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  1. Snowbell


    Hi there and welcome back! I have a krawk you can borrow for the avatar 🙂
  2. Snowbell

    Need the Ghost Krawk avatar?

    Anyone still need this avatar? I can send back to someone or else I will advertise elsewhere for the avvie
  3. Snowbell

    Does anyone have Neopets superstitions?

    I am just convinced that I was unusually unlucky on neopets. I have been playing for years and have never won anything from fruit machine and have one gotten two color changes on a pet I have been zapping for 3 months...
  4. Snowbell

    Happy Jetsam Day!

    Same. I like the idea but not the final product of the woodland jetsam. Woodland grundo, cybunny, and uni are all really nice in my opinion. The mask is creepy and doesn't seem to fit right, but that also adds to the effect. man I wish neopets could go back in and touch up some of the paint designs. Some just look half finished.
  5. Snowbell

    Hi nice to meet you!

    Hi Lia, welcome to thedailyneopets forums! I've been getting into animal crossing lately. I wish I had tried this game out sooner. Its such a cozy game to play when its freezing out and you don't want to go anywhere. I also love pokemon. Any chance you play pokemon showdown? I've been getting into that lately since I can easily play on my phone.
  6. Snowbell

    Would you eat Trudy's new Brrucicle?

    if someone handed be a brucicle heck yes I would try it! As long as the fruit is peeled I'm sure its fine. Also I went to an all girls school so I had a bunch of wacky teachers.
  7. Snowbell

    2 easy avatars in one lending

    Since combo! Thank you for sharing! I think I'm going to send this along to a friend who just joined. Cute werelupe
  8. Snowbell

    Avatar Alert :K

    Thank you for the reminder! Are we allowed to post this in on the neopet boards?
  9. I agree, your trophy collection is definitely that of a veteran player. Impressive! 17 years is quite a long time and I thought I had been playing for a while. Welcome to the forums! The neoboards are pretty slow at the moment so its nice to see more people on here!
  10. Snowbell

    Need the Ghost Krawk avatar?

    I would love to borrow him for the avatar!
  11. Snowbell

    Mynci - Halloween Avatar Working Again!

    I can't believe I never got this one. Thank you!
  12. Snowbell

    How to Find Old Pet Name

    hmm if you ever put your pets in the neolodge you are sent an email when they checkout you can look there. Other than that I can't really think of anything.
  13. Snowbell

    2016 TDN Christmas Wishlist Gifting Post

    Oh no! I'm being to greedy. I changed my wishlist :)
  14. Snowbell

    2016 TDN Christmas Wishlist Gifting Post

    Wishlist: Faerie Cybunny MP for my neopet Wigglytuf Snowbunny Grey Petpet Paintbrush Other rabbit related things for my gallery: http://www.neopets.com/gallery/index.phtml?gu=snowbellperson Gifts Sent: twiggy32117 ~ Zen Garden Background Happy Holidays everyone! Thank you <3 teganrose1, lavender_unicorns, delshnya, rejoyce_20, systemic_anomaly, charelan, ranga_muffin_xxdecemberzchild, neverfallinloveagain, rockangel_star,marjolein71, raven622x, midnight_spell360
  15. Snowbell

    Somewhat Newbie!

    Welcome to TDN! I'm a freshman in college and I spend way more time on neo than I should. Haha I love your homepage "die-hard, knock-down, drag-out, feminist" XD