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  1. Hi! and welcome back. Honestly, I would say most of us, at some point, took a hiatus from the game and have come back. You have real life issues, or get bored, whatever, but eventually decide to check back. Obviously, and luckily, you were "on again" enough to keep your account from being purged, so that's good. As far as trying to save up for your Lab Map, make sure you have settings set to where you have Trudy's Surprise activated. You spin the wheel every day (sort of like the wheel of slime- only WAY BETTER). You get increasingly more NPs until you hit 100,000! The catch is, you must spin it EVERY DAY or you will go back to the beginning and start again. Make sure you play fashion fever too. It is an easy way to collect 900 nps per day. Again, welcome back. If you need any help, every here on the forum is super helpful.
  2. Thanks for the post J, it gave me the answer to today's daily question. lol As far as the AC, I am waiting for Beth and Scoobert to choose our team for this year, unfortunately I chose one of the cheater teams last year. I think there are cheaters on all of the teams, I would be naive to think otherwise, although I would like to, but I think the way TNT handled it last year was very unfair to those who did not cheat but were unfortunately on the team.
  3. I TOTALLY AGREE with mouseykins. Not only about Mother's Day, but every holiday. I am not a scrooge by any means, but I feel they have become way too commercialized for one. Every company has their hand out to make a buck. I mean, imagine getting together for Christmas/Yule season without presents !!! We decorate our house to the max, then hubby and I drive around and look at all of the lights and decorations on everyone else's house. It is beautiful, and a fun way to spend time together. Then, (hopefully there is a lot of snow) I like to sit in my nice warm house, with a hot cup of coffee, (tea or cocoa- your choice)look at the snow, and be thankful for my nice warm house, my friends and my family. (I am not trying to sound cliche). Second, as mouseykins said, we should be grateful, thankful, and appreciative of our family EVERYDAY, not just on the holidays. Hubby always comes home with something for me. Not just because it's my birthday or some holiday, just because he loves me. (awwwe). LOL. Hallmark has capitalized on every single holiday, and has even come up with a few of their own. I have banned cards. SERIOUSLY! I don't buy them, EVER! I think they are a waste of money and they just end up in the trash creating more waste. I would rather someone write their OWN feelings toward/about me, than buy someone else's words for me. I absolutely love/loved it when my kids make me cards. Those are the best ones, and I still have all of them in my keepsake album. Another example, when people are in the hospital visitors come out of the woodwork all of a sudden. People who haven't called or visited in years are suddenly coming to visit in the hospital. I rarely visit people in the hospital unless it is dire. I will send a note, a gift, or give them a quick call, then visit them when they get home. TRUST ME, as a nurse, I know, when people are in the hospital it's because they are sick and need to rest! All of a sudden they have 20 visitors per day and they can't get the rest they so desperately need. And it never fails, as soon as the person falls asleep, another visitor stops in. Let the person get the rest they need. (they are getting woken up enough by hospital staff as it is). Once they are home and feeling better, then stop in and visit.
  4. Thanks. I didn't even check battlepedia. I mean, why would I? The description says it heals to MAXIMUM Hps. Why would I assume otherwise? lol. Silly me for assuming the potion does what the description says it does. You are completely right, it is completely pointless and a total waste of time and NPs.
  5. Lutari Healing Potion That is the description of the Lutari healing potion. My Lutari has 82 HPs so I expected it to heal her the entire 82 hps. It only healed 22 hps. Does anyone know why? Am I missing something? Heals your pet with the maximum amount of hit points and can be used only on Lutaris. It is not allowed inside Battledome.
  6. I have ABSOLUTELY have that happen to me before. It seems to mostly happen at work, but has happened at home too. I have had it happen A LOT when I go to Yahoo.com. I just, as you said, clear out my cache and restart the computer, but if that doesn't work, switch browsers and that should correct the problem. Good luck with that.
  7. keep playing grave danger, I received a white petpet paint brush from there. It is rare, but it can happen.
  8. I really like hrtbrk's idea of having a wheel where you could win NC or NC items. It would expensive, like the wheel of extravagance, but I think many people would play. I SOOOOO agree with you on the fact that there are too many cheaters to have anything else work. The thing is, the whole point of NC is to get people to spend money on neopets. Giving NC for NPs would defeat that purpose. The little bit they give during events and the rare occurrence on Qasalan Expellibox is only a tease to get people to buy more.
  9. Does it have to be an owl looking petpet? I think a Zebba or a Carmariller would go great with HarrieJamesPotter.
  10. Actually, I did that (changing the language) with one of my petpets before. It HAD to go with a certain pet and the pet wouldn't accept it. I tried changing the language, NOPE. Tried another language, NOPE. Tried a 3rd language, BAM, accepted. It is that way with books too. Sometimes you have to keep trying. Give it a try, it can't hurt.
  11. The problem with knowing their birthdays is the cupcakes. Everyone would be trying to adopt pets ON their birthdays JUST for the cupcakes, then abandoning them. But as others have said, you will not know the birthday until you adopt them. You cannot change the birthday of a pet, the pet's birthday is the day it was created. That would be like changing a person's birthday when you adopt them. LOL. That is how I see it anyway.
  12. It could have been on one of the message boards or in a guild even, not necessarily in a neomail. Trust me when I tell you that sending a ticket will NOT do any good. I finally closed one out that had been open for over 3 yrs for the very same reason. I knew I didn't break a rule so I sent a ticket to find out what the issue was and maybe to argue my point a little bit . I had several tickets after that one that had been answered and resolved, some of them even having back and forth discussions. So I know it wasn't a heavy volume of tickets. They just don't deal with something like that. Although I think they should have said something to the effect of what hrtbrk said and closed it out, not let it sit there open and unanswered for over 3 yrs. But, like everyone else has said, don't worry about it. It isn't a big infraction and won't affect your account. Changing your password is always a good idea anyway.
  13. Anchor Management: The bigger they are, the faster they swim away once they've felt the cannon's blast! The krawken retreats in a hurry, leaving behind: Pirate Eyrie Morphing Potion Not too bad. I have gotten some great dubloons, but usually nothing else too great. This is pretty great. I will add it to my pirate gallery.
  14. You are not allowed to join on side accounts. You are playing games that are earning NPs which is not allowed. You can't play on more than one account and you can't play on side accounts. As far as teams go, I haven't been very good at picking teams, therefore I am going to let my sister Beth and Scoobert pick our team this year. Beth and Scoobert, put your heads together, pick a team and let me know. I will go with which ever team you guys choose.
  15. Thanks Scoobert, I can always count on you to have the answers.