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  1. My gallery is dedicated to all the food that I would love to try and wish was real or even if it exists already, it always looks better in cartoon form. It's mostly desserts, but those generally look the most fun to me :D
  2. I do this a lot when I get sick of finding enough omelettes for all of them LOL. I also have trouble putting them in "cockroach tower" and usually choose Mountain Lodge or the fairy one with a few amenities. rntracy1 has a great point though. It really is just a name and likely they did that so people would spend more neopoints into the NP economy, LOL. I tried to keep up with feeding, but quickly fell behind. It also takes time to have the window open up and do each one, wait for the loading and have to press the same food again and do the same thing. To me, it just feels tedious.
  3. Ooh! I would love the night music if it's not taken :D I've always wanted a music for the customization but could never get my hands on one.
  4. Even if you are an adult, if you have anxiety issues about the whole thing, they will likely let a family member or partner be there with you. Kid or adult, it's not fun feeling panicky and I think if someone holding on to your leg or feet to keep you grounded and help you know you are not alone would help, they will at the very least consider it I would think. I went in for a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy and my partner was allowed to be there during the whole thing (I have a strong gag reflex and panicked a little due to my throat trying to swallow the camera all the time and how painful that was) Also, might be able to put some music on a USB and they might be able to play it on the computer. I hope everything goes smoothly and nothing more is wrong and you can be as comfortable as possible. Wishing you the best of luck!
  5. 99 please if I am not too late? This is fun!
  6. I'm not sure about orange ones, but I know it is darn near impossible to find a male tri-colored kitty :) Something to do with the gene expression. Basically a male calico or tri-colored cat has xxy chromosomes I think, or the cat equivelent of. She's so cute. I hope you can get her. She looks super fluffy, wonder if she has any maincoon mix in there?
  7. I'm totally unsure if this is in the right place, but I need some help figuring out what to do. But I got two requests from me on letting go of a lutari that I made in with the lab ray. The first person asked for me to give it to them if no one was interested by the date I gave of January 1st. The second request the person said some things I didn't know and am unsure about. 1 Lutari's will run away if you pound them. 2 I'd need to get an entirely new account in order to give them the Lutari and that it would be a big hassle. 3 They want it so bad they would pay NP for it. 1: Is this true? Also, how do other people give away their pets to others? 2. I'd be fine making a account from a different email and putting the Lutari there and giving that to them. Then I'm not giving out important information and they can delete that account when they transfer it over. 3. I'm pretty sure one is not allowed to buy nor take any form of payment, even just NP for neopets. So I wasn't sure how to respond to them about this. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. #TaffyTeam2016 What a cool idea! I think I can donate some omlettes or something. Do I just send them to you as gifts?
  9. Thank you very much blinkk5! What a nice gift for everyone. :) Haha, same here decchild. I'm also a huge dark chocolate fan. Milk chocolate selectively makes me feel sick. Especially those hollow milk chocolate statues. But Snickers, Daim or butterfinger? I'm perfectly fine. Weird.
  10. Anyone else not getting their Advent Calendar prize today? The one with the Soup Faerie serving Borovan? Perhaps I'm too early, but I get an error everytime I've clicked to collect the prize. The snowman prize worked fine though.
  11. Bestian the female Robot Pteri! Comes with Spiffy the zapped Urgoni! (That is if when in transfer it doesn't change back. The petpet is lab zapped) I will be zapping again in a week from this post, so please personal message me if interested! Species: Pteri Colour: Robot Gender: Female Age: 35 days Level: 1 Health: 22 / 9 Strength: immense Defence: tough Move: GREAT (32) Intelligence: above average Spiffy the zappped Urgoni.
  12. Bestian the female Eventide Scorchio! If no one wants her, I'll keep zapping. Couldn't find a good pic of the female one, but she is female, not male like the picture. I could change her to a he if someone would like. Species: Scorchio Colour: Eventide Gender: Female Age: 35 days Level: 1 Health: 22 / 9 Mood: extremely happy Strength: immense Defence: tough Move: GREAT (32) Intelligence: above average
  13. I personally adopted a beautiful Tyrannian Lupe female with numbers in her name. I would think people care more about having dumb or juvenile names more than having numbers. I personally just think of my Lupe in my mind by her name with out the numbers anyway. Didn't matter to me.
  14. Thank you! I tried it with Firefox and it worked fine, so it was the browser after all.
  15. Bestian the 8-Bit Scorchio! If no one wants her, I'll either pound her or keep zapping. Species: Scorchio Colour: 8-Bit Gender: Female Age: 30 days Level: 1 Health: 24 / 9 Mood: extremely happy Hunger: fine Strength: immense Defence: tough Move: GREAT (29) Intelligence: average