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  1. Please Help

    Also, to clear the fog, you need to make more potions. You say there is "fog everywhere" so I don't know if you have cleared any of it yet. But here is what you need to do. Go to these places first and see if you have fog there, if so, make the following potions, leave them in your inventory, go back to the place and it will tell you to use the potion. If you use the potion and the prompt comes up AGAIN telling you to use the potion, DON'T! Click refresh. It WILL use another potion and that is a waste of ingredients. Giant omelette and giant jelly- Concoction I Soup kitchen and Kitchen quests- Concoction II Apple bobbing bart and pick your own- Concoction III Rubbish dump and money tree- Concoctiton IV Healing springs and fishing vortex- Concoction V Training school and island mystic- Concoction VI The discarded blue magical grundo plushie- concoction VII Coltzan's shrine- Concoction VIII Tombola- Concoction IX Fruit Machine- Concoction X Those will at least get rid of the fog for you. Like scoobert said, you may have to find Kaia in the woods. If you go to the HQ page and she is not sitting there, you need to find her. Click on the bridge and find her, like finding the others.
  2. Advice for battling hulking wraith

    Mouseykins and Duma have some very good ideas. I would most definitely train up to level 50 as lens flare is a life saver, LITERALLY! lol. As far as weapons are concerned, I would get rid of either the shining celesta sword or the reflecting vanities as they are crappy and replace with the fiendish key. We got that one from the plot. If you have the thistleberry pingrenade, I would definitely use that or the yooyu knuckle duster. Another decent weapon, from I believe the GMC, is the water powered pistol. It does 13 attack and 5 defensive icons. I think there are much better weapons you could have and I would put an ultranova in your set too. It does a nice amount of damage but if it comes down to it, it could be the difference between surviving and not.
  3. Yay and nay, son leaving tomorrow for boot camp

    So, I want to update everyone on how my son is doing. I have been texting with him quite a bit. He got in to the Army Base at Fort Jackson SC on Wednesday after his layover flight out of Washington DC was cancelled because of the snowstorm on Tuesday night. They put them up at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and he enjoyed that. Thursday through Sunday (today) was ceremonies and getting accustomed to being away from home, getting a boat load of vaccinations, etc. He said he likes the food. He had Chicken Cordon Bleu last night. Don't know if it will be same type of food in Basic Training Camp, which he starts tomorrow. They will take his phone away and he has to earn phone privileges that he will get on Sundays. He IS home sick however, he has met a lot of very nice people. There are 8 guys in his group and he likes them all very much. But now the hard part begins. His basic training begins tomorrow and lasts for 9 weeks. His graduation is March 29th. At that time I will go to SC for family day, graduation, and visitation for the weekend. I get to drive him to his next Base which is a little (NOT MUCH) closer to home. I will drive him to NC. @sunshineparadox, he will be REAL close to you then. He will be there for 17 weeks. He just text me, he had steak, sweet potato fries and corn for dinner. That will be the last thing he eats though until 5am tomorrow. That is a hard thing for him right now, not being able to eat when he wants to. He will get used to that, but also, once basic training starts, he will be tired and in bed earlier than he is now. So, all in all, he is doing well. I have chatted with him pretty much every day/night, so it has been ok, but pretty soon, I won't be able to do that anymore. I guess it is good that I have been able to have that contact with him in the beginning, while I am getting used to him not being here. I am doing better too. It is nice to have my friends, family, and my TDN family to share all of this with. Thank you all.
  4. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 2. zambra 6. jubalee 7. nine 8. alabriss 9. verb 10. lamp 11. sarah 14. ancients Down: 1. meowclops 3. babaa 4. koi 5. jellybeans 6. jetsam 12. aaa 13. ice Which of Dr. Sloth's evil clones is one of the most loyal according to Sloth himself? Answer: Evil sloth clone #177 Prize: 250 NP and glistening sloth statue
  5. Underwater Fishing

    Hovering Four-Dimensional Pyramid! Your pet's fishing skill increases to 309! This is something I haven't seen before. Going to check it out and see what it is/does. I like getting new items. Fun, fun, fun.
  6. Nay for Missing the Hockey Game

    Awwww, I'm sorry. That really sucks. And then to have it rubbed in your face by a stupid sports commentator is even worse. I am a huge football so I know how you feel. I am STILL trying to get over the sting of the final play of the last 10 seconds of my Saints losing to the Vikings. I feel ya. You are a good fiancee'.
  7. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 2. ruby 6. illusen 8. pirate 10. red 11. hat 12. green 13. jellybeans Down: 1. one 3. braintree 4. nine 5. orange 7. sarah 9. sink 14. blue 15. shed Which of Dr. Sloth's evil clones is one of the most loyal according to Sloth himself? Answer: evil sloth clone #177 Prize: 250 NP and glistening sloth statue
  8. battledome avatars not available?

