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  1. BillHenderson2 here. Back to see what's up

    Well, people seem to be very fond of loss leaders these days ... I don`t know, though! Sorry. You have some great photos btw, that little hog gets around a bit :)
  2. Unreleased Robot Petpets!

    Like both of `em - although the Tomamu seems to be needing a left hip replacement
  3. TDNers enable my NP spending ;D

    They look extremely cool together - and that was really kind of Angelo :)
  4. Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat Locations!

    Thanks, hrtbrk! The Grarrls will squirrel them away behind the sofa - these are their pension fund
  5. I agree - sometimes less is more. You`ve done a great job there! Really like the symmetry you`ve achieved.
  6. Ridiculous Trading Post Offers

    I`m terrified of offending, lol, so if folk don`t say what they want then I`ll move on. And if they put "Don`t neomail asking the price" then I move on extra quickly
  7. What Do You Buy the Most?

    I spend loads on codestones for Julia, my battle pet. Think that after she gets to a certain level, we`ll concentrate on buying books for Rex and Mr Red.
  8. Let me introduce myself...

    Hi Shei, great to see a returner :) Everyone here is friendly and helpful so just jump in with any questions and someone will be along to help. Cheers ~ Marcus
  9. Food-related customization

    I too would like more foodie wearables. Can give you a list of some of the items I have: mustard bottle, fancy mug of neggnog, forkful of cake, apple cider mug, tyrannian fire pit, handheld confetti popsicle, mini marshmallows on a stick, neovian serving trolley, goparokko fruit punch, flower teapot, stack of cupcakes foreground, altador cup watch party snacks, shiny apple, basket of berries, hot dog on a stick, raining doughnuts b/g ... It`s late here or I`d type more! You could go to Dress to Impress and just browse through the trades available, see what jumps out, lol. Good luck, sorry can`t be more help.
  10. Meet DARKMO0N , my new Vandagyre

    I rather like that Xmas Chomby colour scheme. The Xmas Grarrl looks tragic, even I have to say that :( Angelo, Darkmoon looks great there!
  11. 5th Pet Slot Added For All Accounts!

    I think they should`ve specified the extra pet to be an adoptee only, not a newly created one. Also, you should be allowed to adopt a pet for a side account, not have to create one. There are thousands of pets in the pound :(
  12. Yay For Being Together 21 Years!!

    Well, I`m late as ever, but I hope you and Ed had a great day!
  13. My name is Cordelia

    Welcome - a nice friendly and helpful bunch here! I`m Marcus, I foster sick Grarrls and haven`t a clue what avvies I`ve got, haha. Good luck with chasing them down :)
  14. Bonuses at Training Schools

    Yes, I`ve luckily had several double increases over the past few days, more than usual. Even one for my battle pet Julia which saved 5 codestones :) And I too wondered if it might relate to battling in the plot!
  15. Really Bad Day

    Uber has just lost its licence to operate here in London.