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  1. Flash game frozen

    This is when the game decides to freeze??!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Neopets what have I ever done to you? Does anyone have any ideas for how to unfreeze a flash game or can it not be done? :(
  2. Neopets Help!

    You absolute genius! Thank you! I had looked at people's methods and advice on this topic before but none give so simple and clear a way to make it work. (I decided on the Safari method) and while it did have a black square in the corner I realised if you click on that area you can see the game underneath it so it was only slightly inconvenient. It did freeze maybe 5 times but I managed to get the avatar in under an hour. Thanks again!
  3. Neopets Help!

    Oh man :( another avatar lost to time. Thanks though :)
  4. Neopets Help!

    Off the back of this topic, does anyone have any tips for making Shockwave games play? I really want to get the Gourmet Club Bowls avatar but it just keeps saying I have to install the latest version which I already have and I keep going round in circles.
  5. Avatars: What have you got?

    I just got the Kelp avatar today :) Spent about 300k trying to get leftovers :'( but still it could have been worse I hear
  6. What's the luckiest you've been on Neopets?

    A few days ago I got a Desert Paint Brush a muffin and 20 000 nps from the Fruit Machine. By far the best spin I've had in 12 long years of playing :)
  7. TDN Members - What is your "Dream Pet"?

    I like Maraquan Draiks but all Maraquan pets are generally cool :)
  8. AAA's Revenge - Avatar!?

    Oh wow is anyone else super impressed its compatible on iPad
  9. Avatars: What have you got?

    I have 272 now woop woop! How annoying is the Brightvale wheel one to get though and the one for Buried Treasure?! Sure they're just there to taunt me...
  10. What's your Achievement today?

    I just got the Moody King Skaarl avatar. Was expecting the other one, you know for that joke about Peophins, which I put in every day *sigh*, but still very happy with that :)
  11. What are you currently working towards?

    I'm saving up for a Rock and a Royal Petpet paint brush and also a Super Attack Pea cape all for my pea chia :)
  12. wheel of extravagance is NOT worth it.

    I'd love that avvie, but have too much frustration with the lever of doom as it is and I don't want to throw all my nps down the drain :(
  13. What's your Achievement today?

    I got really lucky and one of my petpets found me a Mootix! That was nice of him. :D
  14. What Trophy Do You Want The Most?

    I'd really like the Faerie Bubbles one, I've been playing that game for ages but I just can't do it! Also as many of you have said the gold Kad trophy would be nice
  15. New to TDN!

    Hellooo I am new here too. And I also love acting too :P