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  1. Sinvanor

    Bullying vs Lying

    You come first. As a person who has dealt with abusive situations personally, the most important thing to follow is "Don't set yourself on fire to keep others warm" This situation is clearly very upsetting. I think you need to take a long hard look at this and decide if you need to make an ultimatum. You can love to pieces a family member or friend, but if they live toxic lives (even if it's not their fault, abuse is very hard to get out of, but it's still not your responsibility) that will spill over into yours. Keeping lower contact or in extreme cases cutting them out entirely might be something to consider. You do not HAVE to like these people. Even if they were fine human beings (which they aren't, cheating is pretty unforgivable especially if it is continuous, and hitting, beating, pointing guns are all just terrifying) you didn't marry/become engaged to them. Sometimes people just don't get along and tolerate each other. For them to expect you to like them is not fair. Tolerate, sure, but I would never expect everyone to like my partner. I'd wonder why, but sometimes people just don't click or get along. I can't expect people to love everyone I chose to have in my life. Wonderful in theory, but in practice, if this is about your own well being, mental/physical, then you are more than allowed to speak up that these people are hurting others you care about and it's not your responsibility to deal with it. You don't want to be around toxic situations, especially if those situations cause them to lash out at you, when you've tried your best to be cordial and say nothing because you don't want to cause a ruckus. But them calling you a B*word? They are already starting a ruckus, they are making a scene calling you a bully. You have a right to defend yourself against this toxicity. Ideally maybe they can just not talk about their partners and you can not be around when they visit. Unfortunately you can't drag people out of really crappy toxic relationships by force, and generaly one person alone realizing the situation is not enough. And while sure, people can change, in this case, one of them has a pretty terrible mental health disorder which causes many of these issues, it's not an excuse. Relationships with people is not if they love and care for you, it's how they treat you most of the time. If half of your life spent with your partner is them living another life, threatening yours, screaming, fighting etc, it's not a good relationship. Heck, even if this happens only 20% of the time, that's still pretty awful. Yes, because hurting people you care about doesn't do anything to you at all. That makes so much sense. (sarcasm) People don't seem to understand that our lives are not solely our own when we have others who care about us. When someone we love is being hurt, that affects us. Doesn't matter if any form of abuse was directed at us personally or not. Above all, I'm so sorry you have to deal with any of this nonsense. It's a very frustrating and terrifying situation watching others be in abusive relationships and then them getting mad at you for not liking the abusive people, because they can't see them for what they are.
  2. Sinvanor

    What is this world coming to?

    Man, that makes it more confusing. I also expected it to be a middle age to younger male as statistically that is what it usually is. If there was actual PTSD involved, that just makes this even more sad. I have PTSD (not from war, so the living flash backs thing is not something I encounter) and I know how terrible it can be from just normal abuse, let alone from being in a battle. My guess sadly is that he may of either had some form of PTSD, in which case he may of been having flash backs or something. Or perhaps considering his age he was really broke, lost his pension or some other financial trouble. That's a really common issue that instigates massacres. Mental instability + financial issues is sadly really common.
  3. Sinvanor

    What is this world coming to?

    I used to live in the US and now live in Europe. I completely agree with everyone on the gun control. What I don't understand is where the limit is. I mean, if your neighbor had a nuclear weapon, then you would want one too. But it's their having it in the first place for "defense" that causes the paranoia as it is anyone who has a gun for "defense". Having weapons causes others to be mistrusting. The amendment that covers gun rights when it was written did not at all cover what we would have in the future. It meant right to have some kinda arms should things go south, not that anyone can just buy and have guns. Where I live now, to even get hunting guns for boar and such you have to pass a mental health test and get a type of license. There are LOTS of things in life I think people can earn the privilege to have, but not a right. Guns are definitely one of them. You should go through a history check and up to date mental health check to have one, and it should be renewed every few years. That would also give more jobs too. The situation is just sad... I hope that whatever actually happened brings to light the problems that caused this. Mental instability, some history of violence or something, to show that people need help and/or we need to be more scrutinizing to whom can own guns, at least guns that are meant to kill to appease all the gun owners who own hunting rifles.
  4. Sinvanor

    As promised, the ring!

    I love that new types of rings for both wedding and engagement are becoming popular. Personally for me, the ring I want would be too expensive (so frustrating when a cool gem just happens to cost a lot, I personally love black opals) so my partner and I were thinking of getting rings with engravings that basically say "I love you forever" in a language we created. Far cheaper and more unique than a diamond ring, LOL. I have the same issue with chunky things and quite small fingers. So for our engagement we bought super cheap rings that are the same dimensions as the ones we were interested in for the future. I was worried about the size for mine, but so far, it's actually gotten pretty comfortable (it is not a typical thin band, it's pretty thick) and now I know what size I am for sure too. Might be a good idea to buy a cheap version with the same dimensions and see if it really is a problem. Hopefully, you can get one of those pretty rings and be comfortable. LOL Etsy will likely have some cheap options for resin rings.
  5. Sinvanor

    As promised, the ring!

