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  1. There are like.. 14 more after Storm Front... The Dresden Files gets... well, it gets quite interesting. I hope you can get into the series. A great deal of it should be in a local library, the series has been going for a decent while.
  2. Huh. That is really weird... I wonder why that's even a thing. That makes no sense...
  3. So... .both my pets refuse to eat Watery Hot Dog and they also both don't want to read Doughnutfruit Collectors Guide. Can someone please tell me what's going on? There are a few more items that they'll refuse, but those are the two I remember specifically. Is there some kind of error? How can I fix this?
  4. False. TPBM knows how to play an instrument and read music.
  5. I understand part of this, and part not, because my personal experience is limited. I'm still learning, and I wish I had people that I could speak to frankly about these things. Anyway. I definitely have a woman's body, but I have little interest in most 'feminine' things. I wear clothes for comfort and not style. Makeup is a hassle at best and damaging at worst. (I have bad skin... face makeup gives me breakouts. The most I will do is lipstick.) I hate shopping, gossip, and the idea of needing a man to provide/protect for me. I love video games, books, comics, potty humor and basketball. On the other hand, I enjoy thinking up clothing and ensembles for my characters to wear. I am fine with t-shirts and jeans, but that's more because my body sucks. If I looked like a rock star, I'd dress like one. I also enjoy babies, plushies, Hello Kitty, and I'm a sucker for a good romance. As far as sexual preference, it's 75% male 15% female, with the 10% being all those in between... I've seen some amazing androgynous folk. I'm bi or pan, but I had a nasty experience with my first female crush, so very few people in my vicinity know that I'm just as likely to side-eye a beautiful woman along with my fiance (who is male and moreorless straight). That, and my family is... well, it's less that they don't accept homosexuality than they don't accept me in general. I keep anything that could cause 'trouble' buried deep. My interest in gender and sexuality actually came from my writing. One of my oldest characters is a person named Jin. She is female, physically, but even so is androgynous. I've had this character since I was 8, and over the course of my maturing and her development, she's caused me so much confusion. She has gone from late-blooming tomboy who doesn't get romance, to a cross-dressing, panromantic demisexual who tends toward masculine interests. She doesn't feel particularly wrong in her body, she just doesn't feel like 'a woman'. I don't think she'd have a sex change, I just think she wants to not be tied to one or the other. I would love any research links/blogs that you all could provide me. Toss me a PM if you have anything. I find this stuff fascinating.
  6. I usually prefer the books first, just because you can do so much more with a book than a movie. I do, however, enjoy it when a movie enhances the bits that were let to interpretation in the book. I think the Hunger Games is a great recent example of that. The books were something I truly enjoyed. The movies add layers to the story that would have bogged down the books. It does help that HG is purely first-person limited POV. I love that the movies show things that were guesses or hints in the narrative, and it solidifies the world and plot. Seeing the Gamemakers in action, seeing other tributes, getting visual detail of the Capitol decadence... In this case, I think the movie can actually save the third book by expanding the narrative. Unfortunately, there is so much in the third going on without Katniss that unfortunately the reader is forced to infer, or plain guess a lot of it. I think the third book being split into 2 is to put in all the things that Katniss isn't present for, and I don't doubt that it'll make the story stronger. Hmm... I do admit I dislike it when certain changes are made. Divergent is one- I loved Tris' mom, and I really felt like the movie shortchanged her character. *thinks* All in all, book first, movie second. Unless it's comic-book movies, in which case I have to reverse that. The Marvel movies have done a wonderful job in restoring my enjoyment in comic books, and providing a consolidated point of reference for the scores of information that their universe has.
  7. Your post wasn't too long. I just have no clue how to do what you did. I also have Google Chrome, but no clue how to work it. If you could explain how I get to that option, that'd really help. Thank you all for letting me know it isn't just me! I'll try to get this reported to Neopets as soon as possible. I just don't know what page triggers it.
  8. Within the last week, I've gotten this same pop up on the site multiple times. It says that my Java needs to be updated. It will not let me click the screen behind the popup, and without my asking it to, it links me to what seems to be a Javascript page. The page is all gray, and doesn't have much text. Even though I don't know the Javascript logo, there was barely anything present on the site. Now here's the scary part. Without my asking, without my confirmation, it downloads some kind of 'setup' to my computer. I've deleted them. I even went to Javascript's website. It was bright and colorful, and covered in branding and logos. I updated my Java from there... Then today, while browsing Neopets, I got the same popup and the same result. 1. Has anyone else experienced this same error? 2. How do I go about reporting this to Neopets? 3. Should I even report this to Neopets?
  9. I think every full time student needs something that will help them blow off steam and reduce stress. I remember my senior year of high school- I was taking several advance courses and prepping for college. I never stopped, never did anything fun... I almost had a full on breakdown. >_< I seriously don't remember a good chunk of the school year, and don't ask me what I learned. Neopets is good for relaxing. A whimsical world where the worst that could happen is the Pant Devil steals your stuff.
  10. I'm really frustrated right now. Everything they seem to be releasing requires NC which I don't have spare money for. If I could buy high priced games, I'd buy them... I hope Neopets doesn't forget about those of us who can't afford digital money for pixels.
  11. I just did it. .^_^; I apologize, my answers are bound to be weird, at least some of them.
  12. *showers kody with hugs and gifts and baby Neopets* You are awesome. Thank you SO SO SO much! AND you bought out my meager little shop too? You, miss Kody, give me renewed faith in the Internet.
  13. So I made a topic earlier today about one of my pets being stuck in training due to my lack of codestones. Some awesome person on here up and gave me the one I needed. I want to thank this person and heap praise on them, but I can't for the life of me find the page where that person's username would be. When you click on an event, is the record of it gone forever? Or is there some kind of 'past event' log that I'm missing? I really, really want to thank this awesome person. So: 1. If someone could answer my question, that'd be so helpful. 2. If you are the person who gave me the codestone, please speak up so I can love on you. <3
  14. So I'm trying to train my pet. I currently have her in Mystery island, waiting to be trained in level. This costs 1 Main codestone that I don't have. Today I got a random 1 dubloon coin. I don't want to put it to waste, so I decide to enroll my pet in the Pirate training school. Long story short, I can't because she's in Mystery Island school. How do I get her OUT of Mystery Island school? I can't find a cancel button or anything... Someone help. (Also, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I figured it involved Battledome stuff due to training.)
  15. Username: Mistress_Dizzy Time Zome: EST Neopets Schedule: Usually evenings, 8pm or later. I'd love to play right now, actually.
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