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  1. I just died on 1039 why why why this game is breaking my soul EDIT OH MY GOD I DID IT!!! Anyone need a partner? My only tip aside from what has already been mentioned, would be to listen to something calming at the same time. Good luck everyone, and let us pray that AAA's revenge will be an easier score!!!
  2. this game is definitely my dubloon disaster. i've beaten chadley every time so far, but I think that's about to change for sure :(
  3. I just watched it over the weekend. I've been avoiding dramas a bit as I can get a bit too engaged emotionally (Hannibal I'm looking at you), but I watched this one, and there were proper feels. I really empathised with both of the main characters. It makes a nice change to see that kind of topic on tv, something with a bit of depth that can be confronting.
  4. does anyone need a partner for chadley right now? super chuffed - a stamp and a book!! I've never been a huuuge fan of this game, but it wasn't so bad today
  5. don't worry, you'll get there! I had to practice a lot in the past to get the avvie. remember you can skip the super annoying levels by typing skip!
  6. yes I saw that too! then it went to 800 and i was surprised by how much lower it was. This was a game where I didn't have to practice beforehand which was a nice change!
  7. make sure you go back and play the last two days as if it follows last year, as long as you beat the challenges during the event, the specific day doesn't matter so much!
  8. oh my god I do not like that game. thank god it's over
  9. from memory, i took dayyyyyysss to complete the dubloon disaster challenge last year (that game nearly broke me), but I did complete it and still beat AAA's score. At the end I still won the gold trophy as I had managed to beat all of AAA's scores even if not technically on the right day. Now it might not be the same this year, but it's possible it will be, and it can buy you a few more days for especially difficult challenges.
  10. don't worry, we're only a quarter of the way through, I'm sure there'll be at least one confounding game to come :/
  11. Thanks! I followed your tips and beat Chadley really quickly!
  12. Yeah I agree, I'm glad to have beaten BTY even if it's a bronze! Usually the new round starts around 3/4am here, so last night was actually pretty early for me!
  13. So where I live, it's rather difficult for me to get the Better Than You trophy in gold as the new rounds tend to be released in the middle of the night. But tonight, I checked and the new round started around 1am, so I was like let's give this a go. NGL, I am not a fan of the game - Gwyl's Great Escape, but I have sat here struggling to get the 300 score for 50 minutes. Now last I had checked there were 19 people who had beaten the challenger, so I was like okay, well a silver trophy is still an improvement. Anyhoo, I finally did it, I don't know how but I did, I passed that 300 mark. I was tempted to send the score straightaway, but I was all nah don't be paranoid ranga, just finish the game, I won't last much longer. So I did, and I made it to just before the end of the next level, sent my score (no problems, phew), and saw the delightful neomail notification informing of my victory. Then I refreshed the BTY page, and saw the fateful words "55 people have already beaten Gwyl the Symol". I then opened my neomail to confirm the bronze truth. I am cry now. Just having a bit of a whinge. It's late and I'm tired and I've been aiming for a silver/gold trophy for over a year, and I came so close, and yet it was so far :( On the plus side, I do have a new background which makes me happy
  14. As decchild said you can choose each day, but if you go with Chadley's challenge each day and beat them all you get a gold trophy, if you go with a mix of Chadley and Lulu, the trophy will be silver or for completing only Lulu's challenges you will get a bronze trophy at the end (if it follows last year's pattern). So if trophies are important to you, then that's another factor to consider. Similar to above, the number of prizes (and quality), will decrease along with the trophy tier. I have described above how the trophy you receive is worked out. here's a link to last year's prizes and trophies for DD: http://www.jellyneo.net/?go=dailydare16
  15. hmmm, I get that thinking, but it's a bit annoying - what if you actually wanted the guaranteed crafting faerie quest itself. i don't usually have any NC, but I like the option being there. Thanks for responding