    Sorry. I didn't mean to strike a nerve. I re-read my post, If you thought my parenthesis was being rough, it did sound that way when I re-read it, lol. I am going to fix it to read like I meant it. I meant it to say, something to the effect of, how would WE (anyone) know which pet was the pet that granted the avatar? If our pets all fought in the old battledome, I suppose it happens when you first fight in the new battledome, so I just answered my own question. lol. But my thought process was, ANY of those pets could be the avatar pet, but apparently not. lol. Duh Trace!!!! But otherwise, I really do think it is your acct that the pets fought on, then they fight in the new battledome, you get the avatar. But, here again, I may be wrong. lol. But again, sorry if it seemed like I jumped down your throat, didn't mean it like that, AT ALL. You know I love ya!
  9. Vote For Next Paint Brush!

    We are on the same page scoobs because that is what I was going to say. Steampunk does INDEED look like Robot, very much so. Toy does not look like toy to me, it looks like gold, or like you said Scoobs, a very bright, yellow Lenny. The origami is ok. The burlap could be cute but I am not liking the legs/knees on that Lenny AT ALL! I guess if I HAD to vote for one of them, it would be origami only because it is the least uh, weird, and the most like it is supposed to look.
  10. battledome avatars not available?

    Scoobs, I really don't think this is the case because I have lent pets, pets from my account, that were not used to obtain the avatar and that person did not obtain the battledome veteran avatar or trophy with that pet. I was really under the impression it was somehow acct related. But again, I could be wrong. I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken. Lol. I would be nice if punchbag sid would make an appearance. I would like to get that Avatar.
  11. battledome avatars not available?

    Oh that's not right. I would re submit a ticket as tnt has been taken over by yet another company. I mean, they do still have the same idiots working for them, but I would give it a try anyway. Can't hurt. That isn't right that they change your password for your own protection because of THEIR OWN security breach, then can't let you back in to your acct. That doesn't sit right with me. They should be able to reset the password for every acct. Yes, you should use the 13 yr old acct for your main. You will get more transfers, more NPs for food club if you do that, and other perks. You can read the articles on TDN about perks of an older acct. Do you remember who it was at TNT that answered your ticket and told you all that junk about not being able to get your acct back for you?
  12. battledome avatars not available?

    I KNOW EXACTLY how you feel about that battledome veteran avatar and trophy. When I first started my account back in 2008 with my, then 8 year old, son who also had an account, he used to always challenge me in the battledome. The battledome was quite different back then, remember? I hated battling. However I am sooooooo grateful that he "forced" me to battle because that trophy and avatar are really the only items, other than it's age, that distinguish my account as a "vintage" account as opposed to a newbie account. That being said, unfortunately, other than somehow getting your old account back, there is no way of getting that avatar/trophy again. Using a pet from your old account does not matter. There are a lot of older pets out there for adoption. If getting one of those pets could get you a retired avatar, there wouldn't be too many out there, everyone would scroff them up. As far as the other avatars, I haven't heard anything. I know the Defenders of Neopia Avatars are not available at this time, but the lupe avatar should be working. I already have it, so I don't know. Sorry I can't be of more help. What is the issue with your old account? Password/birthday/frozen? You say you have one of the pets from a side account. That means that side account is older, correct? You should change that side account in to a main account as there are more perks/benefits to having an older account and use your new acct as a side acct.
  13. As Kayahtik said, it stands for win draw or lose. If you fight on the green level, that is the easiest and the opponent will have the least amount of HPs. Yellow level is moderate and red level is the hardest level and the opponent will have the highest amount of HPs. In the old days of the obelisk, you would have to do 10 battles on the red level, and someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe it was something like 15 battles on yellow and 20 on green level. It may have been 10/red, 20/yellow, and 30/green. But my point is, you had to do MORE battles on yellow and green than you did on red. Red was definitely 10. Now, you simply have to do 10 battles on ANY level to complete the round of the obelisk.
  14. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 3. lamp 6. ham 8. orange 10. coffee 12. evil 13. closet Down: 1. aaa 2. blue 4. pirate 5. sink 7. meowclops 9. brave 11. five 14. one 15. two Which of Dr. Sloth's evil clones is one of the most loyal according to Sloth himself? Answer: evil sloth clone #177 Prize: 250 NP and glistening sloth statue
  15. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 2. orange 4. tarla 7. scrap 8. ham 9. spy 11. pirate 12. altador 13. red Down: 1. green 3. relic 5. aaa 6. vampire 7. sarah 9. spyder 10. beard Which of Dr. Sloth's evil clones is one of the most loyal according to Sloth himself? Answer: Evil Sloth Clone #177 Prize: 250 NP and glistening sloth statue