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  1. The game caps are as followed: Yooyuball: 46 Games Slushie Slinger: 86 Games Make Some Noise: 401 Games Shootout Showdown: 401 Games Also, you need a minimum score for the side games to count. They are as followed: Slushie Slinger: Score 270+ points. Make Some Noise: Score 3000+ points. Shootout Showdown: Score 35+ points.
  2. I had a Skype call with a friend and played some games with them, it was a lot of fun!
  3. I have lost all motivation to play Make Some Noise and Slushie Slinger. At least when I wasn't All-Star it was a way to get higher up the ranks. They should replace Make Some Noise with a better game, who's with me?
  4. I completely lost all motivation to play today... on a day that doesn't count. xD It is very stupid for others though, it should still grant you some kind of reward for playing.
  5. It means that when you send a score for that particular game, it will help your team more than it usually does. I believe it is used to motivate people to play that specific game more to benefit their team.
  6. Hey now, I'm an All-Star! I can't believe it! I am so happy! c:
  7. Sheepit

    AC XII Music .. TV

    I have been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation while I play. It's only 5 days in and I'm at Season 3, I'm gonna need a new show soon! xD
  8. I'm going to plan on capping every game tomorrow as I have been doing, which should be enough to hit Rank 19. I am so excited to hit All-Star! The thing is, my birthday is in June, so I wanted to get All-Star early so I would have some days open to go somewhere this month. Also, now I think it would be pretty neat if I could max cap every game for the entire month, but I'm not so sure I'll be able to do that anyway. I guess I will have to see how I'm feeling about the Altador Cup when that time comes. I am having a lot of fun with the Altador Cup this year, so maybe!
  9. Yeah, we beat the number one ranked team and went from #11 to #12. Totally makes sense...
  10. Uh, what happened here? Not only did we beat the number one team, but we beat them 0-43 in Slushie Slinger? EDIT: This is the standings page:
  11. I hope all of the Darigan Yooyus go on vacation next year...
  12. Word of advice: Don't try to cap Make Some Noise. My finger was hurting so badly that I had to stop and put ice on it. :X
  13. Oh my, I have capped every single game today! There's no way I'm capping Make Some Noise every day, my index finger is hurting from it. :s EDIT: We beat Mystery Island!
  14. Lets go, Team Shenkuu! Anyone supporting Shenkuu for the Altador Cup XII, this is the thread for you! Last year we got 8th place, lets try our best to do just as good, or better, this year!
  15. Shenkuu all the way! I don't know if I'll be as active as last year, but I will still support them as best I can. c: