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  1. Yay for a tidy room! n_n

    I started on a cleaning spree last night but then I got tired so I now have a half-clean room :S but there is laundry in the washing machine so I´m calling this progress!
  2. wow spookydana, that sounds really ambitious! And I know how it feels to be the 'crazy lady' - though I usually get that look because I´m listening to British radio plays on my phone and people wonder what I´m giggling about... jackie_rawr, I think I´ve been to Stuttgart before...but not sure. But it sounds like you visited some places with really nice Altstadt - it´s what we call the historic parts of our towns - and nature around it. I´ve lived in the Ruhrgebiet for the last 6 years - near Cologne - and that is totally different, mostly coz most of the historic parts had been destroyed in a war or two...But yeah, Germany is definitly better than France!! (am I allowed to say this? :shiftyeyes_anim: ) Are you from San Antonio, Texas?
  3. Pet Lookup Problem

    It worked! Thank you soooo much! <3 When I try to look at the link Neopets tells "Oops! No Neopet with this name exists in Neopia!"
  4. Pet Lookup Problem

    I´ve been trying to get my Pet Lookup to match my User Lookup but have come across one big problem: Is there any way to get rid of the "[name of pet] the [species of pet]" line? I have looked at several pre-made lookups who don´t show that line but so far I haven´t found the piece of code that accomplishes that.
  5. wow, so much love for Germany. <3 If any of you want to practise your german I am available - I even took a "teaching German as a foreign/second language" course once
  6. Yeah, it´s really awesome! Esp since I also get a 25% discount on books, CDs and DVDs - which also makes me very popular with my RL friends :party: I just checked out your art page - and voted for Phean in the BC - you are very, very, VERY talented. Sadly I can´t draw to save my life...
  7. I´ve to admit I´ve never been to Heidelberg myself...which other cities did you visit? Nice to meet you, too. :) That´s one of the perks of working in a book store, I don´t have to look for books coz I am surrounded by them *gackles manically* Hadn´t heard of the "maze runner"s before but it sounds interessting. Will see if I can get my hands on it this side of the Atlantic...
  8. Making a new account?

    What browser are you using? I had the same problem with my main and my first side account - though they both worked on the second try - which I set up using Chrome. Used Firefox for the second side and it worked on the first try. No idea if that was just a lucky coincidence but maybe it helps...
  9. Hello there! I should actually be heading out to the shops so I can buy something to eat, but as it´s raining outside atm I thought I instead join this board and introduce myself! You can call me Sian - which is not my real name, as it´s a welsh name and I´m (sadly) german - and I´m a 27 year old student of English literature. I´m currently working on my Bachelor thesis - when I´m not playing games on Neopets that is. I also work in a huuuuge book store, usually the night shift as we are open till midnight - no reason to feel bad for me about that, I usually spend my time reading, just as I would at home, but this way I get paid for it! As you might have already guessed I like reading (I´m currently reading 6 books) but I´m also a big fan of movies and TV shows - I like too many to list them all here and now, but I promise I´ll answer if you ask - and music. I have also been known to knit and crochet at times. I rejoined Neopets after 8 years, mostly because I was looking for a way to play simple online games when I needed a distraction from my thesis or while I was watching something and got fed up with all the invites and stuff you have to deal with on Facebook. So, yeah...here I am now... And as I´m getting really hungry, I should probably get Sherm, my trusted umbrella and head out. Whish me luck!