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    TV/Movies: Bleach, Hockey, MLP, Jem. G.I. Joe (80's series) NCIS, WWE, X-Men, Australia

    Nature: Wolves, Owls, Eagles, Dolphins

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  1. @jellysundae For whatever it's worth, I have that song stuck in my head too!
  2. I've had 20,000 taken from me in the same RE. You really shouldn't have 2,000,000 out. That kind of NP can earn you some serious interest in the bank.
  3. After reading everyone's posts. I'm glad I'm not the only with the problem. Hrtbrk, thanks for the advice. I'm going to customize my pets shortly.
  4. The past couple of days when I go to my Quick Reference, there is an image of a shadowed cog where my Lupe should be. Now, it's happening with random pets on my side accounts. Can someone please tell me what's goingon?
  5. Thank you!! That is a perfect replacement for the jar.
  6. Last Monday, I was cleaning out my purse, and put a healthy $3.86 in change in my change jar that has the old Florida Panthers logo on it. I went to put the lid on it, and the unthinkable happened! It slipped from my grasp, and shattered into a million pieces on the floor. Most would tell me to deal with it, and get a new jar. It's not that easy. First my dad bought that for me. He's no longer here, and the jar is no longer made as it's 20 years old. Fast forward to tonight. I was at the game, and looked for a similar jar. Not one single thing. I'm using a generic mason jar until a replacement can be found.
  7. If Oil Painting is in general release and Burlap and Mosaic are Lab Ray exclusives, then what fate befell Wicker?
  8. This had better be their April Fools prank. If it's for real, I'm going to be royally ticked off!
  9. I have a couple ways to deal with stress. One way is to go outside, and let out a good scream. It's simple but it's effective. Another way for me to deal with stress is playing my favorite fighting game. Nothing beats taking your aggression out on your opponent in a good fight!
  10. Firefox is the only browser I use. Microsoft Edge doesn't work well for me. I hadn't thought of clearing my cookies, but I'll give it a try.
  11. I hope it survives as well. I can't see myself not going on NeoPets at night.
  12. For the last couple weeks, Neopets has been acting really weird. I click on "Community" and it takes me to the Calendar. I click on Meerca Chase II, and it takes me to Kou-Jong. Faerieland? I wound up on Krawk Island. Is there an explanation for this, or is my computer trying to mess with my head??
  13. @splitting Thank you for the info. I should have remembered, but it's been a stressful week.
  14. I don't remember if we can do the quests on side accounts. You don't make NP off of it, but I wanted to make sure it's okay first.
  15. Okay, Arnold Vosloo was no Boris Karloff in The Mummy, but I liked him in those movies. Maybe I'm a little nuts.
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