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  1. This is when the game decides to freeze??!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Neopets what have I ever done to you? Does anyone have any ideas for how to unfreeze a flash game or can it not be done? :(
  2. You absolute genius! Thank you! I had looked at people's methods and advice on this topic before but none give so simple and clear a way to make it work. (I decided on the Safari method) and while it did have a black square in the corner I realised if you click on that area you can see the game underneath it so it was only slightly inconvenient. It did freeze maybe 5 times but I managed to get the avatar in under an hour. Thanks again!
  3. Oh man :( another avatar lost to time. Thanks though :)
  4. Off the back of this topic, does anyone have any tips for making Shockwave games play? I really want to get the Gourmet Club Bowls avatar but it just keeps saying I have to install the latest version which I already have and I keep going round in circles.
  5. I just got the Kelp avatar today :) Spent about 300k trying to get leftovers :'( but still it could have been worse I hear
  6. A few days ago I got a Desert Paint Brush a muffin and 20 000 nps from the Fruit Machine. By far the best spin I've had in 12 long years of playing :)
  7. I like Maraquan Draiks but all Maraquan pets are generally cool :)
  8. Oh wow is anyone else super impressed its compatible on iPad
  9. I have 272 now woop woop! How annoying is the Brightvale wheel one to get though and the one for Buried Treasure?! Sure they're just there to taunt me...
  10. I just got the Moody King Skaarl avatar. Was expecting the other one, you know for that joke about Peophins, which I put in every day *sigh*, but still very happy with that :)
  11. I'm saving up for a Rock and a Royal Petpet paint brush and also a Super Attack Pea cape all for my pea chia :)
  12. I'd love that avvie, but have too much frustration with the lever of doom as it is and I don't want to throw all my nps down the drain :(
  13. I got really lucky and one of my petpets found me a Mootix! That was nice of him. :D
  14. I'd really like the Faerie Bubbles one, I've been playing that game for ages but I just can't do it! Also as many of you have said the gold Kad trophy would be nice
  15. Hellooo I am new here too. And I also love acting too :P