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  1. acorah

    It is just me myself and I ... lalalaaaaa

    Hiya! May I just say that pinkspacesheep is a brilliant name
  2. acorah

    Opening a doctor's bag paid off! :D

    @jellysundaeGlad to hear you got some decent stuff! I always flog anything like that cos me `n` the Grarrlies never have any luck with them
  3. Well done, both! British parsimony? Nah, we`re just "careful" lol.
  4. I didn`t have a clue either, suppose he never crossed the pond lol. That is a very neat piece of work, FreakyBowie, well deserved trophy!
  5. acorah

    An Attempt at a Return

    Hi Edwynn - it`s always great to see a returner, am one myself. Jump back in, hope to see you around, mate!
  6. acorah

    Cannot access weapons in the Battledome

    Ok, thanks for your help. Funny I couldn`t find info, must not happen very often, lol. Cheers!
  7. acorah

    Cannot access weapons in the Battledome

    Thanks. Withdrawing will count as a loss, won`t it?
  8. My Grarrly girl Julia is supposed to be battling, but I can`t click on any of the weapons to use them. They show up fine on the Stats page, and I`ve been able to choose an ability. All she`s got to fight with is one measly "The Fist" which deals two miserable icons :( I was going to wait till this glitch (??) was fixed but is there a time limit to complete a battle before you automatically lose? I can`t find anything whatsoever about this problem though, can`t see anyone else complaining, maybe it`s just me. Thanks for advice!
  9. @jellysundae You`re saying the ghosties are redistributing Neopia`s wealth? There`ll be a council tax on our shops next!
  10. Well, I found two quid yesterday, haha.
  11. You probably got "While out on a stroll *pet* looks down and finds *amount* neopoints". It`s often a nice generous RE.
  12. acorah

    Hi! I'm incredibly awkward! :D

    Hi Rissa! Nice to meet you ... And don`t worry, nobody here is barking mad at all. Honestly Cheers - Marcus
  13. Thanks for letting us know. I must already have that one, as no notification popped up. I don`t even know how you can check which avvies you have - anyone?
  14. acorah


    Very nice to have you here :) Everyone is super helpful, so just jump on in! Marcus and his Grarrls
  15. acorah

    Item Giveaway - Everything Must Go!

    Are you sure you`ll never want to come back ... but I guess running your own business will take every second of your time, and I wish you all good luck with your venture. I foster sick Grarrls from the pound, they get trained and painted, so if you might have any spare item I could sell in my shop then that would be very much appreciated. It`s nice of you to be so kind :)