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  1. ... Sailor Egg? Baby's first cosplay, I guess. (Must click to see, it's mostly moving parts!)
  2. Here's my entry! She's a siren, luring sailors to their doom! :evil: Animated link here:
  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH THESE ARE PERFECT I NEED THESE PETS NOW *grabby hands* EDIT: I made the dad. *heavy breathing* Animated version (you can see his heavy breathing!):
  4. Really? I wouldn't know, I'm too faint of heart to watch those kinds of movies. XD *likes kids movies*
  5. (( LINK FOR MOVING PARTS: )) This fellow here is the unlikely warrior... he's gruff and has some unorthodox methods of fighting monsters, but he's really softhearted. In his monster-hunting days, he's learned to take care of the mutant, ghost, halloween, and zombie neopets and treat them kindly as opposed to the real monsters.
  6. Ooh, I'm definitely getting in on this! How about a cute little zombie? :D
  7. Aaaaah that's so awesome! My Kyrii baby's so tiny it makes me fangirl ah @u@
  8. Wooooow... I never ever would have thought of that, that's so cool! :D
  9. I named all my pets after other OCs I have... I'm lame, I know //dies
  10. Ooh, I'd love to make a size comparison chart for that! Have you thought of sending that kind of list in to TNT? :D
  11. Oh my gosh, you have no idea how much I laughed at that... XD And all these other headcanons are awesome! :D
  12. Hmm, Peophins... They probably breed like sea horses do. Because of this, it's normally the males who take care of the little ones. :D
  13. Anyone have any interesting headcanons about any characters or pets? One of my headcanons is that Usuls are marsupials and they carry their babies in a pouch on their stomach (it's hidden by their fur)!
  14. How's something like this for your Lutari?
  15. YES YES YES THESE ARE SO COOL BEST THOR EVER *dies* ... you inspired me to do the rest of the avengers crew but I'm afraid Cap turned out very badly, so I won't be including him ;3; Nick Fury (image won't load, so here's the link ) Hawkeye (apparently none of the images will load oh well) Iron Man Black Widow Hulk What do you think? :D