoughts?
  15. Something has been bugging me for a long time. If you own something like Nimmo Lost Desert Urchin Top, but don't own a nimmo, can your pet wear it anyway? Is it pet specific? I know it's a noob question, but it has been annoying me for years!