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  1. Is Top Chop not loading for anybody else? I've tried on 3 different browsers and all I get is black. So annoying because I completed all the other challenges. ETA: and yes, I have the latest version flash.
  2. Curse the sadist who designed this game! I can barely get over 10 points.
  3. Oh, awesome! I assumed she wasn't available anymore when I didn't see her in the Rattling Cauldron dome. I only just realised she was in the new one. Thanks!
  4. Oops I completely forgot this plot was still going. I'm guessing we can't battle Kaia anymore now that she's gone?
  5. It's a total drag (ba dum tss) doing NeoQuest with this lag. I'm getting weird effects, too, like the healing potions not showing up during battles, and now it's taking back to the starting page when I hit "attack". That gave me quite a fight the first time it happened. This is my fifth go at insane, and I'm currently at level 40 - I do NOT want to be starting over again!
  6. Lol there are galleries for partially eaten food? I figured it was something like that, but wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to just "create" it yourself by feeding your pet? Or are people so impatient to fill up their galleries that they can't wait a couple days for their pets to get hungry? I dunno...it just seems weird to me that the demand for part foods is that much higher than normal foods - they can be like 3x or 4x more expensive. And the weirdest thing is, for some omelettes, 2/3 pieces are more expensive than 1/3 omelettes, even though the latter would take more work to create. There's a conspiracy going on, I tell you!
  7. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's wondered why partially eaten omelettes, jellies, and pizzas are priced higher than whole ones. So has anyone figured it out yet? More importantly, why do people even buy them? Anyone here ever brought a part omelette, etc?
  8. Other than avoiding such situations? I dunno...lots of toilet breaks? Honestly, the best thing to do is talk to them about your need for alone time. I mean they're your friends, so they should be understanding. Yeah, being an introvert with an extrovert parent is the worst. They just don't understand that I enjoy spending a lot of time by myself. And my mother thinks it's something I can just get over if I socialize more. Sigh.
  9. I honestly don't remember much from the early days, except that someone hacked into my account and gave me a secret lab map piece! I miss whoever that was. I was almost hesitant to change my password. Was Lenny Conundrum a thing then, or was that during the Viacom years? Anyway, as a huge logic puzzle geek, I really miss that.
  10. Me too! I spent 2 days getting 700 if I was lucky, but today I beat Chadley by 200+ points on my second try! Turns out all I needed was the sound. This game was nowhere near as frustrating for me as Kou-Jong though. I spent aaaaages on that game because I kept getting that stupid score sending error (probably because I took too long to finish the game). I don't know how people manage to have even a 1 sec bonus on the hard mode levels. DD has turned out to be a good guide for games to AVOID for me. I know I'll never touch Kou-Jong or Barf Boat again!
  11. Is it still a crush if you're not sexually or romantically attracted to him? Sounds to me like you just admire the guy in a platonic way. I mean, you're not fantasizing about him reciting love poems to you on a gondola ride, right?
  12. I've done that too. It was a real pain having to start NeoQuest again. And I just remembered: I accidentally donated all my AC prizes last year, instead of depositing them (yes, I even clicked away the warning). D'oh! At least I didn't hit "discard", though. It's of some comfort that all those hours of furiously pounding two letters on my keyboard benefited someone. Wow thanks guys! :)
  13. Boohoohooo...I was putting up 2 pieces of the original treasure map for auction today, but I got the prices mixed up! So now I have the corner piece that says "treasure map", worth over 70,000np, going for only 1700np! :crying_blow: That's what I get for trying to multitask, I guess. Help me feel better, share the brain farts you've had on neopets.
  14. Anyone else not got their prizes for November's PT yet? I definitely scored enough to get a gold trophy, but I haven't got it yet. Nor have I received any NP for it (I think). I haven't even received any mail TNT.
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