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  1. Fiendish Formations- Let's help each other out.

    Oh I didn't know that could be done. Do you know if it can be done in chrome too?
  2. Fiendish Formations- Let's help each other out.

    @Angeló did you get it to work? That's really strange. I really do not like this game. There's too much noise and I can't turn it off without muting my computer and it's all too quick and overwhelming. I've somehow been getting the scores so far, but every day it's worse. Also, there's only a few hours to complete the game on time each day which I'm finding frustrating, we're not all in the US!
  3. Vote For Next Paint Brush!

    unpopular opinion, but i quite like the origami and toy options. i've never been a fan of steampunk and so far the burlap doesn't work for me as a colour. @ashleaghi agree that it'd be good if they'd finish off the older colours, but at the same time I am excited by the prospect of new colours!
  4. every time you clear a lower level and score three stars you get 1000nps. This is super easy on the first 10 levels, so people tend to play them over and over to get 50k a day. You should give the game a go anyway though as you get quite a few album items and backgrounds along the way
  5. Wraith Resurgence: Murmur, Battle and Potions Part 4

    That light faerie lock thing does my head in. The first two times we had to do it I had no problem, but now ugh miss miss miss. I sincerely hope we don't have to do it a fifth time
  6. Magical Blue Grundo Plushie Gets New Prizes!

    I got the stealthy vandy one last night. I'm so happy they have released some new ones!
  7. Happy Bruce Day!

    i actually really like the relic bruce!
  8. 2017 TDN Christmas Gifting Post

    iittt's baaaack!!! there's my wishlist: https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/ranga_muffin/ I'll pop on tomorrow to start gifting (going to bed now) Thanks list: :) :) :) Gilly | fish | duma | nielo | oriam | pulpfreeoj | musical shoyru | hanso | Kayahtik | tracy | lindy | charelan | zafie | snowwhite | cae | baba | ihasllamas | if I don't know your tdn name, I've just written some of your neo un for privacy
  9. Item Giveaway - Everything Must Go!

    Thank you again for the book! I very much appreciate it :) I marked it off on my wishlist and realised just how long it was, so thanks for trawling through it!
  10. Welcome to December and Advent Calendar Begins!

    today I got a snow burger I do like the usuki dolls, i very casually collect them (same with slushies), so they're cool
  11. Item Giveaway - Everything Must Go!

    Oh wow, that's sad, but also great for you to dedicate time to your business. I hope it's a success! It's incredibly kind of you to offer to give your items away, I'll put my wishlist here but whatever you want to give i fine! Thankyou! https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/ranga_muffin/
  12. Welcome to December and Advent Calendar Begins!

    my additional prize was a coffee slushie :)
  13. Avatars: What have you got?

    Finally! Only took me 6 years!!! Yay Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Neomail Addict' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  14. Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat Locations!

    ugh I got nothing special this year at all :(
  15. Happy Korbat Day!

    to be honest it does look a bit avengery too, but I have long since lost track of the characters so I have no idea which one fits