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  1. I only made Rank 1. Just getting that far with all Shootout Showdown games was driving me crazy. I'm terrible at Yooyu ball, so I stick to the side games. The good news is that my team, Maraqua, placed third! That's a first for me.
  2. @jellysundae That adult trike looks just like mine except for the color. I have a nice greenbelt in my area where I can ride.
  3. My team actually placed third! This is the first time my has done that well. I only made Rank 1 with 332 prize points. They should give bonus prize points to the top three in my opinion.
  4. Like the rest of Neopia, I find myself waiting for the results of the Staff tournament and the Altador Cup itself. Usually, I'm a patient person, but in a case like this? Not so much. Anyone else share the sentiment?
  5. My trike has a basket, and I can get a couple bags of groceries in it. i also have the classic bike bell on one side. Mine is a beautiful metallic blue. As soon as it stops raining, I'm going to check the tires, and go for a ride.
  6. If you're not that confident about being on a regular bike, may I suggest an adult trike? I have one (mainly because my balance stinks), and I love it.
  7. Those recipes sound amazing! The brie hashbrown casserole sounds really good! I'm tempted to ask you if I may have the recipe for that!
  8. Thank you for the info. I was curious about that myself. Last I checked, my team (Maraqua) was in seventh place during round robin. Considering the highest my team previously scored was twelfth, I'm feeling hopeful for the finals. Not overconfident...Just hopeful.
  9. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I hope he does win. I've never won a spotlight before, and it would be cool if SanguisLupe had that distinction.
  10. I entered my Lupe, SanguisLupe, in the customisation spotlight. I think he looks pretty good wearing what I call "Tyrannian Chic". I would love some opinions. Do you think he can win? Yes, he's a Tyrannian Lupe which makes the look work that much better.
  11. I live in Florida so it's raining virtually every day. Hurricane season is the worst thing on earth! You plan and prepare for the worst, and hope like crazy for the best. You'll find me hiding under my desk holding my laptop.
  12. It had been storming later that night, and the wind was crazy! The bee must have been carried away by the wind. It was probably eaten by a bird or something.
  13. I got up this morning, and bravely peeled off the band-aid. The redness and what little swelling I had were gone. There's still a red speck from where the stinger was removed. Strangest part is, there wasn't a dead bee on my deck this morning. Weird, huh? Could I have gotten less than the whole stinger, and it lived? Is that even possible?
  14. The weather app on my phone said 100% chance of storms at 11 tonight. Around 11:15, I poked my head out the door to see if it was raining. I saw a light drizzle, then a bee just stung me for no apparent reason! Who knew bees are nocturnal? Not me. I admit to letting out a pretty good scream when it stung me. My fiance, Ed, came running, and I told him what happened. Well, he got the stinger out, put first-aid cream on it, and a band-aid. Thing still hurts like crazy. The good news here is I'm not allergic to bees. The bad news is, that band-aid is right over my left eyebrow. Absolutely no hiding this thing.