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  1. My heart will always and forever belong to Faerieland. Go Faerieland Go!
  2. Congrats!!! That is one unique and beautiful ring!
  3. Same. I was offering 1.8M on the stamp last night and it kept getting rejected. I'm just gonna wait until the price steadies before buying it now. The ones being offered are going for 2+ million and ALSO asking for a UB on top of the pure NP.
  4. Ugh. Of course only people who get the gold trophy get the stamp. Stupid Tubular Kiko Racing... Would anyone be willing to sell theirs for a reasonable price? NM me and we can work out details!
  5. I knew I was gonna die on the fifth level, so I did a bunch of flips and ended up getting 152.
  6. I have a score above Chadley's! Would anyone like to team up with me for this? (Just NM/challenge me plz!) Nvm. Found someone on the neoboards and even reached the hi score table. This sorta makes up for the face I'm getting silver after Kiko Racing and the Skeith game.... *cries*
  7. 1047 for Chadley.... The closest I could get thus far is 770. This is gonna be a lonnnnnnng night. Thankfully I don't work tomorrow so I can play this and practice.
  8. Ditto. I have an old computer and I have poor hand eye coordination, so Tubular Kiko Racing and the Skeith games were the ones I had to play Abigail on, since I knew I couldn't beat them. Otherwise I've beaten Chadley on the other games thus far. It's such a shame that you HAVE to beat Chadley 100% to get gold, since I know certain games I won't be good at/or they're luck dependent. (I'm still bitter about Dubloon Disaster from last year... some people got the 1000 dubloon when they started the game and the highest I ever got was a fiver.)
  9. Hey guys! Not sure if y'all noticed this, but if you choose the Dust Bin and use it in the Befriending Dome, you get this: Rose of Friendship
  10. Beat Chadley with a score of 505. Phew! The guide was super helpful. With stage 1 and 2, I let the mootix drop before I shot. Those early points really helped.
  11. This game just costs me the gold trophy. *sobs* I spent two hours and the closest I got to Chadley's score was 299.
  12. What always help me when I first started out was being careful with timing and looking up and down before I moved anywhere. The first few levels are easy b/c there's no enemies running around, but always try to time Bruno to head in the opposite direction of whatever enemy he's facing.
  13. I spent two hours playing KJ to beat Chadley's score, but I did it!!!!! :) Bruno took me less than three minutes. Now if only all the DD games were this easy....
  14. iirc, you can choose who to challenge each day. so if you hit a day where you know you won't beat chadley's score, you can do the other one. (also, you can choose not to click on who to challenge until you get the score you need to beat chadley's before choosing his score. that technique works too.) now off to sleep.... zzzzzzzzz.
  15. Yay! I love faerie quests and the increase in battledome stats for my kacheek. PS Is anyone hoping the prize this year is better than that awful fire faerie skirt eyesore from last year? That was seriously fugly.