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  1. I went to the library, read 10 pages of a book, played some Pokemon Go, and slept! I've been sick lately, so having the practise day meant I slept in and decided to bum around watching old episodes of SNL too (Alec Baldwin's impersonation of Trump has been cheering me up every since the Orange Cheeto became president). My pets are playing dress up! I fulfilled a FFQ so I'm debating what to paint my Kacheek, and I'm stuck. (Any suggestions welcomed!) I'm trying to do a Harry Potter houses themed thing for each of my four pets, so I'll post the customisations here later. :)
  2. decchild

    What's your Achievement today?

    YOU GUYS!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! Today's the last day of my faerie fortune cookie (and I've been in a bad mood since I got caught up in the cheating with the AC...). You are currently on a quest for the Fountain Faerie. Hullo! Thanks for stopping by again. I hate to rush you, but I really do need that item soon. You are supposed to bring me: Origami Rice Balls
  3. A lot of legit accounts have been caught up in this. (Me and @midnight_spell360and a bunch of other people included. ) I saw on the neoboards no one knows what really caused legit accounts to be caught up in this, but some people think it's too many games of SoSd or the lag affecting scores being sent. I've been on Rank 2 since the second or third day of playing, and I'm supposed to be Rank 6 right now. I don't have much hope this will get fixed, and I'm really hopping mad rn.
  4. I haven't been able to rank up either, and I just sent them a rather *prissy* ticket. Hopefully this gets fixed, because if it doesn't, I'm quitting the event to do other things like read a book or go play Pokemon Go. I'm pretty angry about this. This is my first year playing AC seriously, and to have my FIRST PROPER TIME playing the game and this to happen.... *screams*
  5. I did click on my rank on the AC page after I played several more YYB games, and the number for games needed to rank up is still the same. So I guess it is glitched? EDIT Just checked the neoboards. Yup! The ranking system is glitched. I hope JS/TNT fix it soon... *grumbles grumbles*
  6. Awwww @jellysundae I hope you feel better soon. :( Thank you for making this thread. I kinda feel weird creeping on the threads when I'm team Faerieland. (Slightly off topic, are the rank updates not working properly or glitched? I used SunnyNeo's rank calculator to see what rank I am, and their calculator's different than what the Neopets page has. Have the games limits changed this year or something? I've won 44 YYB/6 SS/103 MSN/125 SoSd, so that should be rank three according to SN, but it says rank two on the Neopets website...)
  7. My heart will always and forever belong to Faerieland. Go Faerieland Go!
  8. decchild

    As promised, the ring!

    Congrats!!! That is one unique and beautiful ring!
  9. decchild

    Daily Dare 2017 - Claim Your Prizes!

    Same. I was offering 1.8M on the stamp last night and it kept getting rejected. I'm just gonna wait until the price steadies before buying it now. The ones being offered are going for 2+ million and ALSO asking for a UB on top of the pure NP.
  10. decchild

    Daily Dare 2017 - Claim Your Prizes!

    Ugh. Of course only people who get the gold trophy get the stamp. Stupid Tubular Kiko Racing... Would anyone be willing to sell theirs for a reasonable price? NM me and we can work out details!
  11. decchild

    Day 19: Wheeler's Wild Ride

    I knew I was gonna die on the fifth level, so I did a bunch of flips and ended up getting 152.
  12. decchild

    Day 18: Barf Boat

    I have a score above Chadley's! Would anyone like to team up with me for this? (Just NM/challenge me plz!) Nvm. Found someone on the neoboards and even reached the hi score table. This sorta makes up for the face I'm getting silver after Kiko Racing and the Skeith game.... *cries*
  13. decchild

    Day 18: Barf Boat

    1047 for Chadley.... The closest I could get thus far is 770. This is gonna be a lonnnnnnng night. Thankfully I don't work tomorrow so I can play this and practice.
  14. decchild

    Daily Dare 2017!

    Ditto. I have an old computer and I have poor hand eye coordination, so Tubular Kiko Racing and the Skeith games were the ones I had to play Abigail on, since I knew I couldn't beat them. Otherwise I've beaten Chadley on the other games thus far. It's such a shame that you HAVE to beat Chadley 100% to get gold, since I know certain games I won't be good at/or they're luck dependent. (I'm still bitter about Dubloon Disaster from last year... some people got the 1000 dubloon when they started the game and the highest I ever got was a fiver.)
  15. decchild

    Day 12: Hungry Skeith

    Hey guys! Not sure if y'all noticed this, but if you choose the Dust Bin and use it in the Befriending Dome, you get this: Rose of Friendship