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  1. Neopets9738368

    TDN's Annual Wishlist Gifting Post 2018!!!!

    Thank you everyone for being so generous! 🙂 List has has been updated https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/neopets9738368/
  2. Neopets9738368

    TDN's Annual Wishlist Gifting Post 2018!!!!

    My list is long, but wide variety of prices. All gourmet to feed Nysae 🙂 https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/neopets9738368/
  3. Neopets9738368

    How rich is rich?

    Rich= $1B + i know many many with far more than that in their accounts, but I’ve been playing for 18+ years
  4. Neopets9738368

    Things That Never Seem to Happen For Me on Neopets

    Never had a fountain faerie quest. Ever. In 18 years. Even buying cookies! also, the random avatars NEVER come up.
  5. Neopets9738368

    Nine New Stamp Avatars Released!

    No. Just NO. collecting is going to be near impossible now. This is not the way...
  6. Neopets9738368

    Wraith Resurgence: Claim Your Prizes!

    Same. It reset at a different time instead of NST so I technically missed a day even after logging on during new neopian day. Id buy one for 5 M pure right now.
  7. Neopets9738368

    negg stamp: to wait or no?

    Depends on the event..... usually from the festival things will balance out. I’d wait. Any other event, buy ASAP.
  8. Neopets9738368

    Daily Faerie Quests Are Back!

    Super annoyed that if you didn’t go to the fairies quest page yesterday, you missed day #1. Not sure why Neo would change how events work all of a sudden, but it’s usually 1.5 days for the first day of an event. I logged in, just before the event was announced. SUPER. ANNOYING. NEOPETS.
  9. Neopets9738368

    Fesitval of Neggs Is Here!

    So, just got the option to pick a Stealthy Negg. It’s not on the list of any guide so I picked it and got a Stealthy Eyed Burger
  10. Neopets9738368

    Charity Corner 2018: Perks Shop Opens!

    Since I started on Neopets, I’ve never received a fountain faerie quest. I’ve been waiting for a Chocolate grundo and now (I think) I can get one? EIGHTEEN YEARS IVE BEEN WAITING TO PAINT A PET.
  11. Neopets9738368

    Charity Corner 2018 Is Here!

    The only thing I don’t like is the thought of a prize shop. I liked the the randomness of prizes given after donation. Now, I feel like the prizes will be a charity corner altador cup prize shop.... and I doubt there’s a Terask Stamp in it. 😕 I don’t like it.
  12. Neopets9738368

    Charity Corner 2017 Begins!

    Just out of curiosity since I missed the first day, what was the category for donation? i see today is books.... Have gotten some insane items from donating and loving it!
  13. Neopets9738368

    Daily Dare 2016 Begins!

    What is the likelihood of TNT fixing the glitch? I haven't completed the challenge yet, but I'm shooting for the gold trophy if I beat AAA's challenges. Obviously, that would be forfeited today if I chose Abigail for the stamp. This is so ridiculous.
  14. Neopets9738368

    Premium Membership Glitch

    So, I am lucky enough to never have had a problem on Neopets in 16 years...... Until today. My premium membership is on automatic renewal, and was supposed to renew in Nov. 2015. I got a confirmation email (with conf #) from TNT saying that my membership was renewed and my credit card was charged. Just like any other day, right? Nope. I noticed the past 2 months that my monthly freebies hadn't come, which has never happened. All my other premium features were still in place, so I sent in a ticket. The response I got was "your premium membership expired". Um, but you said it renewed. Checked my old credit card statements and they never renewed it! Apparently, they switched to a new billing company and didn't bother to tell any of their PAYING members that their premium accounts were indeed NOT renewed, and there was no way whatsoever for the users to know this since they kept premium site perks going. Who does that!? Anyway, I've kinda lost confidence in the site since something so simple was horribly messed up and am hesitant to renew Premium. Anyone else have this happen?