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  1. Oh yeah - I`ve often wished that the books actually existed! There are a couple of books about sad, lonely Elephantes and I badly want them to have a happy ending ... There`s some fab artwork gone into a lot of the covers too, wouldn`t it be great if books were really like that
  2. I must confess, I did initially wonder if this thread was going to be about Donald Trump
  3. Regarding the "free" np from Trudy every day, I wondered if this daily was introduced to make up for losing Habi? Welcome back! I too am a returner, used to play as a kid and left for over ten years. There seem to be quite a few of us around now, which I think is heartening.
  4. Well, I did this about 4 times a week for 3 years (asking myself why I bothered, lol) and was absolutely astonished to get the avatar because I didn`t even know there was one. Good luck - wish I could give you mine because I don`t even collect them ...
  5. Oh dear. Still, maybe they`ll tone it down a bit :)
  6. They`re all a bit in yer face, tbh. Not very subtle imho.
  7. Acorah... I'm not sure if you figured it out already but the balloons spin and you throw a dart by clicking the one you'd like to hit with your mouse. Thank you, charelan! I thought it was more complicated than that ... I like to make things difficult for myself lol
  8. Re. Kiko Pop, having only now learnt of it I went there ... but how do you play it?! No instructions, I don`t get it ... TY
  9. I do so hope they get this sorted for you, and that you don`t leave us ... We need good Neopians like you!
  10. Oopsie - I`m late too, sorry. Many happy returns though, and thanks for all your wonderful work! Marcus :party:
  11. But why the hole in the leg? :( Do we get any new clothes or anything? Disappointed ... ! p.s. Thanks anyway, hrtbrk :)
  12. Oh, such awful news - I`m very sorry to read that. Dreadful to lose one so young ...
  13. That`s very generous of you. I can`t think of anything my Grarrls need but thank you anyway. Bet you have fun giving the goodies out :santa:
  14. Aww - that was very kind of you :)
  15. Yes - I once got 150 nc appear out of nowhere. It was after I hadn`t spent as much time on the site as usual, but then subsequently did put in a lot more effort. I thought it might have been an incentive for me to play more! :D