    Agreed There is a whole nasty business in the diamond industry (burning diamonds to make them more rare - the unethical way they are often sourced etc). Unless it's really that important to someone or being used as a hard substance that isn't easy to break, I always encourage people to go for something else, LOL. To me, it's so much cooler and meaningful to have a gem that means something to you, like a birthstone or just a color you really like. Expense doesn't show love, the though process into expressing a gift does. And clearly lots of thought went into that ring choice. Oh my goodness, that's so sweet. You know you really had a connection with someone if 20 years later you're still thinking about them. No one is happy everyday all day. I don't even think it's possible. Here's to you two and your wonderful relationship with many awesome years to come! Cheers!
  6. Sinvanor

    Key Quest back??

    Oh darn, I guess it was my browser that allowed me to even see the loading circle. I can't be the only one who thinks it's both unfair and kinda greedy of them to be selling key quest items still. I mean, at least bring them back if/when the game comes back. Otherwise people are paying real money for not even virtual fun, but absolutely nothing. I wish they'd take the area of Key Quest down completely so that new commers don't get fooled, or old players with new browsers, LOL.
  7. Sinvanor

    Key Quest back??

    So I was just on the NC mall and saw that they were selling a special Key Quest theme. I thought Key Quest was basically dead. So out of sheer curiosity I went back to it. The tutorial is back up, everything loads except that when I click play, I just get a blue screen with the white circle and nothing else. Does this mean they're working on it? Or perhaps, maybe it's actually working by my browser is having issues loading it?
  8. Sinvanor

    My health is out of control (kind of graphic/TMI)

    I'm on depo shot. It's completely stopped my periods outright. I get no cramps, no bleeding. I don't know if it's messed with my depression, my libido is definitely affected negatively, but my cramps and bleeding are pretty heavy so it's not a bad trade off and honestly I think my sex drive is more caused by other mental issues rather than the hormone shot, so it might be worth a try depending on if it's worth it for your specific situation. Perhaps that might be an option for you. You get it every three months, totally protected and after a few times of getting the shot, your period is usually gone completely. Either way, I dearly hope you get this figured out hun. I know just what it's like to have lots of physical issues, yet nothing wrong with you, nothing to explain what's going on. Good luck in Japan and good luck fixing this problem. Wishing you all the best and keep us updated if you like.
  9. Sinvanor

    What neopets foods look delicious to you?

    My gallery is dedicated to all the food that I would love to try and wish was real or even if it exists already, it always looks better in cartoon form. It's mostly desserts, but those generally look the most fun to me :D
  10. I do this a lot when I get sick of finding enough omelettes for all of them LOL. I also have trouble putting them in "cockroach tower" and usually choose Mountain Lodge or the fairy one with a few amenities. rntracy1 has a great point though. It really is just a name and likely they did that so people would spend more neopoints into the NP economy, LOL. I tried to keep up with feeding, but quickly fell behind. It also takes time to have the window open up and do each one, wait for the loading and have to press the same food again and do the same thing. To me, it just feels tedious.
  11. Sinvanor

    NC Item Giveaway

    Ooh! I would love the night music if it's not taken :D I've always wanted a music for the customization but could never get my hands on one.
  12. Sinvanor

    Getting an MRI

    Even if you are an adult, if you have anxiety issues about the whole thing, they will likely let a family member or partner be there with you. Kid or adult, it's not fun feeling panicky and I think if someone holding on to your leg or feet to keep you grounded and help you know you are not alone would help, they will at the very least consider it I would think. I went in for a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy and my partner was allowed to be there during the whole thing (I have a strong gag reflex and panicked a little due to my throat trying to swallow the camera all the time and how painful that was) Also, might be able to put some music on a USB and they might be able to play it on the computer. I hope everything goes smoothly and nothing more is wrong and you can be as comfortable as possible. Wishing you the best of luck!
  13. Sinvanor

    Ixi's Magical Giveaway of Wonder!

    99 please if I am not too late? This is fun!
  14. Sinvanor

    Yay for possible new kitty!!

    I'm not sure about orange ones, but I know it is darn near impossible to find a male tri-colored kitty :) Something to do with the gene expression. Basically a male calico or tri-colored cat has xxy chromosomes I think, or the cat equivelent of. She's so cute. I hope you can get her. She looks super fluffy, wonder if she has any maincoon mix in there?
  15. I'm totally unsure if this is in the right place, but I need some help figuring out what to do. But I got two requests from me on letting go of a lutari that I made in with the lab ray. The first person asked for me to give it to them if no one was interested by the date I gave of January 1st. The second request the person said some things I didn't know and am unsure about. 1 Lutari's will run away if you pound them. 2 I'd need to get an entirely new account in order to give them the Lutari and that it would be a big hassle. 3 They want it so bad they would pay NP for it. 1: Is this true? Also, how do other people give away their pets to others? 2. I'd be fine making a account from a different email and putting the Lutari there and giving that to them. Then I'm not giving out important information and they can delete that account when they transfer it over. 3. I'm pretty sure one is not allowed to buy nor take any form of payment, even just NP for neopets. So I wasn't sure how to respond to them about this. Any help is greatly appreciated.