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    TV/Movies: Bleach, Hockey, MLP, Jem. G.I. Joe (80's series) NCIS, WWE, X-Men, Australia

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  1. Firefox is the only browser I use. Microsoft Edge doesn't work well for me. I hadn't thought of clearing my cookies, but I'll give it a try.
  2. I hope it survives as well. I can't see myself not going on NeoPets at night.
  3. For the last couple weeks, Neopets has been acting really weird. I click on "Community" and it takes me to the Calendar. I click on Meerca Chase II, and it takes me to Kou-Jong. Faerieland? I wound up on Krawk Island. Is there an explanation for this, or is my computer trying to mess with my head??
  4. @splitting Thank you for the info. I should have remembered, but it's been a stressful week.
  5. I don't remember if we can do the quests on side accounts. You don't make NP off of it, but I wanted to make sure it's okay first.
  6. Okay, Arnold Vosloo was no Boris Karloff in The Mummy, but I liked him in those movies. Maybe I'm a little nuts.
  7. Yes, the oil painting one is definitely Edward Munch's "The Scream". It's one of my favorite paintings, so I voted for oil painting as well.
  8. He's so cute! It's been my experience, through my MIL's cats, the cute ones are the most mischeivious. Remy is the worst of the lot. He does his business everywhere! Then there's Cerridwen. She's a well-behaved Bombay, and loves napping on my shoulder.
  9. It looks like a Grundo finger. Yeah, the creep-out factor is getting out of hand here.
  10. Oh wow! I never heard one thing about when this was going to start until now!
  11. Is it just me, or does Lyra look like Demona from the animated show "Gargoyles"?
  12. He ate another PET! Unfortunately, it was a Buzz I adopted. The whole thing has soured me on creating/adopting a Grarrl ever again.
  13. That has to be one of the strangest things a Grarrl ever ate. I used to have a Grarrl on a side account, but he did the unthinkable. He ate another neopet! I'm sorry to say I pounded him, but I really couldn't have that kind of behavior.
  14. Leave it to one granny or another to make you feel better! I'm so glad that my kougra will be chocolate again. My MIL's peophin will be Eventide again (She's currently Zombie).
  15. I'm not happy right now. My Chocolate Kougra, Acinaciform, went from her beautiful Chocolate coat to basic Red! Now, I'm looking for a new color for her.
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