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    NeoPets, MMO/RPG/RTS Gaming, EggCave, Crafting, Computers, Animals, Nature, Horror Movies, Cuddles, Mythology, and more~

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  1. Ranaki

    I need some Neoquest I help

    If I recall correctly, the shield has a chance to reflect, so it was the more preferred armor. It has been well over a year for me since i got passed the Erick avatar, though.
  2. Ranaki

    10 Years Ago...

    Happy Neo-Birthday! Your post title reminded me of "back in my day" for some reason o.O
  3. Ranaki

    Nay for Sinus Infection

    I usually just sit in the bathroom with a hot shower running for the steam. I have pale and sensitive skin so I don't actually sit IN the hot shower, or I'd come out looking like an apple or tomato o.o A humidifier with some eucalyptus or mint oil helps with congestion too. Or just chew some minty gum, your sinuses might drain, helping to alleviate pressure.
  4. I'd have to agree, it does look really yummy o.o I'm thinking the new staff doesn't really research these kinds of things in terms of origins of the actual food?
  5. Ranaki

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 55!

    Thieves has majority, yay! Now if I can remember to actually participate :shiftyeyes_anim:
  6. Ranaki

    Life after Premium?

    If ads are one of the issues you have, you can always get the Adblock add-on. I've had it for a while and it works wonders for those annoying video ads that take forever to load or are loud enough to deafen you over the game music.
  7. Ranaki

    Hi there!

    Welcome! Lots of helpful people here and some chatterboxes if you want them ^__^ Took me about that long to get around to making a forum account too! maybe a year shy since I joined a couple months ago about this time last year.
  8. Ranaki

    Magma Petpet

    It should stay magma since it's a paint brush. Although I am not 100% sure on this. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable might post o.o
  9. Ranaki

    Lab Ray Refresh?

    I thought it was a random event only after the ray was fired?
  10. Ranaki

    Happy Lupe Day!

    D= hrtbrk double posted! Only kidding - don't bite meo.o Wraith looks excellent, I like the detail on the tail. I do agree about the transparent Lupe. Black outlines defeats the purpose of it being "transparent".
  11. Ranaki

    Painting Cybunny/Lutari

    As stated before, the Rainbow Pool is your best friend for finding colors! You can also play around in DTI to find clothes, backgrounds and other stuff. Like FoolishFancy said, I would like to have my pets & petpets matching. I can't figure out a good petpet for my Bori since s/he's custard for the moment, also have to figure out how to get a hold of a faerie PPPB for the Ezzil on my Cy to match her. As for my Lutari, I have to find my magma pool time again o.o
  12. Ranaki

    About to start Neoquest II.....

    Ooooo IDNQ is back up! Not sure if it was just me, but several months back I couldn't get into it. So I put off my NQ1 & starting NQ2, glad to hear it's back yay!
  13. Ranaki

    The Final Pet!

    Unless you already have them, I would be more concerned about the wings o.o And if you have them... *envy* <.< Very nice customization all in all! I fell behind in the Supernatural series, gonna have to find a day to get S9+
  14. Ranaki

    Ghoul Catchers confusion

    The thing that's supposed to go into your collection (prize for passing lvl 20) doesn't go, it says invalid or something along those lines. Just a heads up ^__^ I read typos, grammar and verb/possessive/noun errors just fine, but I can not -for the life of me- make them myself on purpose! I have to be dead tired xD
  15. Ranaki

    Ghoul Catchers confusion

    I've passed lvl 20 just an hour ago or so, and I've received all prizes thus far. You may want to let them know =3 Not all levels were 3 starred, although it is quite a pet peeve of mine to have all three... Silly completionist part of me.