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  1. Thank you, Mouseykins. That makes a lot more sense. It had been awhile since they did a full plot, but I was pretty certain they moved along at a faster pace! This helps explain it.
  2. So...it's already late October, and almost nothing has happened yet on the faerie festival. Is it me, or are they releasing this plot in a PAINFULLY slow manner? I can check in once a week, and ***maybe*** there will be a little more text. I find that the draggy pace is making me lose interest.
  3. Scamanders on Oct. 12

    I believe that trying for a scamander DOES count against your daily total on the money tree if you are able to grab him, even if he wriggles away.
  4. Scamanders on Oct. 12

    In a couple days, the Money tree will have scamanders appearing--it's a once a year event. The "Scamander-In-Chief" donates them throughout the day each October 12. Every year I try catching them but they always wriggle away. Does anyone know any tricks for hanging on to one?
  5. Free the Faeries

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but since you can claim prizes for days that have already passed, wouldn't it be better to wait and play on the last day, when you can see what your choices are?
  6. EPIC ad - just had to share!

    Your original link doesn't work in all countries. IT's probably one of these two:
  7. Anyone else here in graduate school? Wanna vent?

    I forgot to ask; what are you studying?
  8. Anyone else here in graduate school? Wanna vent?

    So, I'm a Ph.D. and one thing I realized (later than I probably should have) is that once you get past the qualifying exam and begin your research, then your professors and your committee are committed to your success. If you were to fail out of the program, it would make THEM look bad. So they are invested in getting you through the program more than you realize, if only for their own careers. They all want you to succeed. Good luck, and I'm sure you'll get through this successfully.
  9. street food .. yay or nay ?

    Food is such a big part of the culture of any city, local or international! Don't miss out by avoiding street fare. I've eaten street faire in Mexico, central and S. America, Europe, the Caribbean, China, Japan...and street faire in Texas, NY, California and Florida. I've always been fine, and I got to enjoy some really amazing foods. I say definitely go for it, just be smart. If the place is not known for safe tap water, remember to also avoid ice in drinks, and to brush your teeth with bottled water. Generally the rule is to be sure the person handling the money is not the same person cooking. Money is actually very dirty. Similarly, if you see a big crowd, it's probably good, and if all the locals avoid it, you should too. Look for a crowd...there's a reason everyone wants to eat there! Better yet, ask people to recommend local places. They'll be happy to help, and pleased that you are willing to share in their culture.
  10. Hello

    Welcome, Sandy! Neopets isn't just for kids...I suspect you'll find quite a few of us are in the second half of our lives! :)
  11. To sell my 1k of TNPT or not...

    Decide which is worse....selling it for 140,000 NP and seeing it go up further, or waiting until it drops and wishing you could've had the 140,000 when you had the chance. It's your choice, but I suggest selling. I think it's more likely to drop than shoot up and stay much higher.
  12. This is great...to a point. I have 340 pages worth of stuff in my SDB (most of it junk). Is there way to check without pasting in the code 340 times? You can either check the trading post prices (best bet) or another pricing site: http://www.[Removed].us/forum/index.php I looked on this other site and the baby scorchio morphing potion is listed at 800K and the cloud wocky one is 93K....I'm not sure how accurate those are. This post has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please don't double post. If you would like to add something, use the 'Edit' button. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  13. Is there a glitch in Neoquest 1?

    Congrats! I've only tried the easy mode, but maybe you'll inspire me to try the next level up.
  14. The Kadoatery / Kad Feeding

    I don't think they'd sit there...there are lots of people who want the avatar. There's no "too easy". I'm fine with it being challenging, but I maintain that those who overfeed consistently are selfish. There's no reason to feed 2300 Kads except to prevent others from getting the same avatar and make it "rarer".
  15. SO that happened...

    Wow, what a wake-up call. At least you've found the positive in this experience, and offered to share it with others. Here's wishing you a full and speedy recovery.