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  1. Batgirl

    Altador cup XI thread

    the bracket system had good intentions. it was meant to keep teams who arent on top playing with the idea that strong later performance could outweigh early losses (whereas in a straight W/D/L setup, theres an early point where things are already doomed) and to keep them playing all the games and to minimise fighting about which games to play ( in the old system, games played in anything that ended up a L were 'wasted', whereas now they still contribute to an overall total). the problem isnt having *a* bracket system. the problem is with how *this* bracket system works and with the overriding effect of cheating.
  2. Batgirl

    Doctor Who Series Eight!

    is talking about the finale ok or do we need to be spoiler cautious still?
  3. Batgirl

    Yes All Women

    One aspect I'd like to point out to some of the people who seem to think the choices are 'be whole and trust everyone' or 'be broken and assume everyone is evil' - many women who are cautious and reserved are NOT assuming everyone is evil. What they are doing is assessing the possibilities that some danger exists and choosing not to take those chances. That doesnt mean they are 'broken'. Consider that some women keep their purses/valuables under very close watch, women who have been robbed probably more so than others. They dont think *every* person on the metro wants to rob them. They do know realistically that even if only one person in their section does, that makes it worth being careful. Someone anecdotally saying 'well i left my purse on the seat next to me on the metro and nothing happened' doesnt make the cautious women wrong or broken. It just means that particular woman lucked out. Selecting obnoxious examples of feminists and using it to define why someone 'doesnt like feminism' is like picking out religious extremists to judge a whole religion by. Every group has some jerks and worse. That doesnt define feminism. On a large scale there are massive rights problems that desperately need fixing. And there a dozens of ways to do that, small and large, with different styles and outlooks.
  4. Batgirl

    Which Neopets food do you wish was real?

    Myncironi and Cheese would be my vote
  5. Batgirl

    Doctor Who Series Eight!

    it doesnt make sense and id prefer QOH wasnt romantic, i only mean my level of annoyance would be lower in the scenarios i listed capaldi is very against flirting with clara, but that may be about her age and not about some hard limit he has on the character overall. and i have a theory about QOH but i think i should try to sort out the spoiler tag so noone sees it who doesnt want to. its not a spoiler since i have no idea if i am right, but still.... wow i am failing with the spoiler tag ill post it in white, highlight if interested <spoiler> i think the 'heaven garden' is actually the QOH's tardis and that she is gallifreyan</spoiler> This post has been edited by a member of staff (Ruto) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please do not double post. Use the edit button if you have something to add. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  6. Batgirl

    Doctor Who Series Eight!

    yes, capaldi was thankfully, was and afaik he will also be wearing his wedding ring once hes formally in his outfit as per end of ep. i did think the message about it was heavyhanded in the ep overall though - about the 2nd or 3rd time, its like ok, we get it, if we dont like the new doc its the wimminfolks fault and it means we are shallow and such, thanks. bringing back gallifrey just creates so many problems, not the least of which is that in the current timeline, nothing with amy pond ever should have occurred (since the cracks calling out to her never needed to have happened) romance, on any level, would only be forgiven for QOH if 1. shes gallifreyan or otherwise suitably longlived and they could actually have a relationship or 2 (this is NOT a spoiler, i have no clue if anyone but me even thinks this might be the case) if its madame pompadour, who was promised by the doctor that he would return. im also curious what the callback on capaldi will be, since i cosplay a priestess from fires of pompeii somewhat often. overall i have nothing against him capaldi specifically and am sure he will be enoyable, but i just cant get excited about anything moffat does with reservations and i am firmly in the 'we are way way way overdue on diversity in doctors' camp. not just genderwise, but in all ways. there is, imo, almost no character more easily diversified than one we know regenerates completely each time and i consider the lack of movement there to be tragic. moffats claim that casting a woman as a doctor would be like casting a man as the queen on england still floors me with its tidal wave of stupid.
  7. Batgirl

    Doctor Who Series Eight!

    "but I'm also worried that moffat will do his typical thing and give a half explanation that doesn't really make any sense. " ^ so much this if it does make any sense, i will bet right now that it means he had, or will have help. if its all him, it will be another 'i had a great idea for an outfit, but couldnt sew it, couldnt be bothered to finish it and wont pay a better tailor to do it' situation. and if our new villain (whom i am calling queen of hearts for now) has NO motive at all except some obsession with the doctor, i will be really disappointed. as for gallifrey, they have to address that somehow.
  8. Batgirl

    Doctor Who Series Eight!

    there were elements i liked about it, like getting more on the clockwork droids and the potential link to fires, and i certainly welcome a new master villain. that said, moffats sexism is so overwhelming that i find it increasingly hard to block out while watching anything he works on.
  9. Batgirl

    Gender Identity!

    Sannah I lived in a number of countries while I grew up, and was pretty aware just how subjective and varied most of it is. One of the oddest things about moving to the US was being informed of a long list of things that supposedly defined femininity and masculinity that just left me, depending on the situation, laughing or crying. it may not be possible to totally separate from the constructs, it is imo possible to gauge levels of likely correlation. which, again, is not meant to slight anyones journey. i know we are online and cant see facial expressions and body language, but its meant as a kindly supportive reminder, not a dismissal. theres nothing masculine about not liking makeup, all it means is you dont like makeup.
  10. Batgirl

    Retired / Rare Books ?

    read it to my pet without hesitation
  11. actually not everyone said its almost all luck ;). luck gives you a winnable game, skill still strongly affects your chances of winning it. dont expect ratios like sahkmet. winning 1 in 40, 50 or even more is quite common, especially as game number goes up in a related note, is there an active edna thread? i just got the av and wanted to share the info if anyone here is still studying it
  12. Batgirl


    a lot of good input going on, on all sides i agree that much of the responsibility for how a dog turns out lies with the owner. however, all purebreeds are bred for desired qualities - to imagine that the stereotype is totally without basis seems a bit wrong. thats not about blaming the dog, its just about being realistic about what breeders were seeking. maybe its all 'bad' owners making them aggressive - or maybe their natural aggressiveness is appealing to 'bad' owners. almost without exception when the question is 'nature or nurture?' the answer is both.
  13. Batgirl

    Userlookup browser compatibility

    I'm still fairly new to css, so hopefully you will get constructive answers from people with far more expertise but if that doesnt happen, I'll do what i can as an amatuer to help
  14. I personally would not use a book for a 3 year old, for a few reasons. the biggest one being - they barely understand that toys dont cease to exist when not in sight and I feel like at that age, books do more to confuse things than to solve anything. That is not any dismissal of your friend's situation - I feel the same about religion and many other things, that there's an age that should be reached before even basic discussions take place. I'd also suggest asking Jay how he feels. You may think getting a book, or having a fairly complex talk, is the right thing to do and maybe he will agree with you. otoh, maybe being treated as so different that a child must be brought into an extended, awkward discussion is the exact opposite of what he wants. maybe he would prefer your child didnt even think this was a big deal. for some people, what theyd love most in the world is for everyone, even those they love dearly, to stop putting them in a wierd category and let them be who they are. so ask yourself this - if someone who was born male had produced this response in your child what would you say then? and whatever that is, why are you NOT saying the same thing now? i hope you see that i also mean well when i ask was your first thought 'how do i correct my kid bc this is a guy?' or 'how do i explain transgender issues to my kid?' there are some easier ways out of this imo. they are in a category formation stage - tell them some boys have boobs and some women dont. you have a chance to just not ingrain inflexible set mentality by NOT making this about your one friend, but making it about the fact that some guys might have boobs, that some women might not, etc.