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  1. The wold is scary lately

    As someone in a country that has banned the possession and sale of guns, I think it does help. Of course there will always be some people who get access to illegal guns, but I think it really does reduce gun related violence overall. It also takes away the ability for someone to be impulsive and hurt someone because they have easy access to an exceedingly lethal weapon. It's also easy for people to become desensitised to things like guns when they see them around them so much. I personally find the idea of guns terrifying - to have so much power without having to do anything but pull a trigger. These incidents are always very sad, and frustrating, I don't get people who hurt other living things
  2. what is this???

    I think I vaguely remember a reference to it being to do with battling, but don't quote me! I guess this will start fairly soon though as it seems like a follow on from the faeries, although I thought the event was earmarked for October...
  3. what is this???

    I was having a look at the newest released items and I came across this new NC item: Wraith Resurgence Chest 9-Pack Bring this chest to the faeries in the Wraith Resurgence event to help win the war and earn NC items along the way! Please read the Wraith Resurgence FAQ for more information before purchasing! It's not active yet, but could this be related to the new battledome event????
  4. Happy Poogle Day!

    I thought maybe they were going for a freckle, but the white chocolate bit doesn't make sense. It's an odd one, but I don't hate it, we can thank TNT for not giving us something hideous (transparent pb i'm looking at you)
  5. A tragic story of a lost account...

    Ah that's super annoying. But apparently if you keep bugging them on fb they're more likely to respond. Not a problem about the invite, although some kudos must go to arctic_fox! I hope you like the guild :)
  6. A tragic story of a lost account...

    This is our guild :http://www.neopets.com/guilds/guild.phtml?id=4176228 I've also attempted to invite you too :) I'm a zapper, and I'm trying to remember, but i'm not sure if we can zap plushie? Nonetheless, you are welcome to wish for a hissi morphing potion/ request a hissi of another colour. I too lament the loss of my old account and pets :( but do send in a ticket, it may not succeed but at least you'll have tried? I've also attempted to invidte you too :)
  7. which NC Background should I buy ?!

    I just tried them both with your Peopha and they are both glorious with her, so maybe do get both? What you could do though, is buy one/neither yet and put the other one in your NC wishlist and keep an eye out for a BG sale if you want to try to save the NC as you can't buy it where you are?
  8. which NC Background should I buy ?!

    Hmm, they are both lovely. As images I preferred the tye dye sky, but I think for customisation I prefer the top of the world. It's tough though!
  9. Beauty Contest Avatar

    I just had a look at 'previous weeks votes' on the BC page, and it says there were 219 entries last week and it gives you the score for each of them, so you can scroll through and see where you placed :)
  10. Neopets Shop

    when you want to sell items, don't go off the estimated value that comes up when you look at the item in your inventory as it is generally way off what it actually sells for. What you can do is use the jellyneo database https://items.jellyneo.net/. The database will tell you prices for most items. You can also check the shop wizard to see what other people are selling items for, but the shop wizard is only good for items up to 99,999NPs. For items over this, you can use the trading post, or for exceptionally expensive items, the auction house. EDIT - tdn also has an item database, https://items.thedailyneopets.com/ it's very new so i forgot. you can also use that for pricing items.
  11. Am I the only one annoyed by....

    haha, no i don't bother with the goalie either, my brain can't change gears quickly enough, and I can't be bothered figuring it out usually I can't stand playing YYB that much, but this year i've been less annoyed by it than usual...until today. i look forward to not having to play it every day soon!
  12. Am I the only one annoyed by....

    Yeah nah both of these issues bother me too. I'm trying to max of YYB at the mo to get to all star, and it's really made me take note of some of the gameplay problems. I too don't really see them fixing these problems though :(
  13. Altador Cup Staff Tournament

    Haha, yes. I've changed The Clash for Kikocat, and Binary for Ehlo Froyo. Jellyneo has most results up, but am still waiting on Gingersnap's score to make my final forward choice!
  14. Altador Cup Staff Tournament

    Here are mine: Cherry Blossom: 1886 Senor Malo: 1230 Scrappy: 2080 The Clash: 1029 Binary Supergoo: 2030 Not a bad score overall, but I may change up a couple depending on others' results
  15. AC XII Music .. TV

    i was watching Riverdale while playing, but since i've finished that i've returned to Brooklyn 99. As for music, mostly 70s/80s/90s mixed in with a couple of recent songs I also like.