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  1. I wonder what would happen if I just used a little flame... whoops! You might want to come back later.You are supposed to bring me: Torn Fire Gym Socks Thank you in advance!
  2. I guess I should start playing games with sound more often, it would probably explain a lot of weird occurrences that happen Glad it wasn't the game trying to test my sanity
  3. Got extremely lucky and was able to beat Chadley, and am ready to send a score Idk why but it always seems like complaining about games helps you do well in them afterward
  4. Today is definitely going to be a frustrating day. I've gotten close to Chadleys score 3 times, but when I get around 800-900 points the petpet randomly jumps for no reason! Anyone else having the same problem?
  5. Ready to send a Chadley score if anyone would like to send an invite Completed, thanks!
  6. The advice of the TDN game guide is really helpful in that you should always be holding the mouse button down, even directly after cleaning a pet. If you see two, wait until the first one is a bit behind you and then release, as the mop will clean both (if you time it right). Overall it took me a few attempts, but eventually luck will be on your side for a high score. Good luck!
  7. I'm definitely the same way thank you!
  8. Ready to send a Chadley score if anyone would like to send an invite!
  9. At first I thought I made the mistake of trying to beat the higher score but this petpage was a really big help for anyone that still needs to complete it!
  10. Didn't actually think I'd ever get this. Pleasantly surprised atm Btw I can't remember if I read this somewhere, but is it against the rules to offer to color another users' pet for free? I constantly zap my one and only pet so it would go to waste, which is why I thought I'd ask.
  11. You have given Squeaky Elephante Book to User 'tk421beth'. Click the button below to continue. Snagged one for really cheap, good luck :)
  12. Yeah I used quick stock and did 500-1000 every few days until I got it. I went to the TP to bid on lots of junk items since buying 1 at a time from a shop can be tiring very quickly lol
  13. Thanks so much! With your help, we'll have Faerieland fixed up in no time! For your efforts, Stebenjos's strength has increased! Thank you!
  14. A young Fire Faerie steps forward. "Red Lace Necklace" she blurts. "Oh, I mean, please find me one. Thanks!" Thank you in advance
  15. 3000 3000 3000 Cheapest I could find via the SSW, good luck :)