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  1. Favorite Ethnic Cuisine?

    ALL OF THEM because I really like food. :P In seriousness, I've been having a lot more Vietnamese and Thai dishes recently, and I'm loving that. I'm trying to learn how to cook chinese-style dishes as well; I have all my family's old recipes but they're kind of difficult to decipher (and I'm a bad cook!). I also have to say, "American" food should totally count; I was abroad for a while and I missed it sooo much. You might not think that American food has remarkable characteristics, but there's something distinctive about it that I can't quite identify. I am so excited to have American-style pizza again, among other things. This post has been edited by a member of staff (Ruto) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please do not double post. Use the edit button if you have something to add. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  2. So what are you reading?

    I would highly recommend "The Golem and the Jinni" by Helene Wecker. I just finished it recently. Fantasy novel, set in New York in the late 19th century. Fantastic description of that era. @cellestica I've been meaning to read that! Maybe next...
  3. I think it can be kind of amusing. I don't know, just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it needs to be eliminated...
  4. What's Your Favorite Neopian Land ?

    I think it's interesting that some areas are just...neglected. Like, Roo Island, and Kiko Lake. They're so sad! My favorite might be Terror Mountain. I love winter. But I change all the time, so many of them are well-designed...
  5. Recent Luck After the Newest Neopocalpyse?

    I feel like I've had more REs too! I think I've gotten 20k NP over the last couple of days...? Lots of bank errors, same as some of y'all. It's exciting. :D
  6. what's the most frustrating part of neopets ?

    the fact that I'm still trying to get avatars is frustrating. not because of the process (though I hate the random avatars), but because I can't believe I'm still addicted to this! :P Oh well... the only thing that's *actually* frustrating me currently from an in-game perspective is the score submissions. I thought I had a trophy last month, and then it got delayed by the bot-checker. :(
  7. I've never had any NC before, so for now I'm just going to hoard it until I decide what to do. :P A FQ cookie sounds good though...
  8. Donate vs Discard ???

    Does anyone know what happens to junk at the Money Tree? Like, do actual players take it, or do you think some of it gets...ahem...disappeared?
  9. Any Help?

    I'm glad you went to get it checked out! Anxiety attacks can be scary, but hopefully you'll get them under control and it won't be much of a problem. :) I used to have an issue with them, but they've since cleared up. Take care of yourself!
  10. Procrastinating High School Students In Their Last Year

    I can sympathize with this! My dorm at college actually made a group Neopets account so we could all procrastinate during finals. It was a lot of fun, but of course then a bunch of us revived our old personal accounts... :)
  11. Who Wants The Neomail Addict Avatar?

    I would also like to be added to the list! My username is bonniee, I'm online every day or two.
  12. The Discovered Treasure Chest Dilemma.

    I sometimes open, but usually sell. Why? I know the pricing doesn't make sense, but games of chance *are* fun. :) If you think about gambling as paying for entertainment, rather than actually expecting to come out ahead, I think it all works out better in the end. That being said, with the Chests there's too much opportunity cost, so I feel happy selling. But with scratchcards? Sometimes I just go for it...
  13. Neopets Transition Updates

    I noticed today that the Battledome says you don't win anything from fights, but the prizes appear to be working normally anyway. Hmm.
  14. Most addictive thing on neopets!

    For me, it's avatars, and also the games! Years later I'm still playing pyramids...
  15. Avatars: What have you got?

    Finally got the Double or Nothing avatar today! That took long enough...