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  1. The Woodland definitely looks weird. I love that outfit though! It's so perfect for Halloween. I love the themed outfits like that.
  2. Welcome! The TDN forums are my favorite Neopets forums to take part in. There's a good bunch here. 😊
  3. The Halloween Mynci is my favorite Halloween avatar so I'm really glad they fixed it. It's also really exciting that they're fixing old things even if it's just an avatar.
  4. Mine works now after not working for a few days. The last editorial had a note about fixing it and I haven't had a problem since.
  5. The candy pets are easily becoming my favorites. I love how they look so much. The shininess and the colors. I would love the Candy Nimmo. The biscuit is okay too but I only have eyes for the candy.
  6. I really wasn't sure about the Eventide color when it was first released but I really do love it now. The kau is so pretty, especially the stars like were mentioned. The ice looks nice, I'm just not much of a fan. I love colors with more features so ice just isn't the color for me.
  7. Ah, thank you. I was trying to figure out why she just didn't look right to me and that was it. I really do adore both new pets and the clothes but her skin tone just doesn't look right. He looks a bit like a sponge but I think it's cute since he's a Quiggle.
  8. Ah, happy birthday! It's always good to get nice things for your birthday and the new album coming out near your birthday is great! Glad that you had a good day. (: I always make sure to check into Neo on my birthday even when I'm busy since I love the birthday theme.
  9. According to the TDN guide "The Defenders of Neopia trophies are not working currently while the Battledome is in Beta. TNT has acknowledged this on their Beta News page under Known Issues. Until TNT fixes the trophies, you will not be able to advance in Defenders of Neopia." So it looks like it's broken. Hopefully it comes back up someday since the Defenders of Neopia is the only time that I ever even ventured into the Battledome.
  10. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Forgotten Shore' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Finally! I've really only been playing Neopets during the Altador Cup for the past few years so I'm so glad to get some random ones.
  11. I love the holiday season for gifting. I'm running off to work in a bit but will start gifting probably tomorrow. My Usuki gallery wishlist is here if anybody would like to toss anything my way. I'm also working on training so two dubloons are much appreciated as well. :)
  12. What do you mean by can't? Do you get an error? It won't load? I had no problem hanging mine yesterday.
  13. I'd say you can eventually get the avatar lended but who knows about getting the petpet again. Keep the petpet.
  14. Another day where I had to spend a while on the game. I was so relieved to finally get Bumble Beams. I don't ever want to have to play that game again. Half the time the wooden plank moved too fast to try to stop it. Thank goodness that's done. I'm really liking the NC prizes.
  15. Oh no. Meepit Juice Break is the one game that's going to kill me to try to get through today. The others have been relatively easy and the most time I spent was maybe 10 minutes on Turmac Roll but this one might take me a while.
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