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  1. They really do look like formidable weapons, but they don't seem to pack much of a punch. I don't mind trying out weapons and giving my opinion, but I would need to know where to purchase the weapons. I think it did say for one of them. I will check it out and get back to you.
  2. Beth, it happens to me with lost city lanes too. I know MANY people who have their scores reviewed for that game. My son did too. The review score is WAY too low if I am getting reviewed. lol I hear you and it sucks. I had it happen to me a few times. One time, for Maths nightmare (which isn't easy) I got a silver trophy score and my trophy wasn't coming for DAYS! It had been over 4 days and I got nothing. I getting mad because I knew eventually the score wouldn't hold up. I looked up everyone else on the high score table, and they all had their trophies. (I understand that they could have had them previously). Anyway, like you, I contacted TNT by submitting a ticket and they said there was nothing they could do because they couldn't prove my eligibility for the trophy. I was thinking, "can't prove it, my name is there under silver and there is no trophy in my user look up. What more proof do you need?" It ended up showing up the next day. Hmmmmmmm! Very frustrating. But it is very odd that your scores are being overlooked. I mean, I would think if you were cheating, they would have dealt with it. The only thing I can think of is, they may have a LOT of scores to review. I mean, Advert Attack isn't a simple game. It shouldn't have a lot of people being reviewed. SCOOBERT: So what happens if they don't accept your score? Do they give you a reason why? I would think they wouldn't accept a score because they think you cheated. In that case, wouldn't they freeze your account? Maybe Allyquot's score hasn't been accepted then?
  3. Uh, HELLO!! I am very disappointed in you ma'am! I thought I was your mentor, and you never even message me anymore. (JK, it goes both ways. My fault too). Anyway, personally, as someone who does a lot of battles, I would go with burrow. As far as the bandage/shade goes, you can retrain for the shade. I think it is more useful personally, however I don't really use the lower level abilities anymore. I use Lens Flare, Positive thinking, and once in a while I do use shade. I RARELY use icicle, never use static cling, and don't use burrow all too much. Good luck with whatever you choose, and remember, you can always change if you aren't happy with it.
  4. @Zimmerchild, You DEFINITELY made the right decision. Don't ever second guess it (I know you're not). Thank you for posting the link. They have GORGEOUS jewelry. @jellysundae, those rings are absolutely gorgeous. People can wear whatever they want to for wedding/engagement rings. The first time I ever heard of someone going non-traditional was my babysitter. We were VERY close. So when she got married, I was one of her bridesmaids. I was 14 at the time, so that was er.......uh..........um...........10, 15, 20, like 4 years ago. lol. (seriously though, jelly you know EXACTLY how long ago it was since we are the same age, almost exactly to the day- so what, 31 yrs ago?) She did White gold with a Sapphire engagement ring and white Sapphires in her wedding band. It is beautiful. I thought, at that time, why wouldn't she want diamonds? Now I understand why. A lot of people do tanzanite too. I had a heart shaped Emerald pre-engagement ring. (don't even ask me what the heck a pre-engagement ring is- lol). It was basically a ring to wear until I got my engagement ring, is what it was.
  5. Very much true. If you can sell an item right away, absolutely, by all means, do so. However, in a couple of years, you may find them in your SDB and see that they have gone way up in value. Sometimes the risk pays off, other times it doesn't. Will the festival of neggs items, especially items like books and stamps, they do go up in value because they are consumable. Last year, I got tons of the easter treat stamps. They went up in price. Even higher now than they were the first day they came out. I think you have a great strategy Lakecat. Absolutely!! You have Charity Corner and coincidence which call for items that usually seem worthless. There are always events that drive up the prices of items that we get from our dailies. They are seemingly worthless now, but eventually go up in price. There is no problem keeping items in your SDB. I have tons. I don't discard ANYTHING anymore.
  6. Ha ha, Neopets wasn't around when I was a kid. Then, neither were computers, cell phones, microwaves, TVs, uh......, um........, what was I talking about? Oh, right, I was meaning to say that, you think that the things you said when you were 9 seem funny to you now, wait until you are 30 and you read the things you posted when you were like, uh, 17. LOL. JK. Welcome back. I hope you have a great experience here. Everyone here is great, and very helpful.
  7. Ohhhhh, Now I love it even more. I noticed the claws after I had already posted. Just so breath taking. I did notice that it wasn't a diamond but I didn't comment because, to each their own. But now that you say it is moonstone, WOW!!! That is one of my absolute, all time, favorites. As a pagan myself, I think your ring speaks volumes to you, your relationship, and your future. Blessed be.
  8. I say hold on to them. Right now, all the prizes are very common and the prices are low. Eventually, after the event is over, and people come back who missed the event, or are returning after a hiatus, they will be looking for the items and prices will increase. Be patient. I think it will pay off.
  9. Congratulations!!! That is so awesome. I was going to ask the same thing as Angelo, is it an Antique or an heirloom piece? It is very ornate looking. Beautiful.
  10. I miss it in some respects, but all the people reporting people for stupidity, that I don't miss. Key quest had so many issues with it, it would freeze up constantly then people would get all peeved and/or report people. I never had anyone report me, but I had plenty of people get mad because my computer froze up. Too many issues with it. I can imagine, with all of the issues with the site, how many issues there would be with key quest.
  11. Ha ha ha. EXACTLY! That is exactly what I thought too. Like, "why isn't my pet any better at this now, the book said she would be? LOL" Thanks for the laugh midnight, and for making me feel like I am not the ONLY one who thought this. lol
  12. I never really thought about it that way, however I do wish they REALLY WORKED on the pets. For example, How to be a cheat champion, Secrets of the money tree, or Maths nightmare tips. When I first started neopets (and I wasn't a child- lol) I really thought that reading the books would make my pets better at those things. LMAO.
  13. blushes, awww, thanks. I will admit though, there are some days that I am on neo soooooo much that it seems like I don't have a life. lol. Especially recently. We went from the charity corner to the faerie quest event to the daily dare to the festival of neggs. After the festival is over, it won't be long til the AC. At least we will have a breather before that. The past 4 events have been right in a row with no break. I do agree with you, the change is good, EXCEPT when they change the things you like. lol. But they always come up with great things to replace it, so I can't complain. Yes, I have been working on my Avatars. I suppose they are OK, though I wish I had more. I have been working on trophies, stamps, and collector cards as well. That is the great thing, there are soooooo many things you can collect.
  14. At 25 you are neoparent, I am a neoGRANDparent at 45 lol. But yes, I remember all that you are talking about and more. Like the old battledome. You had to be quicker than your opponent. lol. I don't know if you were around for the Habitarium, but that was nice for earning neopoints until they did away with it. Unlike Trudy's, it required a little maintenance. I guess you have to expect a little bit of change. Keeps people coming back.
  15. Hi, and welcome back! I would say, the only positive thing about your account being hacked, if there is a positive of being hacked, is that during your 10 yr absence, your account may have been deleted otherwise. But since it was being use, it was kept active. You may or may not have your items available to you, heck, you may have even more (if the person has been playing with the account for a few yrs thinking it is fine). A lot of accounts that were inactive for a while were purged/deleted. I was very lucky myself. I logged in just enough to keep that from happening to mine and I came back for good right at the time they were doing the big purge. Now, for the avatars, I know attack of the slorgs is also glitched. Good luck rebuilding your new account. It will be great before you know it. Don't forget to do Trudy's surprise everyday. You will build up your bank account quite quickly. You will get a neomail each day it resets.