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  1. I don't know much about Cyber bullying as the internet was not around when I was growing up. We dealt with more of the physical bullying. How old is your friend? Is he/she in high school or older? Is it a situation where they can stay off of social media for a little bit until the situation dies down? I mean, if the person has to deal with these people in school or work as well as on the internet, it is harder to ignore them, but if it is JUST the internet, I would lay low for a little bit, then change my user name, and that SHOULD work. What is the reason for the bullying? Does it have to do with the content this person posts?
  2. A couple of things I noticed here. One, you got a message stating WHY your account was frozen. Most people who's accounts are frozen have "no idea" why. I put that in quotes because, usually they did something and if they think hard enough, they figure it out. That leads me to number two. Your account was frozen for your protection which means you did not break any rules. That's a good thing. It may take a while, but once you prove the account is yours, and get through all the other people in line ahead of you, you be able to get your account back with no problem. I wish you lots of luck. Please take the suggestions of others here and visit the board specifically created for getting frozen accounts back. Please update us on the status.
  3. Oooooh, I would have been soooooo mad. LOL. When I saw this post my blood started boiling. Because, after all, AC is the most important part of my day. LMAO. Thanks for the update thought. My blood pressure when UP and DOWN in a split second. That isn't too good for the heart. LOL
  4. I am not sure where I should have posted this but I wanted to make sure EVERYONE noticed it. I just got a pop up on my computer. I wish I took a screen shot but I didn't. I will if I get it again. It was a gray box that asked for my username and password. It said something to the effect of, "Neopets is requesting your username and password for authentification. Your password will not be shared with the current site." I just X'd out the box and continued to play. I would never login in a spot other than the login spot. That was very odd. Wondering if anyone else had this happen to them? The box DID mention neopets but I still don't trust it. I will screen shot it if it happens again. Beware!
  5. Well, I noticed that it is on it's way down. There are a couple thoughts on this. Either sell it now before it gets too low (that is what I would do because it is still nice little profit) or wait as it goes WAY down and see if it comes back up, which could take a very long time (years even) if it gets that high again. I haven't seen it that high, but then again, I always sell way before that point.
  6. Yes, a lot of things in Neopia are surprising to me. I had gotten a music box from the TDMBGPOP. I gave to my pet to play with and he broke it! I was sooooooo upset with him for doing that so I brought to Donnie's toy repair shop and paid to have it fixed and put it in my shop. While pricing it, I realized that it was worth more broken!!!! So now I got WAY less points for a music box that I could have gotten much more for had I not PAID to have it fixed. LMAO. I didn't understand the logic until I posted here and was reminded of the avatar. I already had the avatar, so I didn't even get that when I had it repaired. Guess I should have researched first and not been so quick to fix it. And I shouldn't have been so mad at my poor pet for breaking it. Since there is no avatar for the omelettes, I am not sure what the fascination is.
  7. I would say, if you are doing it SOLELY for the purpose of the 5th pet slot and nothing else, get yourself a side account and you will have 4 extra pet slots! For free! But, as others have said, there are other perks as well. Fighting in the cosmic dome gives a lot of nerkmids too.
  8. I work in the public school system as a school nurse. I have to say, I totally agree with you. If a device is to be used in school for educational purposes, it should be stated as such on the IEP or 504 plan and then used in that capacity. Otherwise, it is very distracting to the other students. I am not saying this to be rude at all, but as a school nurse, I have to agree with raelilphil and babayaga67, schools don't take things away from kids to take away their enjoyment or fun. Just like parents don't tell kids not to do something because we don't want them to have fun. We tell them "no" to keep them safe. Kids bring all kinds of toys to school, and they don't belong in school. Children are in school to learn. There are games and computers in school for the children to play with, after all, kids are kids, and they do need to have some fun. As raelilphil said, if it is part of the IEP or the 504, then that is fine, but otherwise, the toys, ipads, cell phones (unless your child needs it for emergencies) are better off at home. I have seen many children upset after they have been stolen. The school is not responsible as it states very clearly in the handbook that they are not to be brought to school and all cell phones are to be checked in at the front office.
  9. Angelo, that is what I was thinking, but there is really no way of proving it. I appreciate all of the input though as I was trying to figure it out. I wasn't getting any "bonus" and I was wondering where the bonus points were. LOL
  10. Nope, not just you. And I have a feeling I wasn't the only one, so I posted about it. I'd never thought to check the boards though. Not a big fan of them. LOL That is what I was thinking, though, like you said, try to prove it. LOL. Maybe I will venture into the boards. Wish me luck.
  11. I didn't know you could get that either. I am going to play like crazy now trying to get that. LOL.
  12. What does it mean when it says, "Bonus points on this game?" Because I know we are not getting extra NPs or extra points toward ranking up. Does it count toward our win/loss status against the team we are playing? What exactly are the "bonus points" we are supposedly getting? LOL
  13. Happy Birthday! Glad you enjoyed it. Hope you have a great "new year."
  14. Wow, 78 whole kids huh? LOL. I thought MY class of 289 was small, as it was they smallest at the time. LOL. Anyway, Thank you. I feel vindicated because they wanted to keep him back in 3rd grade because of math. He was having difficulty with multiplication. But I refused and said I would work with him. As a school nurse, we hear a lot of parents say that but they don't follow through. Well, I did! And by 4th grade, he was the top math student in his class! I want to bring that award back to those teachers.Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against keeping children back when they absolutely need it. The problem is, especially in Massachusetts, you have to be 5 when school begins. Which my son was, so no problem there. However school starts early here, sometimes as early as Aug. 25. If the child's birthday is Aug. 29th or Sept 1, they have to wait a whole year until they can start! Now that child is almost 6 by the time they begin Kindergarten. Now, if they stay back, they are going to be 19 going on 20 when they graduate. How many kids are going to go to school at 19? Not many, and that is why the drop out rate is so high. I don't know about anyone here, but there were NOT 72 kids who didn't graduate in my class! Maybe 4 or 5 at most! If I took the easy way out and kept him back instead of working with him (which I wouldn't have done) he would have been 18 as a senior and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to force him to finish. I thought ahead on that one even though it was only 3rd grade. Because I had 5th grade student who was 14!!! I was in high school at 14, lol. She kept saying how she was quitting when she turned 16, which meant 7th grade. Yikes! I am glad I had the foresight. Yes, that is the entire senior class. LOL. Yeah, a Math class with 328 kids would be more like one of those big lecture classes at Harvard or Yale University. LOL. BUT....But, he had the highest grade-in math (calculus- ugggh) of 328 kids. Most likely of 400 since the other 72 didn't graduate at all. LOL. My graduating class was 289, but we only had 2 high schools in our town. So you figure, he has/had about 1600 kids in his school and there are 7 high schools in our city!!!
  15. Awww, that's ok my sista, you can "like me" tomorrow since you don't like me today. ba-hahaha (yeah, that was a sinker, LOL). Anyway, thanks for the congrats. I am very proud. He received an engraved medal for his award and I brought it to work and showed it off to everyone. They all know my son, so they know I am a proud mama.