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  1. ThroughMyEyes

    Need NeoFriends !

    I'll add you too!! I don't have many Neofriends either, hehe.
  2. ThroughMyEyes

    Kiko Match Easter Egg

    Has anyone seen this on Kiko Match II before? I was pretty surprised when I saw this! Do any other games do this on Christmas?
  3. ThroughMyEyes

    Day 12: Hungry Skeith

    Ugh, I did horrible on this one... So bad that I challeneged Abigail instead of Chadley. And I had a winning streak against him! I hope that doesn't mess up my chances for gold... It's even worse because I'm a huge plushie collector...
  4. ThroughMyEyes

    Daily Dare 2017!

    Ah, I see what happened now. You have to challenge whoever you want first (in this case, Chadley), then send an invite!
  5. ThroughMyEyes

    Daily Dare 2017!

    Yeah, it's doing the same thing for me too :/
  6. ThroughMyEyes

    Daily Dare 2017!

    Pretty sure I'd have to add you as a Neofriend, or vise versa.
  7. ThroughMyEyes

    Daily Dare 2017!

    Have you sent the score yet? I've beaten Chadley's score as well!!
  8. ThroughMyEyes

    Day 11- Toy Box Escape

    I've never done a team challenge before. Anyone want to possibly team up with me to beat Chadley? I haven't played this game in a looong time. Not since 7-10 years ago maybe, haha. I remember it being pretty easy though.
  9. ThroughMyEyes

    I'm Obsessed...

    Wow, I didn't know that at all. Every time I check they always ask for expensive foods. I'll probably have to check more often then. Thanks for the list!
  10. ThroughMyEyes

    I'm Obsessed...

    So recently I've become obsessed with trying to find gourmet food in the official Neopets shops. So far I've bought an Earth Faerie Cupcake and a Whole Cauliflower and Lentil Pizza. Sadly I still haven't been able to buy anything from the chocolate factory :/ I only saw something rare once there and someone bought it before I did. I need that avi!! Haha. I'm mainly stocking up on gourmet foods for potential Kad feeding but I'm not sure if the foods I have are... too cheap for them to eat? It seems like they only eat things in the 500,000+ range. But I still get excited when I see a gourmet food in a shop
  11. ThroughMyEyes

    Avatars: What have you got?

    I just got the Buzzer Game avatar today! Took a whole lot of patience and breaks in between levels, haha. I really wanted it too ^^
  12. ThroughMyEyes

    Official Neopets down/having issues board

    I don't know if it's just me, but at the Marketplace, no matter which building I click on, I get the same 5 shops over and over again. Really frustrating while on a Faerie Quest...
  13. ThroughMyEyes

    What Do I Do With These...?

    I've had these in my SDB for a couple years now, since I didn't have any Neocash to spend on keys when I got them. I can't sell them, nor can I trade them with anyone. And it just seems like a waste to discard them :/ Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. ThroughMyEyes

    School Girl Customization Help!

    Here's my custom: http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1328662 Sorry, I'm still learning how to use the site
  15. ThroughMyEyes

    School Girl Customization Help!

    Cool! I just made a Dress to Impress account to see if anyone wants to trade with me ^^ I have a lot of boxes from Trudy's Surprise, so they'll definitely come in handy! Thank you for your help!