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  1. Brute squad has the best options of boons in my opinion :bigeyed:
  2. Tarla is in! Just won a Lime Swirly Negg
  3. Is the Healing Springs the only Faerie Festival on-goings this year?
  4. What a kind and amazing thing to do for our community! I would love to join, and if you have a donation shop or something, I'll be sure to donate in the future!
  5. Yesterday, I received a Grey Faerie quest that resulted in a blessing from the Fountain Faerie Behold: and then I go to redeem my faerie quest for today and I receive a low priced Fountain Faerie Quest!!!!!
  6. Steady collecting neopoints

  7. ****Update****The next day I got a FFQ! Oh my gosh, I am blessed Using the Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies I have gotten to take a trip to the fountain twice this summer! This time, all I had to find was a Vacara (the cutest of petpets). I finally have a White Aisha and a Faerie Draik! Next, I'm hoping to get a Wraith Acara! *fingers crossed*
  8. Hi Everyone! I have a Pirate Draik Egg for trade! Wishlist says 200k, but 175k and an Eo Codestone is auto too!
  9. Scottah has been adopted....by meee! He's going to be a punk chomby :)
  10. I hope this is the correct place to post this, sorry if it is not! If you have ever played Mootix Drop Single Drop Mode you may have noticed a promised reward for collecting all the targets. This may sound silly but.....is there any actual reward? I have been playing for 15 minutes now and am beginning to wonder if I am just wasting my time. Please and thank you for your answers :)
  11. Woo! I was just checking my fishing line and BAM! This amazingness!
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