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  1. Gotta go Brutes for my sista Beth! She has been waiting too long for that avatar.
  2. My advice is, hold on to your potions until you collect all of them. You get more points the more you drop off. For example, on level one, I dropped all 5 potions at once and scored 190 points, however when I dropped off 4 then 1, I scored 95 points. At the later levels, when it is a matter of getting a potion dropped off to obtain the needed score, or losing a life, by all means, drop off that potion. And don't forget the extra life cheat, lookoutbruno. Could come in handy.
  3. I love the wig, and your Ixi looks FABULOUS wearing it! Great job Angelo.
  4. As Hanso said, it will be sent back to you within 48 hrs if it isn't accepted, unless it went to another account. I may have misunderstood what you said, but if your spell check changed the name, it may have gone to someone else.
  5. Yes, me too. I like seeing my friend's names up there. I have seen Scoobert up there b4 too. I have to admit, and I know there are others who won't admit it , sometimes you see a name up there and it's like, "Really? them again?" LOL. But seriously, for the most part, I am happy for people. And I have stated many times, the overfeeders are the ones who keep the game challenging for those trying to get trophies and avies. Without them, it would be too easy.
  6. Well, as far as the AC goes, I could probably give you some suggestions, but I am sure you have tried them all already. As for the blood test, unfortunately we all have to get them done at various times in our lives, and it is very important to do so. The fasting really sucks. I recommend that you eat something light right before midnight, or before you go to bed. As late as you can is my point. I am assuming, as with most blood work, unless they have told you otherwise (make sure you ask!) you can take your medications, in the morning, with some water. (If you take any medication). Go to the lab as EARLY as possible. I know around here they open up between 6am-7am. However, there are some labs right inside the hospitals that are open even earlier. Get it done as early as you can. I stop at dunkin donuts on my way, get my coffee, get my blood work done, then my coffee is waiting for me in my car. Good luck to you.
  7. Why did you feel you would lose your account? If everything was legit, there was no reason to worry. Have you known someone who lost their account due to a score review from a legitimately played game? I have had scores reviewed before and it hasn't ever been an issue. The only time I think you would need to worry is if you are cheating. Otherwise, and I could be wrong, I don't think there is reason to panic.
  8. Hi. I may need a little more information. Did all of this start before or after you started taking birth control? Meaning, are you taking the birth control because of these issues, or did these problems start after you started taking birth control? There could be several causes for your problems, and your doctor telling you that everything is fine (or that nothing is wrong) is not very helpful. If I were you, I would get a second, third, fourth...............opinion. If NOTHING else, bleeding heavy, for extended lengths of time, can cause severe anemia and other deficiencies. It could be something as simple as a hormone imbalance (not simple but not life threatening) to endometriosis, to a benign or malignant tumor of the uterus and/or ovary(s). But like I said, I would need to know more about how and when this issue started.
  9. As an over feeder myself, I will weigh in on this topic. I am not a big OF'er, as I only have 100 feeds, nice round number. My plan was 76, just be an OFFICIAL over feeder. lol. Then I went to 80, then 100. Now I have stopped. I can't really explain people's reasoning for doing it, however, if over feeders did not do it, it would be too easy for newbies to feed and wouldn't be much fun either. I do understand the frustration of being pwned and/or not being able to get your food quick enough to feed a kad, but on the other hand, it wouldn't be much of a challenge if the kads were just sitting there waiting to be fed. I kept the most asked for foods right in my inventory. I kept my inventory full all the time while I was kadding. Unless you have SSW, you will be paying more for foods by using SW than keeping them in your SDB. If you want the avatar, you have to put the time into it. You can get lucky with kadding, like with other games, but it still takes time and effort as well. But before you know it, you will have a silver, a gold, then your avatar.
  10. Hello and welcome to the forums. I am excited to have new members join the forums. I think you will find our members extremely helpful, no matter what the issue, be it related to neopets or real life. I have said it over and over again, and I still can't say it enough, TDN is the best neopets related site on the internet. And trust me, I have looked! Personally, I feel it is the best non-neopets related forum as well. People here are willing to help out with other issues as well. So again, welcome. Don't be afraid to jump right in and ask/answer questions. As midnight said, we are a very close, tight knit, "family like" community, but very warm and welcoming to new members.
  11. I receive it too every time I buy NC items. TNT always sends the neomail when you buy NC items because it is real money. They want to make sure it is you who spent the NC and that your account wasn't hacked. Nothing to worry about.
  12. ok, no, this is no different than a regular faerie quest. You will not lose the quest but will not be able to participate in anymore until you complete this one. I am wondering why you wouldn't complete it. As long as you complete the quest and give her the item, you will have access to the rainbow fountain and that will never expire, until/less you either use the fountain dip OR you receive another fountain faerie quest or the grey faerie gives you a fountain dip. So, if you currently have a fountain dip you need to use BEFORE you complete your quest, then no, your faerie quest will not expire when the event ends. However, if you currently do not have access to the rainbow fountain, I would complete the quest right away. That way you have fountain access which never expires (unless one of the above happens) and you can continue with your quests. I have extensive experience with FFQs, as I have gotten several of them and one during this event as well. So if I am not being clear, or you have any questions, feel free to pm me.
  13. I also like her key idea, however, why would someone buy keys for treasure chests they didn't have? I ask because I too have several of these chests. I did put one into my gallery as I have a pirate themed gallery which includes treasure chests. That took care of one, but I still have several others. I can't see there being many keys around. I could be wrong though.
  14. It also works the other way, lol. I refreshed my air faerie quest and got a crafting faerie quest. lol. That was quite odd. I abandoned it. Then I got my daily crafting faerie quest, refreshed it, and got a dark faerie quest.
  15. Well that certainly is a welcomed RE. Congrats on that one!