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  1. While out for a stroll, magickalhorn looks down and finds 48,069 NP on the ground. Today looks like a lucky day! Nice stroll. Again, was playing Solitaire. I think I will stick with solitaire, it is pretty lucrative for me.
  2. YOU ARE A WINNER!!! You Win 130 Neopoints plus the following items... This is a pretty great winning Tombola ticket. I am happy with it!
  3. That's right! I forgot about the bag of broken neopoints. I love those too. I remember when my son and I first started playing neopets. He was 9 and I was.........er, um, 30 somethi........yeah, anyway, that was back in 2008. So, he sent me a bag of broken nps as a gag and he thought it was so funny. I was like, "what am I supposed to do with this?" I eventually donated it to the money tree." I guess I made someone's day. LOL.
  4. It says 6 attack icons and 3 defense icons. While 8 attack icons appear, only 6 damage is done apparently. The stats are available now if you are interested.
  5. Yeah, obviously if you have been trying for those avies for YEARS, that is the petpet you WANT to use, cuz then it WILL happen. LOL
  6. My fishing skill is around the same as my Sista, tk421beth approx 300's. I feel the best item I have gotten is the pike pike. hdoes 5 water icons and 5 light icons. I was pretty happy with it. I upgraded my ridiculously heavy battle hammer with my new pike pike when I got it. A friend of mine got a shiny shoal shell shield. He gave it to me once he outgrew it. So there are some nice items from the fishing votex, it's just a matter of getting them.
  7. Can you believe it? I thought it was one of those, "ha ha, just kidding" messages. Like, he gives it to you but then you wake up and realize it was just a dream. But it was in my inventory. I couldn't believe it. How did you do with CC? I didn't get any good items. But then, I didn't donate any r90 items.
  8. A chill runs up your spine and you feel someone behind you. Thankfully, it's just Jacko the Phantom painter here to give you Wraith Paint Brush. He quickly fades away, and you decide to focus on your new item so you don't get the creeps. WOW!! This is AWESOME!!! Thanks Jacko. Probably one of the most expensive REs I have ever gotten. I was playing solitaire, so a lot of refreshing going on.
  9. Well I was going to go with thieves until I saw this thread. If my sista needs Brutes, then Brutes for the crappy boons it is. lol. Go Brutes!!!
  10. The color of the eyes isn't the only difference. The shape is very different too. Especially her left eye. Very odd.
  11. So are they planning on fixing it for us? I really hope so because, while the trophy, NC, and NPs are nice, I mainly participated in the event for the avatar.
  12. Yeah, well the old one was a glitch and should have never been being awarded. It is more of a bummer for US who have been doing what we are supposed to be doing but are still not getting our avatar. No offense to you missmadie, but if you didn't qualify for it in 2015, then, you aren't really missing out. But we are. They usually do fix it, but if they don't they are going to lose more people.
  13. Apparently there is a glitch with the avatar. If you have received the old avatar during the 2015 event, NOT THIS ONE, you will not receive it during this event as it is glitched. Go figure. Hopefully they will get it worked out and we will receive our avatar. Uggh TNT, get your crap straightened out already. Sorry, I donated 130 times, not items. And yes, I participated in 2015, that's why I cannot get the new avvie now. It is glitched.
  14. the new one. My son got the new one. I have the old one. I expect to get the new one too. I have donated faithfully every day and I am over 130 items now. I have donated to every category. IDK what else to do
  15. I have donated to every category, every day, 125 items and nothing! Yet my son, only donated 53 items and got it. I don't understand how it is being given out. I am very frustrated. I checked to make sure I didn't have it yet and nope, I didn't get it. This is ridiculous.