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  1. masonn

    Unbuyables (Untradeables?) - Money Tree Coin

    Its like when you put it up for the auction, your starting price will be half the price and the minimum increment is the other half So price = 1m Starting 500k Min 500k. meaning = 1m I'm pretty sure that sounds about right :P
  2. masonn

    Frozen Account - Advice?

    Well that's a bummer. I've got a friend that travels alot and plays neopets so like. He just put it on his page that he travels and plays from multiple devices. :x
  3. masonn

    Frozen Account - Advice?

    That's a pretty sad situation, I think you should have just said that you were on moblie and liked changing your pw frequently. :x I guess you'll have to wait for their response and if they're nice enough to listen to the appeal. D:
  4. masonn


    Hi Shad, According to the website, it says if you take the 12months plan, you will be billed $69.95 every year. So I believe this would be a $69 up front payment, and then $69 auto billing when the time comes. They have two other sets of plans where you pay for four months worth up front which is $24.95, and billed every four months. Lastly they have the 'per month' basis payment which is $7.95 The reason why you can't do a $5.83 per month basis is because this is considered a 'discount' for those who buy a longer package, it's to encourage advance payment and long term earning for neopets. I hope this clears things up for you.
  5. masonn

    Yay for Homestar Runner update!

  6. masonn


    They're probably gonna be like *BRILLIANT IDEA* and take back the pets tomorrow. same goes with a joke!
  7. Congratulations on your Robot Draik! I'm zapping normal pets, and its tough as it is to even try to get a different color D:
  8. masonn

    New Avatar: Aboard the Coincidence

    I just got the book and read it lol. Maybe I'll buy the book off someone and stash it away for a couple of years ahhaa! Timer is shown when you're done with the quest and have gotten the avatar, its for us to know how long its gonna take for the 'whats next' part. :D
  9. masonn

    New Avatar: Aboard the Coincidence

    I got the book, I'm not quite sure how much the prices are gonna settle down as there was that price inflation and what not.
  10. masonn

    New Avatar: Aboard the Coincidence

    Hey, a question. Which prize is better to get though? I'm left with my last piece, but in between which prize i want. I really want the book though.
  11. masonn

    Virus that won't go away...

    Not sure i've you've seen this.. but is AVG not working as it supposed to or is there a function which isn't activated? http://www.avgthreatlabs.com/virus-and-malware-information/info/win-zperm/
  12. masonn

    Virus that won't go away...

    What is the name of said virus?
  13. masonn

    Feels Risky

    As jcpet said, if it's working, it's not broken which means it doesn't need a fix. I use a macbook pro, and you know apple products, update after update and it just won't stop. I generally realised over time that you don't need to update it if its working good, because sometimes the drivers will be too advanced for your old computer and makes things slow and what not. (:
  14. masonn

    Cheese Roller Statistics Project

    I'll do something else next time round then :3
  15. masonn

    Family Guy : Funny Or Offensive ?

    Family guy's humour is just a bunch of stupidity. So if you're into watching that sort of stuff, then you'd find it funny. I personally have my moments where I want to watch some really stupid stuff, and that's when Family Guy comes in, other than that I probably wouldn't be watching it. If you're under the influence you'd probably find it extremely funny when they have those long pauses or long clips lilllisan mentioned, and family guy would be a great thing to watch along side weird stuff like adventure time.