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  1. Caption Contest Rejection Club

    Deb, I thought your captions were great! Bad luck, old bean. ;)
  2. The Runway

    Hey Jelly - I`ve only just seen that you got first place in the contest! Very well done Missus!
  3. Hi (back after *I don't know how long*)

    Hiya! Maybe there should be a guild for returners - there seems to be quite a few recently. There are some really helpful folks here :) All the boards have been a little quiet due to summer hols but will probably pick up next week.
  4. Trea, no problem there for me either. Good luck ...
  5. Hmm, tricky. They`re both neat. Is one cheaper than the other?!
  6. Unreleased Disco Darblat and Dung Turdle

    Yep, that Darblat is rather neat. It`s funny, the use of "turd" on here (and indeed, in American speech generally) - it`s considered rather crude and vulgar in Britain and wouldn`t be used. Ah, cultural differences over the pond lol.
  7. Hello

    Hi Sandy! Nice helpful folk on here - apart from me. Well, I`m nice but not very helpful lol You know, I don`t think Neopets was ever really intended for children. It`s a bit too clever for that ...
  8. Just to say, it`s amusing how many people have added "I`m only here for the avvie" under the emo shopkeeper
  9. Hello everyone

    Hi Kayla, it`s always good to see a Neopian come back to the fold. Good luck with those avvies!
  10. He's here!

    Hey, what great news. Many congrats on the birth of little Zachary! x
  11. Returning after 3 years

    Fantastic - another returner! Good to see you :)
  12. Thanks for that, might make a present for someone in due course :)
  13. Hello NeoFriends!

    Hiya Kali! Yet another returner, welcome back :) I was absent for over ten years but somehow found my way home lol. My girlfriend thinks I`m mad haha. Cheers - Marcus & Grarrls
  14. Welcome to August

    Well, happy birthday to Little Mousey and people having babies We got all lovely foodiestuffs today - quickly deposited in the SDB before the herd could stuff their faces, ha.
  15. Great to see another returner - I took ten years off and glad I came back. We should have a Returners` Club